What Does a Brown Bull Terrier Look Like?

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There are many dogs in the world, and each one has a unique appearance and personality. If you’re interested in this topic, you might wonder what a brown bull terrier looks like.

What Does a Brown Bull Terrier Look Like?

A brown Bull Terrier looks like a medium-sized dog with completely brown fur except for its belly, paws, and part of its face. On top of that, they have an egg-shaped head, small pointy ears, and small triangle-shaped eyes. 

Brown Bull Terrier with a brown collar sitting on a couch

The average height of Bull Terriers is 22 inches; however, females can be under 20 inches tall. When it comes to weight, their healthy weight is between 55 and 65 pounds for males and 45 to 45 pounds for females. Also, they have very short and flat hair.

This dog tends to be very energetic, which is why Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise. On top of that, they are prone to be very physical and strong pups. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean they are aggressive; they are just physically stronger than other dogs.

Brown Bull Terrier Characteristics

This breed has a fully brown egg-shaped head with a stripe of white down the middle. The structure of its head comes from its ‘’parents’’, which are the Bulldog and the Terrier. The combination of the wide jaws of the Bulldog and the long snout of the Terrier resulted in the bulky-long face that Bull Terriers have. 

Their next most noticeable characteristics are their triangle-shaped eyes, white paws, and white tummy, which also came from the combination of Bulldogs and Terriers. This became much more pronounced as breeders started to practice selective breeding. 

Then, after hundreds of years, this breed developed those characteristics, which is why now all Bull Terriers look like this. Lastly, these dogs may like hunting smaller prey due to their tendencies. Since most Terriers were bred to be hunting dogs, this breed inherited instincts to hunt rabbits, mice, and other animals.


Although it has not been proven that color influences a dog’s personality, brown Bull Terriers are anecdotally said to be energetic. They are playful and affectionate, which is why they must exercise for at least forty minutes per day. 

Brown Bull Terrier with a brown collar sitting on a green grass

If not, this dog may become anxious and misbehave around the house due to excess energy. Similar to how Pit Bull Terriers can attack, Bull Terriers might attack strangers, as this breed is very loyal and protective when it comes to family members – they will always guard their loved ones. However, since they are medium-sized dogs with a lot of strength, there should be precautions around children.

Regarding other dogs and pets, this breed can be territorial if not trained properly. For instance, if your Bull Terriers were not trained when they were younger, and have never socialized with other dogs, they might have unexpected reactions to them. This is why it is important to expose this breed to strangers and other dogs from a very young age.


This breed is ranked as the 124th most intelligent dog in the world. While they are not very high on the ranking, this doesn’t mean they are dumb dogs. They just need more time when it comes to learning tricks. However, they are very intuitive dogs when it comes to hunting.

When it comes to colors, brown bull terriers do not excel over the rest. Though, their hunting intelligence is very good; their instincts guide them to capture prey and hold them. The only downside is that their legs might be too short for hunting.

Here you can see what a Bull Terrier can do while hunting.

  • Chase, catch, and hold down prey
  • Have a high prey drive
  • Be very determined and not let go of prey 

General Care and Grooming

Once you know how brown Bull Terriers look, you will realize they do not require constant grooming. After all, they have very short and flat hair that only needs to be brushed twice a week.

Brown Bull Terrier with a blue-collar standing in between the trunk of a tree

However, it is important to notice when this breed is shedding. Since they shed twice a year, you need to pay attention and check if their hair is falling too fast. If it is, you will need to brush them daily in order to remove all of the brown hairs that are being shed.

Lastly, remember to always clip their nails. Allowing their nails to grow too long may make it difficult for them to walk and run. Moreover, they may break and become infected.

Related Questions

Here are related questions about brown Bull Terriers.

Is a Bull Terrier the Same as a Pitbull?

No, Bull Terriers are not the same as a Pitbull. However, they come from the same ancestors, the Old English Bulldogs, which were crossed with the Old English Terriers and resulted in Bull Terriers. 

Are Brown Bull Terriers Good Family Dogs?

Yes, the brown Bull Terrier is a very playful, energetic, and loving dog; therefore, they are considered to be a good family pet. However, they might be too physical when it comes to playing, which is why proper precautions are recommended around children.

Can Bull Terriers Be Fully Brown?

No, the brown Bull Terrier has at least one white stripe down its tummy. However, since there are millions of dogs in the world, a fully brown bull terrier may exist.


There are numerous elements and characteristics to discuss when it comes to dogs. Bull Terriers, in this case, are very energetic dogs with distinctive heads, eyes, and personalities.