Why the American Pit Bull Terrier Is a Wonderful Dog?

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Are you looking forward to getting an American Pitbull terrier for yourself? Then I highly suggest you check this guide on why the American Pit Bull Terrier is a beautiful dog and why you should own it.

Why the American Pit Bull Terrier Is a Wonderful Dog?

The Pitbull terriers are not technically from America. However, the one I knew today has a true American Spirit. Initially, the bull terrier dogs were bred as fighting dogs to battle against bulls in the United Kingdom.

With growing popularity, people realized the after-effects of such selfish breeding and called off the games of head-on fights.

Later on, with increasing globalization, when these bull terriers accompanied their fellows to America, a new breed emerged known as American Pitbull terrier. (There is a significant and stark difference between an English Bull terrier and an American One today.)

White and brown American Pit Bull Terrier mix siting on a grass

Reason 1: Adapt to Small Apartment

If you live in an apartment and you are a passionate dog lover, then American Pitbull Terrier is likely a good companion for the purpose.

Talking about their size, these dogs are not significant and busty but relatively small to moderate in dimensions, making them a good fit for small spaces. However, I would like to note that these are pretty energetic, unlike Bostons, who are somewhat lazy.

And therefore, you need to pay attention to their needs and affection.

Reason 2: Extremely Funny

Pitbull terriers are known to be aggressive. But can they be funny? Absolutely, yes!

Since these dogs are not pure pitbull, their traits don’t overlap with them completely. In short, they are kind of aggressive but also fun to be with.

They will entertain you with their tricks and cute actions.

Reason 3: Go Well With Hot Weather

Do you live in a hot city? Then you must know that not every dog is a good fit for the purpose.

Do American Pitbull Terriers resistant to heat? Yes, they are.

Unlike a husky or a Saint Bernard who relatively has a thick outer coat, these dogs can efficiently sustain themselves to moderate heat.

The fur of Bull terriers isn’t thick, and hence, they are not a great companion for those who live in colder areas.

Reason 4: A Best Friend Dog

Who doesn’t like to have a loving companion on their side? If you are planning to have an American Pitbull terrier, then you are doing it all right.

Like Labradors and golden retrievers, these also very much love and treat their owners with loads of affection and wagging tails with a broad smile on their faces.

Reason 5: Perfect Companion for Trips

Your American Pitbull terriers might not seem active from the outside, but that doesn’t mean they are lazy. These doggies are free spirits and love traveling out.

It won’t be wrong to say that your Bull terrier has that wanderlust instinct and soul of a voyager who occasionally enjoys outdoor adventures.

Reason 6: They Don’t Bark Too Much

Bull terriers moderately bark at people. Unlike a few breeds who are shy and quiet, American Pitbull terriers are relatively active and bark when needed.

Not to forget, this isn’t a severe case for this breed. Some of the mix types might bark a lot than the others.

Close-up photo of a black and white American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Reason 7: Minimal Grooming

Now here comes the critical part, grooming. American Pitbull terriers have a single coat of hair and shed moderately.

In comparison to dogs with long hair and thick fur like huskies or poodles who have long curly hair (not all of the poodles have long hair), I can say that grooming Pitbull terriers are relatively more straightforward.

Reason 8: A Perfect Family Dog

Pitties go well along with people with time.

However, it isn’t a forever case. Some, even after the same person has nurtured them since puppyhood, are independent and aloof.

Others form a strong attachment with one person and are aloof to everyone else, and yet others lavish affection on the entire family.

 A dog’s breed isn’t the only aspect that influences their attachment; canines raised in a house with people around them are more at ease with humans and bond with them more easily.

Reason 9: Smart and Intelligent

Pit Bull Terriers have a high level of intelligence and are easy to train. They look forward to training since it allows them to collaborate with their beloved friend (you!).

Pit bulls adore food as well! They are strongly motivated to labor in exchange for pleasant treats.

The show had 12 dog trainers vying to teach their 12 rescue dogs to fly a plane, and it was presented by Victoria Stillwell, a positive reinforcement trainer.

Reason 10: They Have Protector Instincts

It is not hidden from me that Pitties once upon a time were fighting dogs. These traits have been passed down to modern-day American Bull terriers, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

Close-up image of an American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Reason 11: Dedicated to Their Owner

Do you want to be the center of the universe for someone? Get a Pit Bull Terrier as a pet!

Pit Bull Terriers have a temperament that is affectionate, loyal, and dedicated.

They worship their owners and want to be with them at all times. Like a shadow, your Pit Bull will follow you from room to room. To maintain a sense of privacy, some homeowners have to add extra latches to the bathroom door.

Pit bulls are cuddly. They want to be as close to you as possible and touch you as much as possible. If you let them, they will sleep in your bed. They snore, so be aware.

Reason 12: They Are Highly Active

Pit Bulls are dogs that are used to attack other dogs. Terriers are athletic canines that have an active temperament. To keep happy and healthy, they need a lot of activity.

Pit Bulls are excellent jogging or hiking companions, and they enjoy playing fetch and tug in the backyard.

Agility, weight pull, and Frisbee are just a few of the canine sports they excel at. In reality, Wallace, a rescued Pit Bull, won the national flying disc championship.

Pit Bulls can be difficult to handle if they do not get enough exercise. They can get:

  • jittery
  • talkative, and
  • destructive

If you don’t have the energy or time to care for a young Pit Bull Terrier, fostering an older Pit Bull Terrier could be the perfect solution!

Pit Bulls become calmer and more laid-back as they age. Senior Pit Bulls (affectionately known as “Elderbulls”) are the epitome of the couch potato!

Here is a detailed video on the characteristic features and temperament of the American Pitbull Terrier.

American Pit Bull Terrier - Characteristics and Care


American Pitbulls, as said above, have always been in a bad light due to their history.

However, a paper states that rather than succumbing to the media’s fear-mongering, society needs to recognize and be familiar with the history and personality of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Just like humans aren’t judged based on their past, I should not judge these innocent animals.