Where To Buy English Bull Terrier Puppies?

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English Bull Terriers are the most active, loving, and adorable dogs within the family of the terrier breed. But these dogs tend to be quite challenging at times. In fact, with ideal training or socialization, their challenging personality can fall in line and within your control.

English Bull Terriers are more compatible with active families only. It is because they possess a significant amount of energy, and they also admire human company a lot. Before you look into the options to buy English Bull Terrier puppies, you need to learn to be patient while training and raising them. 

Where To Buy English Bull Terrier Puppies?

You can buy English Bull Terrier puppies from professional and reputed breeders. If not, you can also do noble work by adopting an English Bull Terrier and give a home to the dog. Even though these breeds are popular and purebred, some families choose to abandon them.

It is because they didn’t do their research before bringing the dog home. When you don’t understand the behavioral traits of the dog, you regret getting it later. And that should not be the case! 

English Bull Terrier running in a grassy field

For you, a dog is just a part of your life, but for the dog, you are its entire life! Therefore, it is essential for you to consider every factor before you decide to get an English Bull Terrier home.

This article will give you options on where to buy English Bull Terrier puppies and help you be aware of what research you need to carry out before bringing them in. 

Considerable Factors Before Getting An English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terriers tend to be the best addition to human families. They are supposedly the best canine companions for people who are looking for energetic, happy, and lively dogs. If you are in need of constant company, then English Bull Terriers are your best pick.

But, before heading to buy or adopt a puppy, it is important to get sufficient knowledge about this breed. This will help you to be a good dog owner. 

The important factors include:

  • Training

English Bull Terriers are quite happy and lively dogs. But they are also powerful, a bit aggressive and have a challenging nature. They have a very strong will, and when someone challenges them, they do nothing but respond!

Therefore, it is important for you to train your English Bull Terrier, either at home or at professional training centers.

The rules and regulations that you learn in the training sessions are not just for the dog, but also for the people looking after it. Everyone who wishes to handle your English Bull Terrier should be aware of the rules. 

  • Socialization Can’t Be Avoided

If you get an English Terrier puppy, you need to put up immense efforts to socialize the dog with other animals and humans. And for that, you need to seek positive and reward-based training methods. Start early, as a grown-up English Bull Terrier will find it difficult to socialize.

In the case of adopted adult English Bull Terrier, the previous masters must have taken care of their socialization and training. So, it won’t be a hassle for you to take over!

English Bull Terrier
  • Channelize their Energy with Regular Exercise

Humans need the energy to channelize their efforts to earn bread and butter for home. But it is not the same with dogs! English Bull Terriers or any other breeds with a high amount of energy within them often fail to channelize or utilize it.

As a result, they get disturbed and anxious. Therefore, it is the owners’ responsibility to help their English Bull Terriers channel their energies in the form of exercise. It will ensure overall healthiness for the dog in terms of mental and physical aspects.

Take your bull terrier out for an exercise session, at least one hour every day. A pro tip is to break the exercise session into parts throughout the day instead of completing it all in one go. 

  • Common Health Adversities

English Bull Terriers do suffer from many common health problems. They are purebred dogs, but the health problems won’t leave their side. Some of the common conditions they go through are deafness, lethal acrodermatitis, heart problems, kidney problems, atopy, and luxating patella.

If you wish to know more about the common health conditions English Bull Terriers suffer, then don’t forget to check out this article

Important Facts About This Breed

Apart from these insights, it is also essential for you to keep in mind some of the facts that involve numbers. These facts are very important for a dog owner to know. 

  1. They grow to be of medium size only. The average height for your English Bull Terrier will be no more than 61cm. 
  2. The average weight of your English Bull Terrier will be around 22kg to 31kg. 
  3. This dog breed lives for an average of 10 years. With good health, this breed can live for around 12-13 years. 
  4. English Bull Terrier has a short coat length that reduces the maintenance hassle for this breed! 

Buying Or Adopting The English Bull Terrier Puppies

As of now, it is evident that you have considerable information about the English Bull Terrier puppies. If yes, then now it is time for you to proceed further with the options for your purchase. Here is the list of options available for you to get an English Bull Terrier puppy home:

Reach Out to Professional Breeders

Look out for the professional breeders who are holding up a good reputation for selling purebred dogs. Consult them about the availability of English Bull Terriers and their breed genuineness. Shortlist the breeders, and visit them to check up on the health of parents and puppies.

Pay the price and get your English Bull Terrier home! The breeders will guide you with all the feeding, training, and other associated information for the healthy growth of your puppy. 

English Bull Terrier puppy

Look for One in Adoption Centers or Dog Shelters

Dog shelters and adoption centers are the rescuers for abandoned dogs. In fact, for their constant need for companionship and the owner’s patience, English Bull Terriers usually have to go through the pain of abandonment. And if you have plans of getting a bull terrier, it is better to look for options available in such dog shelters first.

Be the foster parents for a lost dog, as it will help not just one but two lives. The dog you adopt will get a home to stay. And the space at the shelter will be free for another rescued dog to move in. 

Talk to Friends & Relatives Who are English Bull Terrier Owners

You can reach out to your friends or relatives who own English Bull Terriers. If they decide to mate their dogs and have puppies, you can get one from them directly! But the condition is that you should verify whether they mate their English Bull Terriers with the same breed or not.

Getting a purebred is a better choice to ensure that you take their care with utmost health concerns. Your friends or relatives might give you one for free. And even if they charge, it will be definitely less than that of the breeder. 

Related Questions

How Much Is The Cost of An English Bull Terrier If Purchased From A Breeder?

The average cost of an English Bull Terrier is around $1200 to $2000. These dogs are available in brown, black, tricolor, brindle, and white. The litter size for English Bull Terriers is around 1 to 9 puppies, and the average size is 5. 

What Is The Reason Behind The Expensive Cost Of An English Bull Terrier?

The major reason for these dogs being costly lies with their breeding & ownership regulations. Also, they are somehow treated as dangerous dogs in most cities or countries. Therefore, these regulations imposed upon this breed make it an English Bull Terrier expensive dog!

In fact, in some countries, you need to fulfil some criteria and paper works, which will add to the final pricing. To know more, refer to this page that describes the cost factors in detail. 


You have your options ready and the answer to your question clear in the head! Also, you can definitely dig deeper and get even more information about these dogs before you can head out to bring them in. But the information within this article is sufficient to help you be a good owner of an English Bull Terrier.

So, go ahead and bring a little puppy home and fill your house space with an energetic member.