Why Does My Yorkshire Terrier Sneeze a Lot

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Yorkshire terriers are sensitive dog breeds that need a lot of supervision and maintenance particularly in their health. Thus, small unusual things like frequent sneezing might be alarming for their owners which leaves them asking: why does my Yorkshire terrier sneeze a lot? Well, here’s the answer for that.

Why Does My Yorkshire Terrier Sneeze a Lot

There are various reasons why your yorkshire terrier sneezes a lot. While some are just plain common attitudes like play sneezing and reverse sneezing, there are also plenty of health related reasons like allergies and foreign substances that might affect your Yorkshire’s sneezing habit.

Graphic image of a Yorkshire Terrier with a text explaining the reason why Yorkies sneeze

It is important to understand what are the possible reasons and instances for Yorkshire terrier’s frequent sneezing. A sudden change of mood, behavioral pattern, and habits mostly suggest health-related problems that should address immediately. With that, it would be helpful for you to be able to distinguish the different factors in dog sneezing.

Common and Safe Reasons of Yorkie’s Frequent Sneezing

There are common and safe reasons for your Yorkshire terriers to sneeze a lot. Sometimes, these attribute to their mood and activeness. Here are the two common and safe reasons why Yorkies sneeze a lot:

  • Play sneezing – Play sneezing occurs when your Yorkshire terrier wants you to understand that his excitement and playful behavior is only a play since they tend to be rambunctious when excited.
  • Reverse sneezing – Reverse sneezing occurs when Yorkshire terriers, and other dog breeds, are getting excited which can almost look similar to honking. However, reverse sneezing can also be because of allergies and irritants in the air. This can easily subside through petting and calming practices.
Close-up shot of Yorkshire terrier nose

Yorkshire terriers can express themselves at a very minimal level which is why sneezes, as mentioned, can also be a form of communication from them. Play and reverse sneezing are examples of how they communicate with using body languages to their owners.

Health-Related Reasons Why Yorkshire Terriers Sneeze a Lot

While Yorkies’ sneezing can be their way of communication, there are plenty of health-related problems that one can stem through excessive sneezing in Yorkshire terriers. Knowing these reasons will allow you to understand what problems they probably have and what kind of treatment they need.

Small Foreign Irritants

Small foreign irritants, like mention in reverse sneezing, are one of the major reasons for Yorkshire terriers to sneeze a lot. Their excessive sneezing is an involuntary effect due to the irritants that have irritated their sensitive nose.

One of the common foreign irritants for Yorkshire terriers include strong perfume, air fresheners, cleaning products and even smoke. They can also get irritated with small foreign objects like grass, sticks, and plants. Therefore, this should be away from them, it’s usually mosquitoes used to live and Yorkies might get heartworm disease.

Cute black Yorkshire Terrier playing on the grass

Nasal-Related Health Problems

Aside from small foreign irritants, frequent sneezing can also be a sign of nasal-related health problems that Yorkshire terriers might have. A lot of health-related problems of Yorkshire terriers around their nasal area usually involves sneezing, irritation, and discomfort. Here are a few of them:

  • Nasal infection – internal respiratory infections can cause excessive sneezing and nasal infection to Yorkshire terriers. This kind of disease usually comes from dental health deterioration that can cause fungal and bacterial infection over time.
  • Nasal mites – Nasal mites characterize as small bugs that came from dirt which infects their nose and causes nasal irritation and sneezing.
  • Allergies – Yorkshire terriers can also suffer from allergies within their environment especially during outdoors. This can detects through watery eyes and frequent scratching aside from sneezing.
  • Nasal tumor – Nasal tumors are most frequent for older Yorkshire terriers and other dog breeds which can also cause bleeding.

Sneezing With Other Related Symptoms

Sneezing with other related symptoms are clearly signs of health-related problems that are crucial for Yorkshire terriers. While there are other factors of their frequent sneezing, such as allergies and irritants that are easier to deal with, frequent sneezing coupled with other symptoms might be dangerous for them.

Yorkshire terriers that sneeze with blood discharge might be a clear sign of nasal tumors and infections that need immediate veterinary care. Sneezing with coughing on the other hand, are signs of flu among Yorkies while sneezing and wheezing are usually connected with lung and respiratory problems that also need medical care.

Ways to Help Alleviate Excessive Sneezing in Yorkshire Terriers

You can help alleviate excessive sneezing in Yorkshire terriers through easy and first-aid medication and care. Excessive sneezing are not only uncomfortable for Yorkies. It can also be extremely painful for them especially if it’s been recurring for a long period of time.

Cute Yorkshire terrier sitting on a couch

For instance, if you happened to observe your Yorkshire terrier sneezing after being exposed in a particular plant. Try to get him out of that plants area and get him to a safe and wide environment. This should be safe from pollutants, irritants, and possible small foreign substances to subside his nasal irritation.

The most safest thing to do for your Yorkshire terrier is to always prepare medicines prescribed by their trusted veterinarians. This can help with symptoms like sneezing and coughing. That way, you will always prepare with whatever unusual happens to your Yorkie’s behavior, health, and habits.

Related Questions

Why Is My Terrier Sneezing So Much?

The most common reasons for dogs, including terriers, to sneeze a lot are nasal foreign bodies. This can cause irritation in their nose as well as nasal-related problems like nasal mites and tumors. Veterinary supervision is necessary for terriers and dogs who suffer from sudden excessive sneezing to immediately address possible problems.

Should I Worry if My Dog Is Sneezing a Lot?

Dogs occasionally sneeze voluntarily when they are happy or excited. These types of sneezing behaviour are play sneezing and reverse sneezing. However, if your dogs are sneezing a lot for a long period of time, it can be an indication of a possible health-related problem  that should be addressed immediately through veterinary supervision.


Yorkshire terriers can voluntarily sneeze when they are happy or excited as a form of communication with their owners. However, Yorkshire terriers that sneeze a lot in a long period of time. This can be an indication of diseases like allergies, nasal infection, nasal mites, and nasal tumors.

Thus, veterinary supervision is advised and give the best care for your Yorkies.