How Do I Get a Yorkshire Terrier to Get Along With a Cat?

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Yorkies can be loyal and loving companions, thanks to their cuteness and tenacity. You may be asking, “how do I get a Yorkshire Terrier to get along with a cat?”. Given their similarities in size, it’s tempting to assume they’ll get along with cats; however, this isn’t always the case.

How Do I Get a Yorkshire Terrier to Get Along With a Cat?

Early play sessions between your Yorkie and your cat should be short. Build on previous accomplishments and strive to end on a positive note. Before releasing both animals into the house, increase the length and frequency of these play sessions.

Yorkshire Terrier sitting on a rug

Positive reinforcement tactics include affection, food, and toys. You may try feeding both animals simultaneously. Nevertheless, dogs are notorious for stealing protein-rich, fatty cat food. A firm “no” or “sit” is required if your Yorkie barks, bites, or jumps at the cat.

Before you plan to raise them in the same house, it’s a good idea to explore different techniques to guarantee that they get along. Doing so will go a long way towards ensuring that the two animals get on well. Below are the tips to help in this process.

Examine Each Pet Separately

Study the behavior of both pets for at least one week to determine their behavioral patterns, such as if they are hostile or friendly. There are fewer odds of them initiating World War III in the house if they are the type that can live in peace with other pets.

Introduce Them When They’re Still Young

Introducing the Yorkie and the cat when they are still young is the most significant way to raise them both without having to worry about the house being a pet war zone. This will ensure that they become accustomed to one another as they grow older.

Slowly Introduce Them

Getting a cat into your home and forcing your Yorkie to get along with it is not a good option. In the early days, never leave both of them unattended because they’re constantly walking on eggshells in each other’s sight.

You can begin by allowing them to sniff each other’s scents and gradually bring them closer together. This way, they will start getting used to each other.

Yorkshire Terrier lying on a bed

Allow Them to Have Their Own Space

Yorkshire terriers and kitties are both territorial; therefore, it’s essential to avoid any confrontations that may arise due to the invasion of personal space. When it comes to litter boxes, animals perceive others as a threat; therefore, it’s best to assign them to distinct ones.

It would be best to keep all their stuff, such as food tins and beds, separate. This will keep them from fighting over food or a good sleeping position over and over again. They should have escape routes as well.

You may find more information in this video on how to get your Yorkie and cat to get along.

Give Them the Attention They Deserve

The best way in raising both of them is to offer them equal amounts of attention so that they do not feel threatened by one another. When you treat the Yorkie differently from the cat or vice versa, the outcome may not be pleasant.

Facts About Yorkshire Terriers and Cats

While both dogs and cats have individual personalities, there are some general standards to consider and factors to keep in mind if you wish to live with a cat and a Yorkie in the same home.

However, this may not be the wisest decision if you have a significantly bigger Yorkie and put him in the same room with a little kitten. Nonetheless, aside from the apparent dog-to-cat connection, there is usually no evident prey drive impulse to chase cats.

Yorkshire Terrier sitting on a chair

When They Don’t Get Along, What Should You Do?

Even though most Yorkies get along well with cats, there will be situations when they will not. It’s safer to plan for these odd and likely scenarios in which the best alternative is to keep them separated at all times or find a new place for one of them.

Cats are typically shy and easily scared, whereas dogs are lively and territorial. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of them sharing the same place; they’ll need your help. Consider the following measures if the two don’t get along:

  1. Properly Train Your Dog – Teach your dog to manage its emotions to make it competitive with cats. When there’s a commotion or noise, does it scamper about? It won’t be ideal for cats straight away if that’s the case because it’ll most likely emerge when a feline is spotted.
  2. Create a territory for your cat – Cats require a haven in the home. Make this haven in the house available to the dog and create safe zones around the house. This way, the cat can securely navigate the shared territory with its canine sibling.
  3. Consider their personality – It’s more vital to analyze their personalities and energy levels and the feline and Yorkie viewpoints. A family with a violent and aggressive dog does not function well with a shy cat.
  4. Exercise your dog – To cool down your mind and manage yourself, you need to channel your energy into something else like exercise. Dogs, too, require a lot of exercise. They are less likely to satisfy their urge of chasing a cat because their energy is channeled elsewhere.


In most cases, Yorkies and cats get along pretty smoothly; however, they do not bond at other times. It’s best if you find a new home for one of them if this happens. If you keep forcing them to get along, it will result in more fights and worse injuries.