Why Does My English Bull Terrier Tuck His Nose?

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Aside from their extraordinary faces, Bull Terriers have fascinating behaviors that never fail to amuse me — even with their sleeping positions. One thing owners notice when their Bull Terriers sleep is when their dogs try to cover their noses.

If you’re one of them, you might be wondering, why does my English Bull Terrier tuck his nose?

Why Does My English Bull Terrier Tuck His Nose?

A Bull Terrier tucks his nose to keep himself warm. When he tucks his nose, he curls himself up and covers his nose to conserve his body heat. Your dog might also be doing this to secure himself by not exposing his vulnerable part — like his stomach.

Graphic image of an English Bull Terrier with a text that explains the reason why they like tucking their nose

Does a Bull Terrier Get Cold Easily?

A Bull Terrier gets easily cold because of its thin coat. When the temperature drops to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll start to notice that your Bull Terrier starts getting uncomfortable.

By the time the temperature drops further to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to provide additional protection to your dogs, such as a coat or a jacket.

That explains why your Bull Terrier curls up and tucks his nose.

Unlike other breeds, a Bull Terrier doesn’t have a double coat to shield them from the cold temperature brought by the weather. A double coat refers to a double layer of coats in dogs. One is known as the undercoat, which is short and soft.

The upper layer is known as the harsh topcoat characterized by longer coats. Examples of dogs with double coats are Labradors, Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies.

Ideal Temperatures Indoors

Your house is a safe haven for your dog during cold months. So, what is the ideal house temperature for your Bull Terrier? Usually, what’s a comfortable temperature for you goes the same with your dog.

English Bull Terrier

However, not in all cases because your dog might be comfortable at a temperature where you find yourself shivering a bit.

Dog breeds with thin coats like the Bull Terrier find temperatures between 73 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit ideal inside the house. If you’re going out, leave your thermostat temperature not lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide your dog a warm bed with extra blankets to help keep himself warm.

Ensure your Bull Terrier gets comfortable as cold weather might bring adverse effects to his health.

When Does a Bull Terrier Tuck His Nose?

You’ll notice your Bull Terrier tucks his nose when he sleeps. In fact, it’s known as one of its classic sleeping positions. Aside from trying to keep himself warm, your Bull Terrier might find this position comfortable – especially when he’s already used to it.

Tucking his nose while sleeping might be one of his natural sleeping positions.

When your Bull Terrier tucks his nose while sleeping, he might be trying to protect his stomach as it makes him feel vulnerable to attack. Exposing his stomach leaves him unguarded. Also, a Bull Terrier burrows himself in the blanket to make him feel secure.

Are There Negative Reasons Why a Bull Terrier Tucks His Nose?

When your Bull Terrier tucks his nose, it’s not something to be concerned about other than the cold weather. Let your dog continue tucking his nose if he’s more comfortable doing that.

It helps him feel safe and relaxed when sleeping. Allow your Bull Terrier to sleep in his own preferred position to give him a better sleep.

English Bull Terrier tucking his nose before he sleeps

Your dog must get a night of better sleep. Do you want to train your Bull Terrier to learn new tricks fast or learn new commands quickly? Let your dog sleep better.

It sharpens your dog’s memory and makes him a smart dog. Your Bull Terrier will have more energy to exercise and have more time learning if he gets a good night’s sleep.

Do Other Breeds Tuck Their Nose?

Bull Terriers aren’t the only breeds that tuck their nose. Some dogs hide their nose for several reasons such as protecting their nose from other elements, irritation, anxiety, to show submission or to please you.

  • Some dogs hide their nose to shield it from elements such as cold wind. This response to the external environmental factors such as cold wind could be traced back to their ancestors who protected their noses from the cold wind and temperature.
  • Dogs curl up and cover their nose to feel secure. This kind of sleeping position isn’t as vulnerable as others, such as exposing their belly.
  • They might be trying to sleep better by blocking the brightness caused by light. They try to cover their face using their paws that also cover their nose.
  • Other dogs try to hide their face because they feel anxious or stressed. If he still continues doing that, even when you’re not around, your dog might be suffering from anxiety or stress. Make sure to understand the source of his distress and remove it right away.
  • Some dogs hide their face, including their nose to please you. They know when you get amused by a particular action. Since they like to please their owners, expect him to repeat the same action.
  • Other dogs tuck their nose out of habit. They might be more comfortable tucking their nose when they sleep.

Related Questions

Why Do Bull Terriers Have Weird Noses?

The first Bull Terriers used to have proportioned heads. However, extensive selective breeding leads to the noses of my present-day Bull Terriers. In fact, today’s breeders concentrate on the Bull Terriers’ weirdly shaped heads as this physical trait makes them distinct in the canine world.

Do Bull Terriers Have Good Noses?

Bull Terriers have similar noses to other dogs except that the curves from their skull to their nose are different. In terms of smell, Bull Terriers have a very good sense of smell. Generally, dogs have a 10,000 to 100,000 times better sense of smell than humans.


Bull Terriers tuck their nose to regulate their body temperature. They easily get cold because of their thin coat. In fact, other breeds also tuck their nose for several reasons. When you see your Bull Terrier tucking its nose, make sure you provide him with good bedding or safe space so he can sleep well.