Why Does My Jack Russell Terrier Have a Stuffy Nose?

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As a Jack Russell owner, witnessing your dog in discomfort is difficult. The same way you find yourself with a congested nose, your furry friend, can find itself with a stuffy nose. You will ask: why my Jack Russell terrier has a stuffy nose?

Why Does My Jack Russell Terrier Have a Stuffy Nose?

Your Jack Russell terrier has a stuffy nose for several reasons, including a bacterial or fungal infection, an allergic reaction from mites, grass, and dust, and the presence of dog parasites such as nasal mites and botflies, and dental problems.

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While you will be able to tell that your dog has a stuffy nose, it is difficult for you to know what is causing it for sure until you visit a dentist. The dentist can point out what is causing the stuffy nose and give solutions to the problem.

Allergic Reaction

One of the reasons your JRT has a stuffy nose is due to an allergic reaction. Your JRT can be allergic to several things, including mold, grass, mite, and dust. If your dog comes in contact with them, it will have an allergic reaction that will cause its nose to become stuffy.

The allergies can lead to an asthma attack, so you must get medical attention fast. However, if your vet is unavailable, they can still guide you on what to do, and your dog will be better. Other signs that you may notice when your dog has an allergic reaction include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Itching

Unless directed by the vet, do not try to medicate your JRT. It could lead to severe consequences.


Bacterial, viral, and fungal infections can cause your furry friend to have a congested nose. The infections can be severe or mild. When the infection is not treated on time or using the proper medication, it can lead to fatal consequences. You have to make sure you seek medical attention for your Jack as soon as you suspect it has an infection.

When infections cause your dog’s nose to be stuffy, it will most likely have a bloody discharge or pus coming out of the nose. Other symptoms you will observe that point to an infection include lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, and difficulty breathing. Depending on what is causing your Jack Russell’s infection, your vet may give it an anti-fungal treatment or antibiotics.

Dog Parasites

The presence of nasal mites and botflies can be indicated by a number of things, one of them being a congested nose. Botflies lay eggs, and when they hatch, they attach themselves to different parts of your JRT’s body, including its nasal passages. The vet can remove them by administering an anti-parasite.

An image of a Jack Russell terrier who has a stuffy nose

The vet will also perform a complete examination of your dog’s eyes and nose to see if the parasites have done any significant damage. You will also be taught how to check for them so you do not find yourself in the same situation.

When you notice your dog has parasites, take him to the vet immediately. If left for too long, the parasites can cause neurological damage.

Foreign Objects

When your dog is going about its day, it may come in contact with small objects that can get into its nasal passage and cause an obstruction. For example, it can inhale grass and get stuck in the nasal passage. It will then start sneezing and pawing at its nose to get it out.

If you can see the object and remove it, ensure your dog is calm before attempting to remove it. Other times, the objects are small, and you will realize that if you try to remove them, you will harm your Jack. Take it to the vet, and in some instances, it may require surgery to remove the object.

Related Questions

Other questions you may have are answered below.

How Do You Get Rid of a Congested Nose in a Jack Russell Terrier?

You can get rid of a congested nose in  JRT in a number of ways.  The solution depends on what is causing the stuffy nose. You can try a home remedy such as using a humidifier. If the stuffy nose persists, go to the vet.

Why Does My JRT Snort Like He Cannot Breathe?

Your JRT is snorting like he cannot breathe for several reasons,  including he may have an allergic reaction, has asthma, or has something inside his nasal passage that is preventing him from breathing properly.


When it comes to your JRT, you want the best for it. This is why you may become worried when it has a stuffy nose. Investigate what could have caused it; this way, you can find a solution suited for the problem. If you are unable to tell what the problem is, take your dog to the vet.