Will a Boston Terrier and Cats Get Along?

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If you’re planning to introduce a Boston Terrier to your cat, you could be asking yourself will a Boston Terrier and cats get along? You could also be wondering whether your dog will like your kitten. Well, supervised introductions can help these pets socialize and get familiar with each other.

Will a Boston Terrier and Cats Get Along?

Yes, Boston Terriers and cats get along. Boston Terriers are affectionate dogs that love interacting with cats. However, you have to introduce them slowly to each other like you would when presenting them to another person or dog. 

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Your Boston Terrier dog and cat will create a bond when they grow up together. That being said, Boston Terriers may chase the cat, however, it’s usually for fun and not prey drive. This is because Terriers have a good temperament and are polite to cats.

How to Introduce Your Boston Terrier to a Cat

There are individual personalities you need to deal with when you bring your Boston Terrier into a home with cats. However, you can make life pleasant for these two pets if you follow these simple tips

Put the Pets in a Neutral Room

This should be done in a common room in your house and not a room your dog or cat prefers. Allow the pets to observe each other without forcing them to interact. Ensure you have an escape way for your cat and put your dog on a leash in case things don’t go as planned. 

Now, allow the pets to explore the room at their own pace and keep rewarding them with treats and praise for good behavior. Repeat this process every day and keep it short. I recommend having frequent short sessions than longer ones as they can make both pets to be agitated.

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If all goes well, let the pets play together on the floor for a short time as they get to know each other. Be patient and allow the pets to take their time as they get used to being together. 

Allow Your Pets to Eat Together

Allowing your pets to eat simultaneously can help create a close bond. However, it’s crucial that you supervise the interactions between these two pets. To be on the safe side, put your kitten’s food on the counter. With time, these will make both pets understand they need to accommodate each other. 

Avoid Face-to-Face Meetings During the First Few Days

Before introducing your Terrier dog to your kitten, separate your cat and confine it in a room with their toys, food, bed, and water. You can also install a multi-level cat condo. This is very important because cats are also territorial. 

Your cat can feel more secure if it has several high places to hide. Just give it adequate time to adapt to the new surroundings.

Put Your Dog in A Crate With Some Food

Once your dog is in a crate that has some food and their favorite toy, allow the cat into the room so that it can check out the new pet without direct contact. After a few minutes, release the dog and allow the two pets to interact. Doing this regularly will make the dog see the cat like a family. 

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Exercise Your Pets Before the Introduction

Cats and dogs have different energy levels. That’s why it’s essential to exercise them before bringing them together. Exercise allows you to minimize their energy and make them feel calmer when introducing them to each other. Keep doing this whenever you introduce them to each other.

Observe How Your Pets Interact

After several interactions, observe how the two pets react to each other. This will help you determine whether you can leave the two pets alone at home when you’re not around. If your dog is nice to the cat, you can be sure your pets will get along and become great friends. 

What to Do if Your Boston Terrier and Cat Don’t Get Along

Although most Boston Terrier owners claim their dogs get along with cats, there are times they won’t want to be around each other. In case the two pets do not get along, you have the following options:

  • Separate the pets so that they aren’t stressed
  • Give one of the pets away to another family
  • Opt for DIY training or hire a professional trainer

If your dog and cat keep fighting, I recommend conducting the training yourself before looking for a trainer.

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How Do Boston Terriers React to Cats?

Boston Terriers might react to kittens differently during the initial introduction. Picture three likely scenarios.

  • Boston Terrier and Cat Get Along: In most cases, Boston Terriers and cats interact well within a short period. However, supervise their interactions until you’re sure there won’t be problems.
  • Boston Terrier Becomes Excited: Sometimes, the dog may react to your cat the way it reacts to other dogs. The dog can sniff or lunge at your cat because of being curious. Terriers can also play rough with your cat or chase it without the intention of harming it. 
  • Boston Terrier Becomes Anxious: Some dogs may not feel comfortable being around the cat. So they’re likely to distance themselves. When this happens, take things slowly without forcing them to get along. However, if your dog wags its tail and looks relaxed, then it wants to bond with your cat.

Related Questions

Can a Boston Terrier Kill a Cat?

Yes, a Boston Terrier can kill a cat, although it’s rare. This is because these dogs were originally bred to fight, hunt, and kill. However, after breeding several generations, Terriers are now loving and caring

How Long Does It Take for a Cat To Get Used to a Boston Terrier?

It usually takes a few weeks for a cat to get used to a Boston Terrier. The personalities of both pets can also determine how long it will take.

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Boston Terriers get along with cats if you introduce them to each other early enough. They’re also friendly and do not have hunting traits that can harm your kitten. Just be patient and allow your pets to know each other. 

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