What Brush Type Is Best For a Boston Terrier? [2024 Review]

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A Boston Terrier’s coat is thin and short. If you’re brushing your dog’s coat, it’s necessary to use a specific kind of brush that’s ideal for what type of coat your pet has. So, what brush type is best for a Boston Terrier? 

What Brush Type Is Best For a Boston Terrier?

When it comes to regular brushing, a bristle brush is the best tool for your pooch. Unlike a flea comb, it comes with short and tightly packed bristles — perfect for your Boston Terrier’s short coat. The tightly packed bristles fix loose hair and stimulate the skin of your pooch.

Boston Terrier

Unlike a flea comb, each stroke eliminates the dirt sticking in the hairs’ strands and stimulates the skin underneath. With the help of the natural oils found in the skin it is evenly distributed for a glossy look, just like when using a flea comb. These features make this brush ideal for short-haired dogs like the Boston Terrier. 

Best Brush for a Boston Terrier

Bristle dog brushes are the same as bristle human brushes. The bristles are tight together, ensuring ease of removal of loose fur. Plus, they allow for a shiny clean look after a few strokes of the brush. Bristle brushes come in a variety of lengths and arrangements. 

Graphic image of a Boston Terrier and brush that explains how a bristle brush is the best brush for Boston Terriers

Aside from being ideal for short-haired dogs like the Boston Terrier, like the flea comb, the bristle brushes are also good for long-haired Boston Terriers, as well as Golden Retrievers. If a bristle brush isn’t readily available or when your Boston terrier isn’t used to it, there are some good dog brushes alternatives. These alternatives include:

  • Rubber Brushes: some dogs hate a flea comb or a bristle brush, and therefore rubber brushes are a good alternative to a bristle brush. A rubber brush also removes loose fur and massages your dog’s body at the same time. Rubber brushes work effectively when used in circular motions. The circular motions offers your Boston with a soothing massage, improving the blood flow on its skin
  • Grooming Gloves: they make a good alternative for bristle brushes as well. You can use them dry or wet like a rubber brush or flea comb. Unlike a flea comb, you only need  to wear them like a glove and move your hands along your Boston’s coat in circular motions.
  • Flea Comb: just like the bristle brush, a flea comb can remove dirt from your Boston terrier’s coat together with fleas. The teeth on a flea comb are made of plastic or metal, and are usually very close together. The narrow gaps between the teeth of a flea comb are designed in a way the hair can pass through.

Some of the best dog brushes that won’t hurt the body of your Boston or destroy the coat include:

Best Overall Brush for Boston Terriers: HOP Dog Shampoo Brush

HOP dog shampoo brush makes brushing your Boston Terrier a pleasure for you and your Boston terrier. This tool eliminates sebum and dander from the coat and leaves it lustrous and healthy. It’s also ideal for bathing, as it may be used wet or dry.

You can also use it on a wet coat to massage conditioner or shampoo into the hair. One of the drawbacks is that it might be big for some dogs hence making it difficult to use. 

However, it is safe for all dogs just like the ROPO grooming brush and is suggested for Boston Terriers with skin allergies, or even bacterial infections. Like the GM slicker brush, it rubs your Boston Terrier to help it relax as much as possible.


  • These brushes eliminate dander and sebum from your pet’s body, leaving it healthy.
  • These brushes have a hand-crafted bamboo handle with a smooth and glossy surface that reduces fatigue and makes you feel more comfortable.


  • Excessive force may cause injury to your Boston.
  • These brushes break easily just like the ROPO brushes.

Best Self Cleaning Boston Terrier Brush: GM Pet Supplies Slicker Brush

The GM Pet Supplies slicker brush is a GM Pooch Supplies product that Boston Terriers love due to the soothing massage it gives them. This two-in-one brush glides effortlessly through your dog’s fur, eliminating loose hair, knots, dander, and grime.

However, it is not perfect as it might leave some tangles on your dog’s fur. Similar to the ROPO groom brush, Boston Terriers also enjoy that it gives them a mini-massage. 

This Boston brush’s ergonomic, comfort-grip handle is not only sturdy but also built for long-term comfort. It incorporates a thumb rest for comfort and control and a comfortable, non-slip grip. You can groom your pup for hours without getting weary of it.


  • It is ideal for all pets, so you can use them with cats and other dogs
  • It’s simple to use and you won’t have problems while brushing your Boston Terrier


  • Like the HOP, its handle tends to break easily
  • It might be too big for tiny Boston Terriers

Best Portable Brush for Boston Terriers: ROPO Dog Grooming Brush

The ROPO dog grooming brush is safe, comfortable, wearable, and durable, thanks to its high-quality soft TRP rubber material and craftsmanship. 

Like the HOP dog brushing tool which removes hair and any other debris from your furry friend, it is also effective in cleaning your dog and will leave your dog’s fur clean and neat.

It is lightweight and compact for a comfortable grip and extended hours of soothing massage or bathing. 

It is easy to transport and store, fitting into a handbag or backpack without taking too much room, unlike the HOP dog brush which is big and can only fit in a huge handbag. 

Its tiny size also makes it prone to getting lost easily so you have to be careful while carrying it around or keeping it in your house, especially if you have many items in the room.


  • These brushes are easily portable; you can carry them in your handbag even when traveling so you won’t have to worry about buying new ones for your terrier during trips.
  • These brushes are durable since they are made from high-quality material.


  • Unlike the GM slicker brushes, scrubbing using it is difficult.
  • These brushes might not remove all the tangles on your dog’s coat.

Best Durable Brush for Boston Terrier: Furminator Curry Comb

If you are looking for a Boston terrier brush that you can use for a prolonged period without your palm hurting, you can’t go wrong with the Furminator Curry Comb. 

Like ROPO Dog Grooming Brush, this brush features an anti-slip handle that attaches to your hand comfortably, enhancing the ease of handling and maximum control, which is essential when grooming your Boston terrier

Keeping in mind that dander and dirt can be difficult to remove from your dog’s fur, this brush features molded rubber teeth that help massage your dog’s skin and allow you to get rid of dirt and loose hair from your dog with ease. 

The rubber teeth also help stimulate the production of natural oils, promoting a healthy coat and skin in your Boston terrier. Some Boston terriers have sensitive skin, which can lead to unusual scratching after brushes. 

Fortunately, like the Delomo Grooming Gloves, these brushes feature gentle rubber bristles, allowing you to brush your dog’s sensitive skin without inflicting any pain. However, the rubber strap is tight and might be uncomfortable if you don’t have slender fingers.


  • The anti-slip handle gives you maximum control over the brush when grooming your pup
  • The rubberized teeth help promote natural oils production, improving the overall condition of your Boston terrier coat


  • The strap in these brushes is tight, making the brushes unsuitable for groomers without slender fingers
  • Without protective layering like the one in the Delomo Grooming Gloves, there are high chances of being bitten if the Boston Terrier becomes aggressive.

Best Breathable Brush for Boston Terrier: Delomo Grooming Gloves

The Delomo Grooming Gloves is a high-quality hand tool that you can use to clean up loose hair that your Boston terrier has shed without necessarily picking them up by hand. This eliminates the scenario of getting some allergic reactions when cleaning up hairs from your house and furniture. 

Unlike the Furminator Curry Comb, the glove features an adjustable wrist strap, making it ideal for groomers with different hand sizes. Typically, Boston terriers may sometimes become agitated as you groom them, putting you at risk of being scratched or bitten. 

Luckily, unlike the other dog brushes on my list, this tool features a thick protective layering, offering protection to your lower arm from any aggressive behavior of your Boston. 

With the improved 255 silicone grooming tips that resemble the touch of your hand, this brush allows you to massage your pup in circular motions while removing matted hair and picking up loose hair. 

The glove is designed with skin-friendly materials, allowing you to groom your Boston terrier without scratching its sensitive skin and causing discomfort or pain. However, getting the hairs out of the glove is a bit challenging.


  • The glove is lightweight and breathable, allowing you to remain comfortable even after brushing for a prolonged period
  • The five-finger design allows you to massage and brush your pup in all places, including the face and tail


  • Unlike the Furminator Curry Comb, peeling off the loose hair from the gloves is a bit challenging
  • The silicone lining in these brushes might start peeling off after a period of use

How to Brush Your Boston Terrier’s Coat

In brushing your dog’s coat, make sure you use a natural and soft bristle brush as mentioned earlier. The reason is that Boston Terriers have thin coats. Going hard will tear their skin and cause injury. The best choice is a traditional bristle brush.

To properly brush your dog’s coat, start from his head to his neck. Gently brush down to his shoulder, back and down to his tail. Follow the direction of the hair growth to effectively brush off all the loose hair, dirt and dust from his playing or laying around on the ground.

Pet fur brush

In general, Boston Terriers are a very playful breed . When playing, they will inevitably roll on the soil or mud and become dirty so to remove the dirt, a quick brushing session will fix the issue. 

The thinness of the dog’s coat keeps Boston from getting frequent baths. Frequent bathing washes away the natural oil on your dog’s body and often leads to skin irritation. In this case, brushing will help maintain your dog’s coat than just using a flea comb. 

What Advantages Do Brushing Your Boston Bring?

Regular brushing of your Boston’s coat brings a lot of benefits. In the next section, we will discuss the advantages of brushing your Boston’s coat.

  • Brushing reduces shedding: Frequently brushing your Boston’s coat reduces the possibility of doing the same process in the future. The removal of excess hair through  brushing results in lesser shredding.. When you hair brush, make sure to check underneath the coat for some bumps that may be the cause of the problem.
  • Regular brushing encourages healthy coats for dogs: Brushing keeps your Furry friend away from infections by getting rid of any dirt present in its coat. It also helps to eliminate some parasites that cause damage to its body. The massage that the brushes give removes dead cells as well. It results in a shinier coat.
  • Brushing promotes hair growth: Regular brushing of your dog’s coat, helps spread the oil from the skin that encourages hair growth. It also keeps your Boston active by improving the blood flow located on the upper skin.
  • Regular brushing stops mats to develop: Mats refer to the massive tangles and knots forming in your dog’s fur. This condition is very painful for them and leads to skin irritation and infections. Brushing your dog’s coat frequently can prevent the occurrence of this condition.
  • Regular brushing allows you to inspect the coat: Brushing allows you to inspect the condition of your dog’s coat, allowing you to adjust your dog’s bathing schedule accordingly. If the coat seems dirty or oily, you may give your boston a bath more often, if the coat looks dryer bathe your Boston less frequently. 

How Frequent Should You Hairbrush Your Boston Terrier’s Coat?

According to Boston terrier society, a weekly schedule of brushing your dog’s coat ensures the removal of all dead and excess hair. One great thing about the Boston Terrier’s coat is its thinness. It’s very low-maintenance. You don’t need to brush it every day. 

Boston Terrier puppy

Although you should avoid brushing when the Bostonis wet, regular brushing will also allow you to monitor your dog’s skin if some bacterial infections or parasites are present and deal with them in their early stages. This way, you can reduce these problems from happening in the future. Brushing also makes a great bonding time between you and your Boston.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Stop My Boston Terrier From Shedding?

You can’t stop your Boston from shedding. Aside from brushing, however, you can only minimize shedding by applying a gentle shampoo and conditioner to its coat and drying it with a damp towel to remove the excess hairs. 

Can I Use a Human Hairbrush on My Boston?

Yes, you can use a brush used for humans if you really need to comb your Boston. However, it’s best to get a hairbrush specifically designed for dogs as it’s more appropriate for your pup’s body. 

Is It Best to Hairbrush Your Pup Wet or Dry?

Brushing your Boston while dry is advisable because a wet coat can make the mats difficult to remove, and the brushing might make it worse. Boston terrier society recommends brushing your pup before a bath time to remove loose hair. However, let your dog’s skin dry if you want to brush him after a bath.

Basics of Dog Grooming | Boston Terrier Edition


According to Boston terrier society, the best hair brushes for your dog’s coat are bristle brushes because of their short and tightly packed bristles. Brushing your dog’s coat has a lot of advantages as it helps deal with issues of fleas in their early stages. However, do it gently and not daily because it might cause more damage than benefits to your Boston.