Where to Buy a Bull Terrier?  

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Before you go ahead and plan out on buying a bull terrier, it is essential for you to learn about its characteristics. Bull Terrier was initially a fighting dog but later became a companion for gentlemen. But as of today, bull terriers are family dogs and are also fit for dog shows.

This dog breed can be identified with its egg-shaped and long head. Also, these are purebred dogs. Now, let’s check out where you can buy one.

Where to Buy a Bull Terrier?  

You can head out to a breeder shop or a dog shelter to either buy or adopt your bull terrier. A Bull Terrier is a loving dog and not a fighter! This dog is affectionate to children and all other family members. Furthermore, these dogs also need a lot of love and attention.

So, whether you get a puppy terrier or an adult terrier, the amount of love and affection you get will be the same! So, lookup for the options!

A Bull Terrier with a chew toy in its mouth

If you have concerns about where to buy a Bull Terrier, you should shortlist the names of breeders around you. Along with that, take note of any dog care shelters around your locality. But, before you finalize buying or adopting a bull terrier from any breeder or care shelter, it is important for you to consider certain important aspects. And this article will help you with complete information so that you can buy a bull terrier from the right place!

Things to Remember While Buying Bull Terrier Puppies

Bull Terriers are puppies for whom you need to be prepared before taking them in. You need to have some information about this breed and adopt the preparation measures. Consult your breeder to bring the puppy or a grown bull terrier to meet up at a park. In this way, you will be learning about your puppy a little better!

Bull terriers are not at all shy or frightened of anything around them! They love to explore things and demand exercise and entertainment. In fact, the best part is that these puppies will be asleep for a very long time during their initial months. Remember to take in a bull terrier puppy only if they are at least eight weeks old. You should not accept any puppy younger than that age.

They will leave behind their canine family and join yours! So, you need to put in a lot of attention and love to compensate for it. You need to be the dog’s teacher to prepare them to mature and become well-behaved members of the new family. Also, it would be best if you took control over socializing the puppy in its early days. It is because it might be very difficult to socialize the dogs when they grow up.

You must find time to take the dog to parks, where your puppy’s environment is good for socializing. These attempts will be the first for letting your dog socialize with other animals and humans. Moreover, you can also prefer to take your puppy to classes to start obedience training for your puppy.

Apart from that, here are some of the other important things that you should keep in mind before you own a bull terrier puppy:

  1. Bull terrier shares the characteristics of bulldogs as well as terrier dogs. Therefore, you might find these dogs stubborn, courageous, and having an independent streak. They are loving, affectionate, and strong as well! They are the perfect cuddle bags, as well as the protectors of your family.
  • A Bull terrier is an expensive breed, not just for buying but also for maintaining. If you are willing to buy a Bull terrier from a professional breeder, you will have to pay a lot. And if you are looking for a show-dog specimen, then the cost would eventually rise. Most people prefer to look for a bull terrier in local shelters and decide to get the dog for free!
  • Bull terriers do have a deafness condition that is prevalent for years. According to recent surveys, around 18% of all white bull terriers lack their perfect hearing potential. Earlier, the researchers had beliefs that only white bull terriers have this condition. But now, the colored bull terriers are also sharing the same condition.
    The ratio of deafness for the colored breed is less in comparison to white bull terriers. If you wish to learn about how to care for your bull terrier with a deafness problem, then don’t forget to go through this article!
  • This dog breed is not susceptible to cold temperatures. Therefore, if you are living in a cold region, then prefer bull terrier to be an inside dog. You need to look after their weakness during cold weather.
  • Apart from the playful nature of bull terriers, they are also aggressive at times! Therefore, training and socializing are important for your bull terrier, educating and guiding them, when to stop, and taming the anger!
A Bull Terrier with black and white coat

Difference Between Buying from Professional Breeders and Adopting From Dog Shelters

Professional Dog Breeder

Dog breeders are easy-way to look for any type of dog. But the point is whether they are genuine in their approaches to breeding the dogs. You can do your research to know about the breeder’s genuineness and then shortlist the names that you think can be trusted. Visit them, question them and check the puppies and ask to meet their parents. Hence, it will help you decide if you should buy from that particular breeder or not.

Pros of Buying a Bull Terrier Puppy from a Breeder

  1. You get the chance to see or meet the parents of your bull terrier puppy. With it, you will get a good idea of how your puppy will look like when they become an adult.
  2. There is a high chance that the breeder must have already socialized your puppy in the first couple of months.
  3. You can consult the breeders, whether they offer genetic health testing for the puppy.
  4. If you are planning to groom your bull terrier puppy for dog shows, then breeders can help you with the complete care plan for the puppy.

Cons of Buying a Bull Terrier Puppy from a Breeder

  1. Breeders charge a very hefty amount for their bull terrier puppies. The average price for an English bull terrier from a reputable breeder is around $500 to $2000. But, depending upon the quality of breed, the cost can go up to even $4500. The pricing depends upon the age, sex, pedigree, quality, and location of the breeder.
  2. Finding the right professional breeder, who is concerned about a dog’s health over monetary and business benefits, is difficult.

Dog Care Shelters

Pros of Adopting a Bull Terrier from Shelter

  1. You are saving not just one but two lives! You will be giving a home to the bull terrier that you just adopted. And, you will also save the life of the next dog who will fill that space in the shelter!
  2. Most of the adult bull terriers, who end up in the shelter, have their vaccinations up-to-date.
  3. Adopting bull terriers from a shelter is free. But you have to pay the shelter charges of around $150 only, which intends to help the authorities of the shelter offer care for all the other dogs.
  4. Most of the bull terriers come to shelter from a family. Therefore, they are already potty-trained by their previous masters.
  5. Buying an adult bull terrier will give you a brief idea about the size and temperament. If you intend to know more about their temperament or size, you can refer to this page!

Cons of Adopting a Bull Terrier from Shelter

  1. The shelter is often home for dogs who have gone through some traumatic situations. There is a chance that your bull terrier might have gone through a different phase that may defy its natural personality. You will need to put in extra patience to help those puppies.
  2. You cannot judge whether the bull terrier you are seeing is purebred or not. But, when you are at the shelter, this should not be a matter of concern. As per research, mix-breed bull terriers can also be intelligent and beautiful, just like the purebreds. It is just a matter of love!

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Is Bull Terrier A Good Dog For The House?

A Bull terrier is a good and happy dog for a house if they undergo training and socialization. In fact, it is the area where you need to put in your efforts to make the dog blend with your family.

Do The Bull Terriers Love To Cuddle?

Bull terriers can be the cuddle bears if you want them to! They love to be as close as possible with their family members. And you need to decide what is allowed for your pup and what is not!


So now, you are aware of where to buy the bull terriers and have the right idea of what to keep in mind while buying or adopting them. Keep in mind that bringing a puppy is like adding a new member to your family. So, once you purchase or adopt one, you cannot think of abandoning them for any possible reasons. Therefore, it is better to do your research before you decide about bringing the dog home!