Why Do Jack Russells Stare at You?

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When considering owning a dog, it is essential to take the time and effort to learn more about the dog breed. It helps provide the best care needed for your mutt as different dog breeds tend to have different personalities. As a new canine owner, you may be wondering why do Jack Russells stare at you?

Why Do Jack Russells Stare at You?

Jack Russells stare at you to communicate something or try to get your attention. It could be a sign of lack of exercise, hunger, or boredom.

They are well known for their long-lasting loyalty and will develop a special bond with their owner. It is vital to take the time to understand your pet better to reduce the staring.

As an experienced or new canine owner, it is crucial to understand your dog’s staring habits to care for their needs. Neglecting the behavior can lead to unnecessary aggression from your mutt. A strong bond between you and your dog will be extremely helpful in ensuring you are comfortable with each other.

Staring can be a way for your hound to express itself. Here are some of the main reasons why your JRT is staring at you:

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Constant staring from your dog may indicate that it may be time to feed your furry friend. Your pet may be hungry, and staring is their way of communicating that to you. It is crucial to have a fixed feeding schedule for your furry friend.

It is also beneficial to always stick to the feeding schedule. It ensures your doggo has to follow a regular feeding pattern. It is a great way to control your hound’s weight by avoiding overfeeding or underfeeding it. You can also follow up with your vet if you notice it does not have a regular feeding habit.

Lack of Exercise

This breed is well known for its active nature. They are energetic and full of curiosity and enjoy spending time outdoors. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you provide a way to release their energy daily. When they have too much energy, they may end up becoming destructive.

Staring may be a way for them to let you know it is time for the daily exercises. It may be the time to head out for a walk, especially if you have both been indoors for a while. There are various exercises you can engage in including walking, jogging, and playing fetch.


Jack Russells are intelligent with lots of natural curiosity. They love finding out about everything that is going around them. They are eager to learn and can be easily trained in no time.

Therefore, staring may be seen as an eagerness to learn more, especially if you have just started training them. They may be waiting for further instructions from you. If you do not have time to train them, get a professional to do it.

Toilet Break Time

Stares may indicate that your Jack Russell may need to answer the call of nature. You may also have noticed that your hound goes towards the door. It is best always to provide an easy way for your dog to enter and exit the building.

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Hunting for Praises

JRTs and other breeds have a special bond with their owners if treated well. They enjoy receiving regular praises, especially after completing a task. Therefore, they may stare at you for some time in anticipation of your compliments.


Jack Russells are an active and highly energetic breed. They also tend to seek constant attention and love from their owners. It is, therefore, a bad idea to keep them cooped up indoors all day long.

They will lick and stare at you until you give them your affection. There are several activities such as walks and ball games that you can carry out with your furry friend. In addition to keeping both of you satisfied, they will strengthen the bond with your pet.

What To Do if Your Jack Russell Is Staring at You?

Constant stares from your doggo often mean that something is not suitable for your dog. It is their form of expression. Here are a few things to do if your mutt is looking at you a lot:

  • Attention: Give them your attention. It will be extremely helpful in discerning the root cause of the problem.
  • Observation: Watch over your hound to try and find the root cause.
  • Treats: Appreciate your mutt after they complete a task successfully.  It helps build a positive relationship with it. Its favorite treats will do the job.
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Are Jack Russells Staring Because They Are Aggressive?

JRTs do not stare at you because they are aggressive. If the dog is well trained and socialized, they should get along with people and other dogs very well.


Jack Russels will stare at their owners to try and communicate with them. It is an attempt to get their owners’ attention and affection. It will be constructive to take the time to understand your furry friend’s behavior and personality to provide the best care.