When Do Pit Bull Terrier Puppies Calm Down?

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Have you seen Pit Bull climbing walls? In fact in Mexico, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Antara was able to win a vertical wall climbing of 13 feet high. Pit Bulls are naturally hyper dogs that can leap walls out in a burst of energy.

They’re even more hyper as puppies. You might be owning one and wonder when do Pit Bull Terrier puppies calm down?

When Do Pit Bull Terrier Puppies Calm Down?

Pit Bull Puppies calm down at the age of 12 months to 18 months. As they age, they might not be as hyper as they are as puppies. Pit Bulls belong to the group of high-energy dogs. If not handled well, it can lead to destructive behavior.

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How to Calm Pit Bull Terrier Puppies Down

You can make your Pit Bull Terrier puppies calm down as Pit Bulls like to please their owners. You can use this to your advantage in handling their high-level energy. In the next section, I will discuss different ways to calm your Pit Bull Terrier puppies.

Give Your Pit Bull Terrier Puppies Daily Exercise

Exercise allows your puppies to release their pent-up energy. Give your puppies a short amount of exercise like running or playing. Provide them a balance of physical and mental activities to eliminate destructive behaviors. Some exercises that you might like to try include:

  • Hide and seek
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Obedience training
  • Obstacle course
  • Cardio Twist
  • Tug-of -war

You need to provide appropriate exercise for puppies as they’re still developing their bones and cognitive skills. Giving your puppies exercise not suitable for their age can damage the growth plates and can impair their growth. A short ten-minute walk or playtimes make safe choices for puppies.

Foster Good Manners to Your Pit Bull Terrier Puppies

Behaviors like barking at you when they want food or constantly bothering you for attention are inappropriate behavior that you can fix about them.

I often confuse the mentioned behaviors as hyperactivity. Training them to have good manners will develop self-control and a calmer approach when they want something like food or attention from you.

Consistency is the key here. For example, tell your dog to sit and reward him with something that he wants. It will eventually develop an understanding that something pleasant happens after he sits.

Pit Bull Terrier puppies

It’s like teaching a child to say please when he asks something from you. This kind of training is beneficial, especially when you’re expecting guests to your home.

Reward Your Puppies for the Calm Behavior

As guilty as I can be, sometimes, I only interact with my dogs when they either knock the trash can or when they make some trouble. I actually help my puppies develop this kind of behavior as I only give them attention when they do something bad.

Puppies love attention, and they are happy to do things that will get more of your attention.

If your puppies are behaved and relaxed, take time to connect with them positively. This step encourages your puppies to calm down. Dogs remember the behavior they get rewarded for and will most likely repeat them.

For example, pat your puppy down and give him a gentle praise so he’ll have the idea that every time he settles down, he gets rewarded.

Schedule a Vet Check-Up for Your Bull Terrier Puppies

There are particular cases where hyperactivity has underlying health issues such as hyperkinesis. Vets perform examinations and testing to diagnose the said disorder. The vet might request a CBC test and check the thyroxine levels in your dog’s blood.

Pit Bull Terrier puppy

Thyroxine is a hormone produced by the thyroid glands that causes hyperactiveness in your dog. This condition is known as hyperthyroidism.

Why are Pit Bull Terrier Puppies Hyper?

Pit Bull Terriers are naturally hyper dog breeds. They were originally bred for sporting events such as bull-baiting. They require high-level activities such as exercise and mental stimulation regularly. Since they were bred with a purpose, they need something that will keep them busy.

Other reasons why your Pit Bull Terrier is hyper include:

  • Boredom
  • Diet
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hyperkinesis

Related Questions

How Do I Train My Pitbull to Listen?

According to Cesar’s way, the best way to make a dog listen to you is to practice exercise first, then discipline and reward your dog with affection. Exercise removes the pent-up energy that distracts your dog from listening to you.

How Do You Calm an Anxious Pit Bull?

Engage your Pit Bull in an activity that stimulates him physically and mentally. Activities such as exercise, playing fetch or a puzzle to work on will help your anxious Pit Bull to calm down.


Many Pit Bull Terriers end up in rescue shelters because their owner can’t handle their energy level. Don’t get one if you’re not ready. Pit Bull Terriers are very hyper yet emotional dogs.

Giving them away might cause emotional trauma. Know how to deal with their energy, and you’ll discover how awesome Pit Bull Terrier puppies are.