Best Brush for Pit Bull [2024 Review]

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Pit Bull breeds have a single layer of short, thin top coat fur. Although they don’t shed as much as heavy double-layer coated breeds, their fur requires good grooming to maintain its shine, moisture, health, and hygiene. Owning the best brush for Pit Bull will make grooming time easier, quick, and maybe even a little fun.

My Top Pit Bull Brushes Recommendations

Brushes for Pit Bull breeds need to be able to brush out any mats, remove loose hair from your dog’s coat so it doesn’t get all over your home and add a little shine to your ‘Pitties’ fur. It is essential to pick the best brush; however, it is just as vital to buy the right brush for your dog’s coat. Let’s look at the best brushes for grooming your Pit Bull and learn how to select the right brush.

Best Overall Brush For Pit Bull: The Professional Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

The Professional Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Brush is the best brush you can buy for your Pit Bull. Similar to the BV Pet Grooming Comb, this double-sided brush has nylon bristles and silicon pins on the other. The silicon pins have a molded round design to make them less harsh and as soft as possible on your dog’s coat.

The nylon bristles of this Professional Bristle Brush untangle matted hair on your dog. As you brush your dog, loose hair and dirt easily get knocked off, leaving your dog well groomed. The double-sided feature of this brush isn’t as useful if you only own a Pittie.

The silicon pins are most effective for brushing out long hair on pets. Pit Bulls have susceptible skin that may get irritated by the silicon pins. So as much as this brush is double-sided, with a Pittie, you’ll probably only use one side.


  • Being a double-sided brusĥ, it has increased versatility because you can use it on both the short coat of your Pittie and the long hair coats of any other pets.
  • This double-sided brush has a sturdy handle wrapped in rubber for durability and comfort while brushing your dog.


  • The Silicon Pinned side is not as practical for grooming the short top coat of your Pittie.
  • Unlike the Boar hair bristles of the Safari Brush, the Nylon bristles of the brush are densely packed and may be harsh on the sensitive skin of your Pittie.

Best Grooming Glove Brush for Pit Bull: Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves

The Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Glove easily competes for the best brushing tool for your Pit Bull. I know how some dogs can dread brushes when it’s grooming time. These De-Shedding Gloves turn to groom into a delightful petting experience.

Unlike the dense bristles of the Professional Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Brush above, this grooming glove has softer rubber nubs that are gentle on your Pitties Coat. The gloves have Velcro wrist straps to provide a secure, comfortable fit when using them on your pet. This snug design makes it more comfortable than the brush handle design of the BV Pet Grooming Comb.

One great advantage of this Grooming Glove is that you can also use it to scrub and lather up your dog during bath time. As you gather shed fur off your Pit Bull, it gets a massage-like experience that improves blood flow on the coating. These gloves transform grooming into a bonding opportunity for you and your pet.


  • These grooming gloves are great for shedding Pitties that run away when you bring out a grooming brush.
  • The five-finger design allows you to brush over your pet’s body, face, legs, head, and tail.


  • It can be tricky to remove the shed fur on the glove’s rubber nodules unless the shed fur has properly accumulated on the nodules.
  • The glove size may not fit smaller or bigger hand sizes. 

Best Soft Brush for Pit Bull: The Safari Bristle Brush

The Safari Bristle Brush is an excellent beginner’s brush for Pittie owners. This brush is small in size and makes it easier to brush small puppies, unlike the bigger Professional Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Brush. This soft brush is the best pick for small to medium-sized dogs.

The Safari Brush’s bristles are made of Boar Hair that is soft and gentler on Pitties’ skin, unlike the stricter nylon bristles on the Double-Sided Professional and BV brushes. If your Pittie has active skin issues, the Safari Brush is the most suitable brush for your dog because its bristles are natural. The Boar Hair bristles will distribute the natural oils from your dog’s skin and promote better coat health.

This brush is appropriate for the single short coat of fur on Pit Bulls and for brushing long hair on double-coated dogs after detangling. Skimming along the direction of hair growth with the Safari Brush massages your dog’s coat and leaves the fur with a healthy shine.


  • This brush has an ergonomic handle that offers a good grip while grooming.
  • The soft bristles on the Safari Brush promote healthy fur growth and reduce shedding.


  • The bristles may be too soft to remove tough matted hair from your dog’s coat.
  • The soft bristle on the Safari Brush may bend and curl after prolonged use making it less durable.

Best Bath Brush for Pit Bull: Bodhi Rubber Brush

Another tremendous multi-purpose Pit Bull Brush on our list is the Bodhi Rubber Brush. Like the Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves, this rubber brush can brush your dog’s dry fur and be a great scrubber during bath time. The soft rubber bristles on this brush are great for lathering shampoo and massaging your dog’s coat for healthier fur growth.

The soft rubber tips of the Bodhi Brush quickly scrub away dead skin and dirt during cleaning for quicker bath sessions. When brushing during dry use, the split-ended rubber nubs remove shedding and clear matted hair on the dog’s coat.

The rubber material of the bristles has a lesser chemical footprint than silicon or nylon bristles, making it safe for the sensitive coat of Pitties. This brush is excellent for Pitties in their season of heavy shedding. However, the Bodhi brush is best for dogs with short, smooth coats and may not be practical with longer, rougher coats.


  • The Bodhi Brush has a handy strap like the velcro straps on the Bissell Gloves to provide a comfortable hold.
  • The split-ended rubber bristles of the Bodhi Brush increase the lather of your dog shampoo, allowing you to use less product and prolong the life of your cleaning product.


  • The Bodhi Rubber brush can get very slippery when wet with soapy water.
  • The five by 3.5-inch handy strap may be too tight for larger hands.

Best Eco-Friendly Brush for Pit Bull: Muse and Iris Bamboo Brush

The Muse and Iris Bamboo Brush resembles the Safari Bristle Brush in almost every way except for two things. The bristles on the Muse and Iris Bamboo Brush are made of nylon, unlike the natural boar hair bristles of the Safari Brush. The Muse and Iris bamboo handle provides a sturdy grip and increased durability of the brush.

Just like the Safari Brush, the Muse and Iris Brush is double-sided. It has metal pin bristles on one side and nylon bristles. This brush gives you the versatility of using your brush on dogs with longer hair.

The nylon bristle side of the brush is great for brushing off loose hair from your Pit Bull. Although not as soft as the Safari Brushs’, its bristles are soft enough to massage the coat of your Pittie.


  • The handle of the brush is made from eco-friendly bamboo, unlike the plastic handle of most brushes on this list.
  • The Nylon Bristles are great for removing matted hair.


  • The Nylon bristles may be allergenic or harsh to Pit Bulls with sensitive skin.
  • Most Pitties don’t require grooming with the metal pin bristles because the metal pins can be painful on the Pit Bull’s skin if you brush too vigorously.

Best Slicker Brush for Pit Bull: BV Pet Grooming Comb

The BV Pet Grooming Comb is another double-sided brush that would sufficiently serve your Pit Bull. This brush has a rubber handle with ridges that provide a firm grip when brushing a playful Pittie. The ventilation holes on the brush allow the pins on the pin side to flex and contour to your dog’s body shape.

The BV Pet Grooming Brush is the most appropriate slicker brush for your Pit Bull. Although Pitties generally don’t require slicker brushes, they can come in handy when your dog is in its seasons of high shedding.

The nylon bristle side of the brush distributes natural oils on the dog’s skin and the Safari Brush. Consistent grooming with the nylon bristle side at least twice a week will add a healthy shine to your dog’s coat.


  • This brush comes with a conveniently built-in eyelet for hanging up the brush.
  • The Pin side of the brush is made from plastic pins that are softer and gentle on your dog’s short coat skin.


  • This brush can be too harsh on Pitties with skin issues and sensitive skin, unlike the Safari Brush’s natural bristles.
  • Some Pit Bulls may fear grooming with brushes and run away at the sight of them. In that case, the Bissell Gloves would be better.

Features to Consider for Brushes for Pit Bull

To avoid skin irritation, choose the right brush for your Pit Bull. Brushes come in different bristle types, textures, and smoothness. Some brushes can even have multiple purposes.

Bristle TypeMaterialPurpose
Professional Double-Sided Pin & Bristle BrushMetal Pin Bristles and Nylon BristlesPlasticDry brushing and detangling
Bissell De-Shedding Grooming GlovesRubber NodesRubberDry brushing and for Bath time scrubs
Safari Bristle BrushBoar Hair BristlePlasticDry brushing, wet brushing, and removing matted hair
Bodhi Rubber BrushRubber NubsRubberDry brushing and bath time scrubbing
Muse and Iris Bamboo BrushMetal Pin Bristles and Nylon BristlesBambooDry brushing and gentle de-shedding
BV Pet Grooming CombPlastic Pin Bristles and Nylon BristlesPlasticDry brushing and matted hair removal

The Brush Type

Different brushes serve different functions. Using the right brush for the wrong purpose will reduce the effectiveness of a brush you had high hopes for. The four common types of brushes you are likely to encounter and that I have on my list include

A black and white coated Pitbull wearing a black collar is sitting in a dark room

Combo Brushes

These are double-sided brushes like my top pick and the BV Pet Grooming Comb. One side is usually a bristle brush, while the other can be metal pins like in the Professional Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Brush. The BV Pet Grooming Comb instead has plastic pins.

The pin side can be great for massaging and detangling hair on your Pit Bull. However, you’ll find yourself more inclined to use the bristle side, which is more gentle and better for grooming Pitties’ Coats.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves like the Bissell Deshedding Gloves are popular for Pit Bull owners because of their versatility. You can use grooming gloves for scrubbing and distributing lather during bath time. At the same time, they serve as great de-shedders and detanglers for dry grooming your Pittie.

Curry Brushes

Curry brushes like the Bodhi Rubber Brush are made from a soft, flexible rubber that is great for massaging Pitties. These brushes also have the versatility of being great for bath time too. The rubber bristles effectively collect loose fur from your dog, preventing it from shedding all over your house and furniture.

Bristle Brushes

Bristle Brushes like the Safari Brush and the Muse and Iris Bamboo Brush are by far the best brush type for Pit Bull Coats. They are gentle and great for adding that healthy shine to your pet’s coat. Bristle brushes are an essential grooming tool for Pit Bulls.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes have bristles made from wire material. While it is excellent for removing shed from long-haired double-coated dogs, it may not be effective on Pitties’ short, smooth coats. Avoid purchasing pin brushes when purchasing a brush for your Pittie.

Deshedding Tools

Most de-shedding tools are designed for longer fur on dogs. However, some tools, such as the Bissell Grooming gloves, are great for Pitties. Deshedders grab onto loose hair as you brush your dog’s coat, and it comes in handy, especially if your dog is a heavy shedder.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes like the BV Pet Grooming Comb are effectively designed to brush off dander from your dog’s skin. Some mixed breed Pit Bulls may have slightly longer fur. In this case, a slicker brush will come in handy to groom your dog’s coat and eliminate any gunk trapped in it.

A black and white coated Pitbull wearing a black harness is sitting on a tiled floor in a well-lit room

Understand Your Dog’s Coat

To identify the best brush features for grooming your Pit Bull, you must understand the type of coat your dog has. There are four coat types in dogs:

  • Smooth Coat – Consists of one layer of short hair that lies close to the skin.
  • Double Coat – Consists of two layers of fur. The undercoat has short, wooly, soft hair lying close to the skin, while the outer top coat has longer hair.
  • Long Hair – Dogs with this coat have silky, long hair that may or may not have an undercoat.
  • Curly Wavy Hair – Consists of long curly hair in which some mixed breeds have an undercoat.

Dogs with double coats and more extended hair benefit from de-shedding tools and slicker brushes. These brushes are meant to detangle the long hair and are more rigid and stiff because the skin of double-coated dogs is well protected by the thick fur. Using such brutal brushes on your Pit Bull can result in discomfort, dry the skin of your dog and even result irritation.

Pit Bull dog breeds have the first coat type, the Smooth Coat. Curry brushes, grooming gloves, and bristle brushes are ideal for grooming. So, what are the different types of textures on brushes to look out for when choosing a brush for your Pit Bull?

The Texture of the Brush

It would be best if you considered the texture of the brush bristles, especially when it comes to smooth coats. Different textures will offer different valuable results on your dog’s skin. You may come across two different types of brush bristles:

  • Boar Hair bristles
  • Nylon bristles

The boar hair bristles are made from the hairs of a wild pig called the boar. They are natural and hypoallergenic because they are natural. This brush can be an excellent recommendation for pet owners with Pitties that are undergoing treatment for skin allergies and irritation conditions.

The texture of boar hair is generally soft. The texture of nylon bristles, on the other hand, can vary. For example, toothbrushes have nylon bristles; however, you still experience that some toothbrushes feel rigid and others softer on your teeth and gums.

Soft Bristles

Soft bristles are great for pet owners who enjoy frequently grooming their Pitties. They are gentle on the dog’s skin, and your dog may enjoy them as petting. However, the soft texture can be less effective for removing the matted hair on your dog’s skin.

A black and white coated Pitbull sticking its pink tongue out while laying down on a dirty pavement

Rigid Bristles

An easy way to identify the texture of nylon bristles is to check how densely packed the bristles are. You can even run it along your skin for better evaluation. Densely packed nylon bristles make for a rigid brush that is great for removing tough dirt on your Pitties’ skin.

For example, The Safari Brush has softer nylon bristles than the densely packed nylon bristles in the BV Grooming and Bamboo brush. You may require more rigid bristles to get stubborn mats on your dog’s skin; however, for the delicate, allergy-prone coats of Pit Bulls, the softer the brush, the better. Soft brushes like the Safari Bristle Brush are excellent for loving massages and grooming Pitties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Possibly, you’re still scratching your head over a few questions related to Pit Bull Brushing. That’s okay! I’ve answered 3 of them for you to help clear things up. Hopefully, these answers shed some light on your lingering curiosities.

What Kind of Brush Do You Use on a Pitbull?

You can rely on a bristle brush or curry comb for your Pit Bull’s grooming. Metal pin brushes are also helpful; however, the bristle brush for a Pit Bull is the most useful. Soft bristles are great on the breed’s sensitive skin.

How Often Should You Brush a Pitbull?

Your PitBull doesn’t need to be brushed that often for too long. Have a routine of brushing your dog once or twice a week and dedicate 10 minutes to it. Pit Bulls have sensitive skin, and brushing too often for too long can cause discomfort, primarily if you use the wrong brush.

How Do You Comb a Pitbull?

Gently brush your dog’s coat toward the fur’s growth. Remember that Pit Bulls have a thin layer of protection between the brush and their skin. Run the brush across your arm and if it doesn’t hurt, use the same amount of enthusiasm when brushing your dog.


It takes proper training and grooming to have the best life with your Pit Bull. Brushing your dog regularly in a week is an excellent opportunity to keep an eye on its coat health. Keep an eye out for lumps, fleas, ticks, and skin issues while brushing them.