Everything You Need To Know About a Brown Boston Terrier

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Brown Boston Terriers are gentle, little charming dogs with an easy to care coat. They also have an appealing personality and looks that make them perfect for keeping as a pet. If you want more information, here’s everything you need to know about a Brown Boston Terrier.

Everything You Need To Know About a Brown Boston Terrier

Brown Boston Terriers originated in the United States around the 1860s and were bred for dogfighting. Since then, breeders have refined the dogs into what they are today: loving, caring pets. 

According to the American Kennel Club, Brown Boston Terriers are a non-sporting breed (dogs with varying appearance, sizes, personalities, and coats).

Brown Boston Terrier

Are Brown Boston Terriers Recognized by the Kennel Club?

The AKC doesn’t recognize some colors as breed standards. For instance, a Brown Boston Terrier should have some white patches on the muzzle or around the neck to be recognized by the club.

Other disqualified colors include red, solid black, solid seal, solid white, solid brindle, and blue. These colors occur when the breeder isn’t knowledgeable about breed lines or is just careless. If you’re able to register your Brown Boston Terrier, the AKC offers several benefits. 

For instance, you’ll get complimentary services during your first visit to the veterinarian. The AKC will also give you a registration certificate allowing you to participate in dog shows. However, you don’t have to bother with registration if you aren’t interested in becoming a commercial breeder or taking part in dog sports.

What Are the Characteristics of Brown Boston Terriers? 

The Brown Boston Terrier is a highly intelligent dog with a shiny coat that makes them look as though they’re wearing a tuxedo. They’re also great around other animals and children. Here are other interesting facts about Brown Boston Terriers.

  • Physical Attributes: Brown Boston Terriers are small and stand at 17 inches. They also have a compact build and weigh about 10-25 pounds. They have shiny brown coats with short, curled, or straight tails. Other traits include large, expressive eyes; short, broad muzzles; upright ears, and a brown chest.
  • Temperament: Brown Boston Terriers are cheerful and loving puppies. Although some Boston Terriers can be overprotective, this breed is accommodative and sociable. 
  • Appearance: The Brown Boston Terrier has an eye-catching appearance. They have an attractive short-haired brown coat. Moreover, their balanced small body and square structure make them breathtaking to watch. 

Brown Boston Terrier Dietary Requirements

Brown Boston Terriers are picky eaters since they are vulnerable to gas and have sensitive stomachs. Try to include a few grains and high protein content in their food to ensure they don’t suffer from such problems. A healthy diet will also ensure they get essential nutrients for optimal growth. 

Boston Terrier

Keep in mind that like other Boston Terriers, Brown Boston Terriers are also prone to obesity. So avoid overfeeding your dog to maintain a healthy weight. To know your Brown Boston Terrier’s ideal weight, consult your veterinarian to help you choose the right food and amount to feed them

Brown Boston Terrier Grooming Requirements

Brown Boston Terriers have a short, smooth coat that stays neat most of the time and sheds very little. However, it still needs regular brushing to maintain the tuxedo look. Brushing also prevents damaged or broken hair from falling on your couch or floor. 

It’s also important to check your dog’s teeth, nails and ears. Trim her nails regularly and examine their ears for debris and wax buildup. Brushing their teeth occasionally will also enhance good oral health. 

Brown Boston Terrier Life Expectancy 

Generally, Brown Boston Terriers are a healthy breed. With regular veterinarian check-ups, proper feeding, and care, they can live between 11-13 years. That said, these dogs are prone to certain medical conditions due to genetic and hereditary issues. 

Brown Boston Terrier Health Conditions

It’s important to know the breeder and the place you’re buying your Brown Boston Terrier puppy from. This is because most of the diseases these dogs develop are usually genetic in nature. 

This means you should only get your dog from a reputable breeder with health clearance certificates for the puppy’s parents. Below are some common health conditions a brown Boston Terrier can develop. 

Hip Dysplasia

This is a condition that causes a dog’s thigh bone not to fit properly into the hip joint. Although it begins when the dog is still young, it doesn’t affect its life until adulthood. 

Brown Boston Terrier on the beach

Unfortunately, this degeneration causes weakness and severe limping, making it difficult for your Brown Boston Terrier to walk for extended periods. A dog with hip dysplasia can develop osteoarthritis, a condition that can make your puppy reluctant to move because of discomfort.

Reverse Sneezing

This occurs when your Brown Boston Terrier swallows their food quickly. It can also happen if your dog is allergic to pollen, making secretions from the nose to close the windpipe after falling onto the dog’s soft palate. (The back portion of your dog’s mouth that aids in swallowing food). 

When this happens, your puppy can panic and wheeze. So just try to calm your dog while waiting for this moment to pass. 

Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors are associated with short-nosed dog breeds such as the Brown Boston Terriers. These dogs are at a high risk of developing deadly, cancerous brain tumors like the Choroid Plexus and Glioma Tumors. If the tumor has progressed and surgery can’t be done, the dog will be treated with steroids. 

However, if the tumors are detected early enough, they can be removed successfully through surgery. That being said, the survival rate for most puppies after surgery is only two months.

What Is the Cost of Brown Boston Terrier Dogs?

Brown Boston Terrier dogs are affordable and can cost you about $500-$1,200. However, you can pay less if you decide to adopt one. Also, remember to budget for vet and food expenses, as well as supplies like food bowls. The average annual cost for these items is around $1,500. 


The Brown Boston Terrier is a small, affectionate dog that will keep you happy. The trick is to buy from a breeder that will share with you the puppy’s health information without hiding anything from you.