Why Do Jack Russells Sleep Under the Covers?

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Like humans, dogs also tend to enjoy the bliss and warmth of being in a comfortable spot underneath the covers. Your dog may do this a lot leading you to wonder if all breeds do this. So, why do Jack Russells sleep under the covers?

Why Do Jack Russells Sleep Under the Covers?

Jack Russells sleep under the covers because it is warm and they feel safe and secure there. It also comes to them as a natural instinct from their wild ancestors. Their ancestors used to burrow to find a warm and secure environment for them, away from predators.

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This does not mean that your furry friend does not feel safe in other parts of the house. It also recognizes your bed as a safe space and you as one of the pack animals who sleep together. This and their natural instincts make under the covers a perfect place for them to sleep in.

Closeness to You

One of the main reasons this dog breed sleeps under your sheets is to get closer to you. They are pack animals, and therefore they enjoy having the familiar touch of a family member when they settle down for the night. It gives the dog a strong sense of warmth and comfort.

Having a family member close by gives the dog some protection and sense of belonging. In case of any emergency, they are confident that you will protect them and they feel you cannot harm them. It is particularly common for young pups to seek comfort by snuggling up to the other puppies, pets or family members.

Natural Instincts

Experts in dog behavior have also reported that the tendency to sleep under the covers results from the dog’s strong instincts. Like their ancestor, dogs stem from wolves, who were often reared and sheltered in caves and dens. The instinct to shelter in small spaces causes your dog to sleep under the covers.

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Dog behavior experts have also stated that some breeds may be inclined to burrow more than others. Depending on the surroundings, it could be an attempt to get under the cold snow and stay warm or find small animals when they are hunting.

Therefore, it should not be alarming for you to find your pet burrowing under your blankets. It is common for this dog breed and can be a way to deal with anxiety or extreme weather conditions. It is important as a pet owner to put safety precautions to ensure your safety and your pet’s.

Safety Measures to Take While Sleeping With a Jack Russell

Although it is quite natural and safe for your pet to sleep under the bedspread, there are a few things it is best to keep in mind at all times. The simple precautions can go a long way in ensuring the safety and general well-being of your pet.

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  • Material: Ensure the duvet’s material is comfortable for your dog. It is best to ensure the material is right for your pet in terms of weight. It should not be too heavy as it can cause discomfort and even suffocation for your beloved pet.
  • Circulation: Ensure your furry friend can easily breathe under the covers. Although asphyxiation is often unlikely, it is important to note that it can become difficult for your dog to breathe after long periods under the blanket.
  • Navigation: Ensure it can easily navigate its way from under the covers. It is important to avoid situations that may cause your pet to become trapped under the blankets, such as tucking the sheets. It can cause it to have stress and anxiety.

Related Questions

The following are other questions you may have regarding Jack Russells and sleeping.

Girl with a curly hair having a cute picture with her dog

Is My JRT Comfortable Sleeping Under the Blankets?

Yes, your JRT  is comfortable when they spend the night under the blankets. They tend to prefer warmth and comfort and seek out small enclosed spaces for the night. You do not have to worry about them experiencing any discomfort.

What Are the Sleeping Habits of Jack Russells?

Senior and puppy JRTs sleep for about 18-20 hours a day. However, adult dogs tend to sleep for approximately 8-14 hours. Their health, surroundings, and exercise influence the length of time they sleep.

Why Does My Jack Not Sleep Under the Comforter?

Your Jack does not sleep under the comforter because he does not like to. Although it comes as a natural instinct to most dogs, some do not experience the urge to sleep under the covers.


Jack Russells are well known for their great personality and charm. They can be friendly and affectionate to members of the family. They prefer to sleep with members of the family at night. They feel safer when closer to family members and enjoy sleeping in a warm and secure place than their owner is in.