Where Is the Best Jack Russell Terrier Rescue?

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If looking for a loyal and affectionate companion dog, Jack Russell Terriers are one of the best breeds. However, you might not have the money to buy from a breeder and wonder where you can get the best rescue facility. So, where is the best Jack Russell Terrier rescue?

Where Is the Best Jack Russell Terrier Rescue?

You can find the best Jack Russell Terrier rescue by checking on pet search services and reviewing the referral pages, such as the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA).

You can also contact your veterinarians, as they might be familiar with reputable rescue centers in your region. 

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Consider only the rescue centers that are transparent enough to allow you to tour the place and see the pups and their parents. Remember that Jack Russell rescue facilities are formed by volunteers willing to take the abandoned, displaced, or unwanted dogs into permanent homes.

That means there is no quality standardization, and you will need to do your research to know where the rescue centers are and which one is the best. Regardless of your region, you can use the following ways to know the rescue centers near you. 

  • Search online: The most straightforward way to find a JRT rescue near your area is to search on Google and then review referral pages of reputable websites such as the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA)
  • Ask your veterinarian: In most cases, veterinarians have broader networks and might know the reputable JRT rescue centers near you. You can also find veterinarians who work as medical advisors and can help you choose the best JRT rescue.
  • Talk to your neighbor: If you know your neighbor adopted the JRT from a rescue, try to interact with the dog and evaluate if the dog has any behavioral issues or underlying health conditions. If everything seems okay, go ahead and enquire about the rescue facility.

How to Choose the Best Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

After knowing the JRT rescue facilities near you, you need to evaluate them and determine the best one. Regardless of your experience level, the following tips can help you determine whether you are dealing with a good JRT rescue.

Evaluate the Records

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Since dog rescue centers host rescued dogs, they might not have documents showing the ancestral history of the dog or hereditary health conditions. However, a good rescue facility should have papers that show medical tests conducted on the dog after adoption. 

Usually, a good rescue facility will have a qualified vet conduct medical tests on the dogs upon adoption. There should also be corresponding vaccination records from the date of adoption, depending on the dog’s age. 

Tour the Area

Regardless of how reputable the rescue facility is on online referral pages or how the vet has endorsed it, it is advisable to tour the place and affirm the claims. The facility’s physical appearance should tell you whether the rescue is good or not.

For instance, you don’t want to adopt your JRT from a rescue facility where the puppies are confined in cages or crowded in kennels full of feces. You should also pay attention to how the puppies socialize with their parents and people visiting the facility.

The dogs should be comfortable around people without signs of stress or destructive behaviors. Since JRTs are energetic dogs, good rescue facilities should have spacious exercise areas where the dogs can play and expend their excess energy. 

Evaluate the Rehoming Policy 

The terms and conditions of the rescue group on rehoming or returning the dog should tell you whether the rescue group is good or not. Evaluate the rehoming policy and see what the rescue group advises you to do if you can’t keep the dog. 

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In most cases, a good rescue will advise you to return the dog if you can’t keep it. Some might even have refund terms if you would like to return the dog within a stipulated time. 

However, it should be a red flag if the rescue group is unwilling to take the dog back or they become upset when you ask such questions. It could be because the rescue group knows the dog has underlying health or behavioral issues that you won’t cope with. 

Related Questions

Do the Best Jack Russell Terrier Rescues Have Pedigree Documents?

Even the best JRT rescue groups might not have pedigree documents. Typically, it is because the rescue groups adopt lost, abandoned, or displaced dogs and don’t have a way of knowing the ancestral history of the dog.

What Is the Average Cost of a Jack Russell Terrier From a Rescue Facility?

On average, the price of adopting a JRT from a good rescue facility ranges from $300 to $800. However, the actual cost depends on the health condition, age, and whether the dog is purebred or not.  

Final Thoughts

You can find JRT rescue facilities near your area by checking online referral pages and asking your veterinarian or neighbors. However, you need to physically tour the facility and evaluate the overall appearance of the facility and the dogs to ensure the rescue group meets your expectations.