Where Can I Find Breeders for a Yorkshire Terrier?

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Although you can adopt an adult Yorkshire Terrier from animal shelters, it’s advisable to buy a Yorkie puppy from breeders as you will access the dog’s pedigree. Breeders are especially important if you’re looking for a purebred Yorkie. So, where can I find breeders for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Where Can I Find Breeders for a Yorkshire Terrier?

You can find Yorkshire Terrier breeders on online breed clubs or at local dog shows. Consider reviewing the American Kennel Club (AKC) Breeder Referral page. Look for a breeder who will allow you to tour the areas where the parents and their pups spend their time. 

Finding a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder should be your top priority, especially if you’re looking for a specific ancestral history in size, allergies, yard preference, and temperament. Even if you are unfamiliar with dog breeders, the following tips will help you find a reputable breeder:

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  • Try to observe the personal traits, size, and health condition of your neighbor’s Yorkie. If everything seems okay, proceed and ask them where they got the Yorkie from 
  • If you have a personal veterinarian for your pets, you can inquire about the best Yorkie breeders in your area.  
  • Consider visiting the local dog shows. In most cases, dog owners will discuss the best breeders, and there will be lots of word-of-mouth references. 
  • Review the breeder referral pages from reputable websites such as the American Kennel Club if you are in America and the Canada Kennel Club if you’re in Canada 

Regardless of how you find the potential breeders, you will be engaging them for the first time. Use the following tips to evaluate and ensure the breeder is good enough.

Tour the Area 

A good breeder will allow you to visit the area where the Yorkie parents and their puppies are spending their time. Usually, this is the most important aspect when finding a good breeder, as you’ll be able to evaluate the overall look of the kennel and how the Yorkie puppies are interacting with their parents.

The place should have spacious exercise areas with clean, odorless kennels. Typically, you don’t want to get a puppy that has been confined in a cage as it might not be active and playful enough. You also don’t want to get a puppy from a crowded kennel full of feces and urine. 

The puppies should be playful, energetic, and clean. Pay attention to the sociability and the friendliness of both the parents and the puppies. A good breeder will have socialized the parents and puppies to be comfortable and friendly around people.  

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Ask for Pedigree Documents

If you are looking for a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, buying the puppy from a breeder who can provide the pedigree documents is advisable. The pedigree documents work like the puppy’s birth certificate, showing the ancestry and family tree. 

Ask For Veterinarian Papers 

A good breeder should be fully established and have a close working relationship with a registered and respected veterinarian who helps to examine the parents and their puppies. 

The breeder should provide you with documents showing how the pup’s parents and grandparents were screened for ancestral and genetic breed issues such as heart conditions, eye problems, and dysplasia.  

Since you’ll be buying puppies around eight weeks old, you should get vet documents showing the parasite prevention treatments and vaccinations. A good breeder should be ready to give you these documents for cross-examination with your vet.  

Evaluate the Expertise of the Breeder

A good breeder should demonstrate knowledge and be able to answer all questions regarding purebred Yorkies. The breeder should be able to explain in detail what you should expect on inherited health conditions, exercise requirements, special needs, temperament, and future sizes

Evaluate the Breeders Terms and Conditions 

When looking for a breeder, remember to consider their terms and conditions as it can save you from possible legal issues in the future. If you feel you are not comfortable with the conditions, you can find another breeder. Some of the possible terms and conditions include:

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  • A requirement to desex the Yorkie, so you don’t end up using it for breeding
  • Requirements to return the Yorkies to the breeder in case you want to give them up
  • The breeder reserves the right to breed or show the Yorkies after they are grown
  • The conditions of returning the puppy and getting a refund if there is a problem with the puppy within a stipulated time

Related Questions

At What Age Should I Get a Yorkie Puppy From a Breeder?

In the United States, you are allowed to buy a puppy from a breeder if it is at least eight weeks old. However, no stipulated maximum age prevents you from buying a Yorkie from a breeder. 

What Makes Yorkies From Breeders Expensive?

Yorkies from breeders are expensive due to the costly investment in health tests to make sure there are no genetic issues and inbreeding. There are also costly expenses on vaccinations, registration, and microchips.

Final Thoughts

Whether you get a Yorkie breeder from references, online clubs, or dog shows, it is advisable to evaluate the breeder to ensure they meet your expectations. Tour the place, ask for documentation, and try to gauge the credibility and knowledge of the breeder.