Yorkshire Terrier Price

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Breeds can have many different elements that affect their price in the market. If you are currently searching for a dog, you might be wondering about the Yorkshire terrier’s price, along with its characteristics and costs of ownership.

Yorkshire Terrier Price

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a small breed with long and silky hair. They are known for their friendly personality, making them popular pets for small and large households. On top of that, they are very popular due to the wide variety of hairstyles they can have.

A white and brown Yorkshire puppy wearing a white and black shirt

After all, they have very long hair, so Yorkie is very easy to groom and style it with a bow.

This breed requires much attention due to its needy and energetic nature. In fact, they might develop depression if left alone for a long time. Therefore, the Yorkie requires an owner who can invest much time in them. If you believe you won’t be able to, then you should search for other kinds of breeds.

When it comes to living with other dogs, Yorkies might be a little chaotic and sometimes territorial. However, this can be prevented with training and positive reinforcement. However, they will always be really loud, especially when strangers ring the bell or come near your house.

Yorkshire Terrier Price Factors 

The cost of a Yorkshire Terrier varies greatly depending on factors such as lineage, age, and location. A Yorkie puppy typically costs between $800 and $3,000 and, in the most expensive situations, more than $10,000. The price difference is due to the exclusivity that the pedigree brings to some of these puppies.

However, while the pedigree brings more exclusivity, this does not affect how they behave. A cheap Yorkie won’t differ significantly from a really expensive one, as long as you don’t care about shows, of course. Here are some other elements that can affect the pricing of the Yorkshire Terrier.


Yorkies with strong pedigrees are often more expensive. This is because breeders put a lot of money and effort into breeding genetically healthy pups that meet the standards. This is why puppies with a strong lineage are likelier to be healthy and feature characteristics such as a good appearance.


Some coat colors from Yorkies are much rarer than others, which makes them more expensive. For instance, chocolate-coated Yorkies are more pricey than the typical blue and tan ones Yorkie. The same goes for particolored Yorkies, however, while these two colors are rare, they are not recognized by the AKC.

This means that the American Kennel Club doesn’t fully recognize chocolate and parti-color as official Yorkie colors. Although this discourages some people, the two colors are still more expensive than others.


A Yorkshire Terrier’s price can change based on where you live and whether the breed is usually available. For example, a Yorkie can be more expensive in crowded cities than small towns. After all, in cities, Yorkies will be demanded by the high amount of people who lives in there.

On the other hand, a small town doesn’t have the same amount of people, which makes it easier to find a Yorkie. The same applies to countries where the breed is too expensive to raise. Since there will not be a lot of Yorkies available, their price is going to be higher.

Medical Tests

Some health problems, such as bladder stones, heart problems, kneecap displacements, and hypoglycemia, are common in Yorkies. To make sure their pups don’t have conditions that lead to these issues, breeders test all of their dogs before selling them. This, of course, increases the price.

Doing so will ensure you get a healthy dog that is unlikely to develop health problems later in life.

A brown and black Yorkshire terrier wearing a pink clip and a red collar sitting on a grass field


Recently-born Yorkies tend to cost more than older ones. This is due to the increased demand for these puppies in the market. Also, breeders must give them extra care, time, and training. For instance, they must feed them a particular diet and socialize them with people and animals.

On top of that, some breeders train them to follow basic orders. Not to mention these puppies must receive their vaccinations. All of these factors increase the price of a young Yorkie.


When it comes to gender, female Yorkshire Terriers are more expensive than their male counterpart. This is because they can give birth to more pups, which is considered a good investment. After all, owners can sell the puppies at eight weeks old.

Yorkshire Terrier Cost of Ownership

When you buy a Yorkie, you need to consider all of the expenses that it will carry. Caring for a dog with such long hair and energetic nature can sometimes be difficult. After all, you will need to groom them and play with them constantly. This, of course, requires money and time.

On top of that, you will need to take them to a grooming salon so they can get their hair cut and styled. This usually costs between $50 and $100, depending on the salon. Next, you must take them to the vet occasionally, which usually costs between $50 and $200 for a basic check.

Also, if you want to, you can neuter or spay your Yorkie once they are at least six months old. This procedure often costs between $50 (if you do it in a public vet) and $500 (if you do it in a private organization). However, these expenses do not happen very often; others need to be constantly provided.


Yorkies are considered toy-size due to their small height. Therefore, they don’t eat as much as bigger dogs. Regardless of that, you need to feed them enough nutrients for them to feel great. Many owners feed Yorkies dry-food kibbles, a good option that often costs between $20 to $100 per month.

Other owners decide to go for a raw diet that consists of chicken, eggs, fish, and other raw foods. This, of course, is more expensive, yet it is said that it has many benefits for the dog’s health. If you want to apply this diet to your Yorkie, you will need to expend about $500 monthly.


As I mentioned before, Yorkies are very energetic and playful to the point where they build a relationship with their owners when playing. Therefore, buying them a lot of toys can be beneficial for their happiness. Toys’ prices can vary a lot. However, you can set a budget of $100 and buy all you can with that.

Bed and Crate

If you dislike when your dog sleeps on your bed or couches, you will need to find Yorkies a bed. This usually costs between $50 to $200, depending on the quality of the bed. Then, if you want to give your Yorkie a place where they can be alone and destress, you can buy them a crate.

This can also be used to transport your dog, usually costing $30 to $100.


Due to the high energy level of Yorkies, you need to give them a walk at least twice a day. If not, they will be too energetic around the house, becoming chaotic. Therefore, you must buy a leash, a harness, and a collar. Also, since these dogs are sensitive to cold, it is important that you buy them a jacket for winter.

All these items can add up to $100 to $200.

Grooming and Hygiene Products

Since Yorkies have abundant long hair, they need to be groomed constantly. To groom them, you would need to buy Yorkies shampoo, a brush, nail clippers, and a couple of towels. All of these items will cost approximately between $80 and $150.

Since their hair can grow very long around the paws, you must clip it after it gets uncomfortable for them to walk. On the same page, if their nails get too long, it can affect their mobility; therefore, you should clip them frequently. When it comes to their hair, it is prone to get entangled, so Yorkies should be brushed daily.

You could buy the items and groom them yourself, or you can take them to a salon. While the items cost up to $150, a salon will ask you for at least $50 every time you take them there. Both options are feasible. Therefore, you can choose whichever fits you the most.


Once you buy your Yorkshire, you can take them to the vet and ask for a microchip. This device has the size of a grain of rice, and it helps to identify your dog. However, contrary to what people believe, this chip is not used to locate your dog, just identify it.

For instance, if you lose your dog and someone finds it, the microchip can be scanned, and you will be contacted. While collars can break, the microchip will always be there. This way, if you lose your dog, people can identify it. This chip usually costs between $50 and $100.

Here you can see what the microchip can and cannot do:

  • It can set a unique identification for your dog
  • It can allow vets to identify your dog if it has gone missing
  • It cannot be used as a GPS device to check where your dog is
  • It cannot track their location

First Aid Kit

If you are a new owner, you might want to get a first aid kit for dogs. This way, you will be prepared for any injury they might experience. Since Yorkies run a lot, they can hit themselves sometimes. Therefore, it would be good to be prepared. This can cost up to $100.

Yorkshire terrier with black and brown coating hiding behind a tree bark

Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics

Yorkies are a toy-sized breed with a loving and playful nature. Their height and weight do not affect their price, as Yorkie always weigh between 4 and 7 pounds and stand between 6 and 7 inches tall. Though, if a Yorkie is underweight, it might be considered unhealthy and sold cheaply.

If they haven’t been properly socialized, they will bark at every dog they meet, regardless of size. They can also be hardheaded and stubborn, which makes them difficult to train. However, if you buy treats and train them with positive reinforcement, they will behave. If not, you can always pay a professional trainer.

When it comes to their coat, they have long, silky, and fine hair. Their common colors are black and brown, although there are some rare ones: parti and chocolate. These can be more expensive than others. However, the AKC does not recognize them.


Some Yorkies are bred and styled to participate in canine shows and potentially win them. Some shows rank them by beauty, agility, and obedience features that Yorkies can display very well due to their nature. Yorkies that come from a lineage of show puppies are more expensive.

After all, their parents are winners of these shows, which is what increases their prices. On top of that, these breeders take a lot of time and effort when caring for these pups. That also raises their cost.

Terrier Lineage

All Terriers were bred to hunt small prey and vermin, and Yorkshires are not exception. A few decades ago, these dogs were used for hunting down rats, mice, and other vermin that could damage crops. While they are not bred to do that anymore, they still have the instinct to hunt small animals.

This means that they will naturally hunt down any small prey they see. Therefore, these dogs might be more expensive in rural areas with many vermin. After all, farmers might need them to exterminate some of those small prey.

On the same page, you should be careful if you have small pets in your house, such as parrots, hamsters, and ferrets. After all, they might have the instinct to hunt them down.

Where to Get a Yorkshire Terrier

If you want a Yorkshire Terrier, you have three options: contact a renowned breeder of Yorkies, adopt one from a shelter, and buy them from a pet store. Breeders are often the most expensive option as they sell pure bread Yorkies. On the other hand, shelter Yorkies are cheap, yet they will not have a pedigree.

Lastly, pet stores are the intermediate option as they aren’t free, yet they are not too expensive. However, before purchasing your Yorkie from a pet store, you need to research the organization and check where they get their puppies from. If they come from a puppy farm, it is recommended that you not buy them.

These farms have terrible conditions for the puppies, making them sick and traumatizing them from a young age. If you buy a dog from these pet stores, not only will you have an unhealthy dog, yet you will also promote their business. This allows them to keep breeding pups under poor conditions.

Yorkshire Terrier Breeder vs Rescue

When it comes to breeders, the most respectable ones will make sure their puppies are healthy, socialized, trained, and of course, purebred. With this, you will have a health guarantee, along with a pedigree that confirms the Yorkie is purebred. You will also be able to choose which puppy you want.

Yorkshire terrier with a brown coat wearing a red collar running in the field

However, one downside is that they can be really expensive, especially renowned breeders. When it comes to rescued Yorkies, you will adopt a puppy living under poor conditions. Therefore, they might have health and behavioral problems, so you might have to invest in a professional trainer.

On top of that, it can be hard to find Yorkies in shelters. Most of them are adopted quickly unless they are old or sick. This is why, while they are quite cheap, finding them may be difficult. This is also why you won’t be able to select your puppy; most of the time, you’ll only have one choice.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Yorkshire Terrier

Why Do Yorkies Cost So Much?

Yorkies are a breed with a lot of demand due to their physical aspect and energetic nature. This makes them good dogs for shows and beauty contests. Therefore, when a breeder sells purebred puppies that have a great lineage, they will be sold at a really high price.

This is because people think the pups will be amazing at shows, especially if their parents were show-winners in the past.

Are Yorkies Lazy Dogs?

No, Yorkies are very energetic dogs. Yorkies require a lot of exercise and playtime. If not, they can become really chaotic around the house, making a lot of mess, digging holes, and messing up furniture. In fact, if you leave them alone for a very long time, they can become depressed.

Therefore, if you plan on getting Yorkies, you need to have time to dedicate to them on a daily basis. After they have exercised, they will probably sleep for a while as they will not have enough energy anymore.

Are Yorkies Good House Dogs?

Yes, Yorkies can make great house dogs, no matter how small or big the house is. This is due to their friendly nature, playfulness, and amazing personality. They can be great around kids, though caution is always recommended. While Yorkies are not aggressive, kids can play a bit too rough with them sometimes.

When it comes to their relationship with other dogs, Yorkies will have no problem if they have been correctly socialized, of course. However, they can be a bit territorial with other pets. Despite their small size, they can engage in fights with bigger dogs without fear at all. Therefore, you need to avoid these situations.


Breeds like the Yorkie have a lot of elements that influence their price. In this case, when Yorkies have a strong pedigree, they can become expensive. After all, they are amazing for shows and other contests.