Why Should You Own a Bull Terrier?

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As I was searching for a good dog breed for adoption, I came across Bull Terrier. I know this breed has a negative reputation because of its robust build, but there is more to this dog.

Thus, I did a quick research to understand the benefits of having a Bull terrier.

Why Should You Own a Bull Terrier?

Bull Terriers have a unique head shape with triangular eyes, which gives them a distinct appearance. Also, they are gentle, affectionate, strong, and can do anything to protect their owners. Moreover, they have a lifespan of 10-14 years.

Bull terrier dog wearing a St Patrick's hat

There are many more reasons that show why you must get a Bull Terrier. This post has highlighted some of those essential aspects.

Pros of Getting a Bull Terrier

If you want a moderate-sized dog with a strong muscle built and a short fur coat, you must get Bull Terrier.

This breed looks clownish and is full of energy. Their never-ending energy makes them a perfect partner for children. Below are some more reasons that state why getting a Bull Terrier makes sense.

Easy Grooming Routine

Since Bull Terrier does not have dense fur, it does not sheds heavily. Also, its short fur coat can be easily groomed by brushing once or twice a week.

Besides brushing, you can bathe your pet once a month or, as the vet suggests, to maintain its hygiene.

Easy to Train

Bull Terrier is one of the few dog breeds that can be easily trained. But make sure that you have started the training of the Bull terrier puppy early because this breed becomes stubborn as it grows old.

This breed can quickly pick up training lessons and master the tricks you are teaching it in no time.

Excellent Guard Dog

Bull Terriers was initially bred to kill vermins. While this breed does not do it anymore, they still have the natural alter instinct, which keeps them active. This instinct further makes them an ideal guard dog.

Bull terrier dog running in grassland

What Is Bull Terrier Personality?

The unique aspect of Bull Terrier is its personality. While this dog breed looks intimidating, it is one of the best dogs that you can have in your house.

That’s because Bull Terriers are kind and have a friendly nature. If given proper training, they can easily develop a bond with other animals and humans.

This dog breed is always in high spirit and makes life enjoyable for its owners. Not to mention, it is loyal and will do anything to protect itself and its owner from danger.

If you are planning to get this dog breed, remember not to leave it alone for a long time. That’s because it can develop separation anxiety and then, it can lead to breaking things and continuous barking.

Bull terrier dog barking in the forest

Physical Appearance of a Bull Terrier

As compared to the original Bull Terrier, this breed has changed a lot. Not just their abdomen has become thin, but their legs have become shorter, the face has become flatter, heads have grown larger.

Despite these changes, the current Bull Terrier possesses the same strength, courage, and energy. They have a muscular structure, which makes them look serious.

On average, a male breed dog weighs up to 55 to 64 lbs with a height of 21 to 22 inches when measured from shoulders to paws. On the other hand, a female breed dog can grow up to 18 to 20 inches with 44 to 53 lbs.

There is nothing to worry about if there is a small change in height or size because certain factors can influence weight and height. But if the weight of your this breed is a lot more or less than normal, you must take it to a vet.

Bull Terrier as a Pet

TemperamentFriendly and alert but stubborn
TrainingShould be given proper training from an early stage to make them disciplined
Separation anxietyModerate
Dog groupTerrier Group
Friendly with other dogsModerate
Preferred temperatureWarm climate
Exercise needsHigh

Common Bull Terrier Health Issues

Being part of the Terrier class, Bull Terriers are considered one of the healthy dog breeds that has a good lifespan. But despite this, they are prone to certain health complications such as:

  • kidney disease
  • heart disease
  • patellar disease
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Related Questions

What It’s Like to Own a Bull Terrier?

This dog breed is courageous and can get quickly attached to its owner. It’s fun-loving and energetic. So, you will feel happy and secured around the dog.

Do Bull Terriers Make a Good Apartment Dog?

In general, this breed are energetic and have their needs. So, if you can provide proper training, make them involve in exercise, and take them on regular walks, they can make a good apartment dog.

Can Bull Terrier Stay at Home Alone All Day?

Bull Terriers can develop separation anxiety. So, it’s important to keep them busy if you want to leave them alone all day.


Bull Terriers are one of the few dog breeds that you will have no issue adjusting to. That’s because this breed is friendly and listens to commands. So, you can get it if you want to live with an energetic furry companion.