What Do You Get When You Breed an Australian Terrier and Yorkshire?

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The Australian Terriers are affectionate, social, and loyal to their family, while the Yorkshire Terriers are known for their confidence and courage. So, what do you get when you breed an Australian Terrier and Yorkshire? Let’s explore the breed you get when you blend these two Terriers.

What Do You Get When You Breed an Australian Terrier and Yorkshire?

You will get an Australian Yorkshire Terrier when you crossbreed a Yorkshire Terrier with an Australian Terrier. Usually, the height of Australian Yorkshire Terriers is around 9-11 inches and weighs about 12-16 pounds. They are light shedders, and you can bathe them once a month.

An image of a black and tan Australian terrier puppy

In most cases, the colors of Australian Yorkshire Terriers are

  • black and red
  • black and blue
  • black and tan

Although the character of the resulting Australian Yorkshire Terrier can vary widely depending on whether the dominant genes are from the Yorkshire Terrier or the Australian Terrier parent, the following are some of the characteristics and instincts you can expect.


An Australian Yorkshire Terrier is generally affectionate, social, and loyal to their family, making them a great choice for people with children. However, this loyalty and dependence might cause separation anxieties if you leave them alone for long.

You should also be careful when leaving an Australian Yorkshire Terrier in a small enclosed backyard as it likes to dig. Since these dogs are not friendly to strangers and love to bark when they see or hear something unfamiliar, proper training can make them great watchdogs.

Physical Appearance

Since the Australian Yorkshire Terrier is a crossbreed of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier, the physical appearance varies depending on the dominant genes.

Considering the parent breeds are fairly small, the Australian Yorkshire Terrier is also small, with a height of around 9-11 inches and 12-16 pounds weight.

Usually, Australian Yorkshire Terriers have small v-shaped ears, black nails, docked tails, black noses, and small dark eyes. The puppies have blue and tan or black and tan coats, which later change to gold and tan, red and tan, or blue and tan as they mature.


The hunting instincts of the Yorkshire Terrier, the tenth most popular by the American Kennel Club, make Australian Yorkshire Terriers energetic, playful, and naturally curious. Also, the stubborn character of the Yorkshire Terrier in this blend makes it challenging to train Australian Yorkshire Terriers, similar to training Wolf Yorkshire Terriers.

For better training results, it’s advisable to start training when still young. Since Australian Yorkshire Terriers are a native breed with strong hunting instincts, you can use reward games and positive reinforcement during training.

An image of a Yorkshire terrier puppy


Australian Yorkshire Terriers are usually light shedders, so grooming is not an issue. However, the length of the coat will depend on the dominant genes. For instance, if the dominant genes are from the Yorkshire parent, the mixed breed might need more grooming and maintenance.

You will need to brush Australian Yorkshire Terriers every two to three weeks. You can also consider bathing the dog once a month. Regular grooming habits should include trimming the dog’s nails, brushing its teeth, and cleaning the ears.

Health Condition

Like many other crossbreeds, this Yorkshire terrier mix might be susceptible to health issues related to their parents. Some of the potential health problems include:

  • Seizures- A neurological health condition in dogs that causes uncontrollable muscle activity
  • Torn knee ligament- A health condition in dogs that limit knee movements such as twisting and turning
  • Hip joint degeneration- A health problem where the cartilage cushioning the bones break, exposing the bone surfaces
  • Kneecap dislocation- A health issue in dogs where the kneecap luxates or shifts sideways from the normal position
  • Diabetes- It’s an ailment that affects the sugar or glucose levels in the dog’s blood
  • Retinal degeneration- It’s an eye disease that affects the eye’s photoreceptors and, if untreated, leads to blindness

Once you notice any sign of these diseases, it’s advisable to call the vet. The vet can help conduct blood tests, liver ultrasounds, eye exams, knee tests, and hip tests.

An image of an Australian terrier

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Australian Yorkshire Terriers Relate Well With Other Pets?

Yes, Australian Yorkshire Terriers are social and relate well with most family pets. However, the males are somewhat territorial and might not relate well with other male dogs. You can minimize these territorial instincts by socializing with the males and other animals while still young.

What Is the Lifespan of an Australian Yorkshire Terrier?

The lifespan of an Australian Yorkshire Terrier is around 11 to 15 years.

Although the lifespan of the Yorkshire Terrier purebred dog is around 13 to 16 years, and the lifespan of the Australian Terrier parent is around 12 to 15 years, Australian Yorkshire Terriers have a slightly shorter lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Yorkshire Terriers and Australian Terriers are small dog breeds that are affectionate, feisty, and domineering and share ancestors with the Cairn Terrier, Short-haired Skye Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. So, what do you get when you breed an Australian Terrier and Yorkshire? You get an Australian Yorkshire Terrier breed, a loyal and courageous dog that can make a great watchdog.