What Is a Wheaten Terrier and Yorkie Mix?

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If you love the softness of a Wheaten terrier’s unique wheat-like coat and the Yorkie’s silky hair, you can consider getting their cross. The following guide helps you understand what a Wheaten terrier and Yorkie mix is and how you can train and maintain the dog.

What Is a Wheaten Terrier and Yorkie Mix?

A Wheaten Terrier and Yorkie mix, also known as Wheaten Yorkie, is a mixed breed of purebred Wheaten Terrier and the Yorkie Terrier. An adult Wheaten Yorkie weighs between 7 and 40 pounds with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, approximately 50 to 75 human years.

Wheaten Terrier with short white coating playing in the woods

The Wheaten Yorkie has similar looks to its parents, such as the haired single-coat of the Yorkshire terrier, which requires regular brushing and grooming. Depending on the dominant genes, a Wheaten Yorkie can inherit the following characteristics from its parent.

Size and Weight

The Wheaten Yorkie is an energetic designer dog that is medium in size, weighing around 7 to 40 pounds. It has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, equivalent to 50 to 75 human years.

Coat Type

Wheaten Yorkies have a single coat with medium-length hair well distributed throughout their bodies, just like both parents. Like other dogs with a single coat, it has a longer hair growth cycle before the hair reaches its maximum length.

Like the Yorkie, its coat color comes in different colors and is not wheaten in texture like the Wheaten Terrier parent. Depending on the colors of the Yorkshire terrier parent, the dog can have the following color combinations.

  • Black and tan
  • Blue and tan
  • Black and gold
  • Blue and gold

Exercise Requirements

Wheaten Yorkie is a high-energy dog that needs high-energy foods to boost stamina. These dogs love exploring new environments and smells, which tends to result in anxiety.

Generally, these dogs require intense exercise to release excess energy and enhance their mental health. This helps to reduce anxieties and limit the adventurous characters that might make it get lost.


Wheaten Yorkies are hypoallergenic dogs, just like the Yorkie parents. Generally, hypoallergenic means that the dog’s coat is less likely to cause human allergies. Usually, these dogs have hair instead of fur and won’t shower you with dander and dust.

This makes them great pets, especially for homes with small children or allergic people. However, the dog requires regular grooming, depending on the rate of hair growth.

For instance, poor or inadequate grooming results in matting that might cause discomfort or pain when brushing. Since this is a soft-coated breed, it’s advisable to groom your dog regularly at an interval of 5 to 7 weeks.


Wheaten Yorkies are attentive dogs, just like their parents, which makes it easier to train or give commands. The dog is also intelligent and can rarely forget previous tricks or commands you have taught.

However, the dog does not tolerate monotony, so it is advisable to break the training sessions into small intervals to prevent the dog from getting overwhelmed. In addition, giving your dog reward treats during training can motivate and enhance learning.


Although Wheaten Yorkies are great dogs, they come from the terrier family, known for stubbornness and barking. Depending on the environment and general lifestyle, you can expect your dog to have the following traits.

Close-up Yorkshire terrier with black and brown coatings biting a stick on a grass field


Like many dog breeds, Wheaten Yorkies are not friendly with strangers. However, they respond and socialize with time, and you don’t have to worry if you are adopting a mature dog. Simply give them attention and understand their special needs and personality.

Wheaten Yorkies are friendly towards children, making it a preferable breed for families with small children. Like the Yorkie Terrier, the mixed breed tends to bond with a particular person. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t go well with other family members.


These dogs tend to bark a lot, especially when they want to get attention or alert you when they are bored, frustrated, or anxious. However, if the dog barks excessively, it possibly means it’s sick or in pain.

On the other hand, if you notice that your dog has suddenly stopped barking, it could result from straining its voice after too much barking or suffering from respiratory conditions such as laryngeal paralysis that damages the voice box or the larynx.

Related Questions

How Long Can I Leave My Wheaten Yorkie Alone?

You can leave an adult Wheaten Yorkie alone for around four to eight hours a day. Usually, these dogs are affectionate and want to spend time with their family members. As a result, they can develop separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long.

Can a Wheaten Yorkie See Through the Hair?

A Wheaten Yorkie can see through the hair without vision impairment, even if the hair might seem to overhang the eyes. Generally, the hair offers some protection to the eyes, and it’s not advisable to trim it.


Knowing what a Wheaten Terrier and Yorkie mix is can help you know the personality trait and physical appearance to expect from the mix. Usually, these dogs are hypoallergenic, making them good pets for families with allergic people. However, they are unsuitable in noise-restricted neighborhoods for their high-pitched barking.