Why Do People Give Bull Terrier a Raw Diet?

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You might want to ask why do people give Bull Terrier a raw diet? Is it safe or healthy for them to eat raw food? Let’s talk about the reasons why Bull Terrier eats raw food and what are the benefits that they can get from it and the harm that it can cause.

Why Do People Give Bull Terrier a Raw Diet? 

People tend to believe that dogs, such as Bull Terrier, still have their hunting nature that came from their ancestors. That’s the reason why people give Bull Terrier a raw diet. Raw food contains high amounts of protein and fewer fats that are suitable for dogs. 

Bull Terrier eating the grass

They also believe that feeding them raw food replicates their natural way of living. A Bull Terrier’s digestive system is not made to digest and process too many carbohydrates, which is the main ingredient in dry dog food, such as kibble. 

What Raw Food Can a Bull Terrier Eat?

Though raw foods are way healthier than cooked or processed dog food, there are still raw foods that you shouldn’t give your dog. You must consider if they have allergies or are very prone to bacterial infection. Here is the list of raw food that you can feed your Bull Terrier:

  • Bones
  • Egg
  • Muscle meat that is still on the bone
  • Organ meats such as kidneys and liver
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables such as celery, broccoli, and carrots
  • Some dairy products

Benefits of Raw Diet to Bull Terriers

Most people are convinced that eating raw food has more health benefits for Bull Terriers and a recommended diet for other dogs in general. Below are the advantages of feeding a raw diet to your Bull Terrier.

Improved Gut Health

If your Bull Terrier’s gut is unhealthy, no matter how healthy his food is, it will not be utilized by his body. Poor absorption of nutrients and poor immunity can be the result of an unhealthy gut. This can further result in digestive tract inflammation and bacterial infection.

Your Bull Terriers gut contain lots of bacteria. These bacteria can either be beneficial or harmful. That’s why the balance of good and bad bacteria inside the digestive tract is necessary. Raw food is known to enhance that balance, hence improving the health of your Bull Terrier’s gut.

Processed food contains too many preservatives and artificial flavoring that may cause an upset stomach and even long-term diseases. When there is an imbalance of the bacteria inside their body, it can lead to leakage and they may be prone to some kinds of diseases.

Increased Immunity

A Bull Terrier’s body can detect if something wrong is happening inside their body, whether it is caused by toxins or bacteria. If your Bull Terrier has a healthy gut, that means he has also built a strong immune response. 

Raw meat

Feeding a raw diet to a Bull Terrier can boost its immunity by providing micro-nutrients that its body needs. 

Maintained Weight

Since raw food contains fewer carbohydrates than processed foods, it means that your Bull Terrier needs to process fewer calories, and they can easily maintain their weight. A raw diet contains more protein and necessary fats that your Bull Terrier’s body needs. Fresh vegetables and ground bones contain many vitamins and minerals for their body development.

However, even though raw foods contain lesser fat and carbohydrates, you should still monitor their feeding. Do not give them more than what they need because it can still pose harm and some diseases.

Overall Health

Eating more natural and nutrient-rich food will ensure proper growth and a healthier body for your Bull Terrier overall. If you are feeding raw food to your Bull Terrier, you will notice that it will be more energetic, its fur will look shiny and healthy, it will smell better, and will look better.

Since their diet contains fewer carbohydrates, flatulence will be lessened as well. Bull Terriers can digest raw food easily which results in lesser gas inside their digestive system. Also, their breath will not smell that bad and their teeth will have a free cleaning through the bones that they are enjoying.

Related Questions

Can Bull Terriers Eat Raw Chicken?

It is not highly recommended that Bull Terrier eat raw chicken because it may contain a bacteria called salmonella which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, digestive tract infection, and even death. However, many people are including raw chicken meat and bones in their Bull Terrier’s diet.

Do Bull Terriers Live Longer on a Raw Diet?

It is believed that feeding your Bull Terrier raw food can increase their lifespan by up to three years. However, their pedigree, previous diet, and lifestyle will still affect their lifespan. 


Humans can give a raw diet to their Bull Terrier as long as it is clean enough and very nutritious. People choose a raw diet for their Bull Terrier because of the nutrients and overall health that it can give their dog. A raw diet can both do good and harm to your dog, so you still need to be careful.