Where Can I Buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy?

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Staffordshire bull terriers are very much loving, and they demand to be with their owners at all times. In fact, Staffordshire bull terriers are more like the ‘status dogs .’ People do not prefer to see this breed as family dogs.

Staffordshire bull terriers are left out in shelters in most cases, as the owners focus on this breed’s reputation rather than loving them. But if you intend to buy Staffordshire bull terrier, then you must know all about them!

Where Can I Buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy?

Staffordshire bull terrier puppies are found with the breeders for sure. But due to their status symbol, most dogs of this breed end up in shelter homes. Blue Cross is an NGO for animals that takes in around 400 abandoned or unwanted Staffordshire bull terriers every year in the UK. And if you intend to get one, it is better to look for these dogs in dog shelters. You will probably find one for your family!

But before you get one Staffordshire bull terrier, it is better to know about their characteristics and personalities. As per the surveys in the UK, around 3 quarters of people are not ready to prefer this breed as their family dog.

There might be a reason behind a bad reputation for this dog, and this article will help you explain it in detail. In addition to that, this article will also answer your question, “where can I buy a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy?”

A black Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy on a leather couch

Reasons Behind Bad Reputation of Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Around 80% of the dog owners in the UK conveyed that the bad reputation for this dog breed is not the fault of these dogs but the irresponsible owners. There were certain biting incidents associated with this dog breed. And that awakened the overreacting Government to impose laws upon the Staffordshire bull terriers. The bite incidents created a notion that this dog breed can kill someone, but it is all because of the irresponsible owners. 

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very powerful and agile. These terriers need ideal training to be in control and be your loyal companion. In fact, lack of training, socializing, and obedience activities will create problems for the owners. 

A fierce debate took place, where many people did put up a reputation for Staffordshire bull terriers as vicious and aggressive. People put up arguments to add this dog’s name onto the list of ‘Dangerous Dogs.’ All of the negative accusations were imposed upon this breed, but certain intervening arguments highlighted the affectionate and loyal nature of this breed. 

People prefer to use these dogs to guard homes in big cities. But this should not be their only purpose of existence. Another reason these dogs receive a bad reputation is that this breed belongs to the ‘chav culture.’ Chav culture is a community of bad and aggressive people.
And people point out that Staffordshire bull terriers belong to that culture. Hence, the reputation for this dog took a blow, and people are now either abandoning these dogs or are refusing to take them in. 

True Nature of Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffordshire bull terriers are impulsive and energetic. It means they will force you to run around the park if you just intend to walk out there! Therefore, they are in demand for rigorous exercises every day. It is to ensure that they have enough exposure to utilize their energy.
Moreover, it is also important to maintain the muscle tone that is hereditary and genetic for this breed. Staffordshire bull terriers want to be near their owner at all times. 

With proper socialization, the dog can be pretty friendly with everyone they meet. Along with that, the terrier will also be a good watchdog for your house. This dog breed has the sense of fighting when they are challenged! Many people have put up efforts to train these bull terrier dogs in order to make them compatible and friendly with other cats and dogs in the same house. 

But, it is not just essential to train your Staffy but also to evaluate the characteristics of other pets in your house. For instance, if you already have one dominant dog in your house, do not go for Staffordshire. In fact, when you are bringing Staffy to your home, you agree to take on the responsibilities that come with it. Therefore, you need to supervise the presence of Staffordshire with other dogs in or around the house. 

Staffordshire is at times headstrong and stubborn about what they desire. The teaching sessions for Staffordshire should include obedience and confident leadership training. Let the dog keep its powerful jaws busy, with some hard chewing toys, without which the furniture will be its victim.

Athletic Staffordshire bull terrier can jump over a 6-foot fence. And if the fence is too big for the dog to cross, it will dig its way out. Staffordshire bull terriers possess a smooth and short coat that lays close to the skin. They are usually of fawn, blue, brindle, black, white, and red colors. Also, these dogs grow to a maximum height of around 14 to 16 inches, and their maximum weight is about 24 to 38 pounds.  

Staffordshire bull terriers are aggressive but stable and confident. Therefore, they demand control and supervision from the owner’s end. People who can match the intelligence level of this breed can happily bring in a Staffordshire bull terrier home. But people who are unaware of its personality traits and are going only with the bad reputation should not even think of getting it! 

Buying or Adopting the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

You can definitely go ahead and buy a Staffordshire bull terrier dog from professional breeders. The cost of Staffordshire puppies ranges from $1500 to $2500. In the USA, the average cost for these puppies is $2000. The price varies depending upon the:

  • Location of the dog
  • Bloodline
  • Age
  • Color, and etc.

Apart from that, the breeder reputation adds up a little cost to the final amount! Go through this page if you intend to know more about their pricing, temperament, life span, and other information! 

As per the previous sections of this article, you might be clear about the bad reputation of this breed. Hence, it is one of the prominent reasons for which people are leaving their Staffordshire bull terriers at dog shelters. Meeting the requirement of these dogs is not easy for most of the owners, and they blame the dog for it! In the process, a dog’s life becomes difficult!
Staffordshire love to be around their owners and are very loyal! Therefore, rehoming them might be quite difficult after adoption. But, with patience and proper consultation, it is possible! 

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup on a dog bed

Also, it is advisable for you to adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier, from nearby dog shelters, instead of buying. Visit the shelter, meet the Staffy you would like to take home, interact and make friends with them. They will respond well to your love and affection. And then, you can complete the adoption formalities to take your Staffy home. 

During the lockdown in 2020, around 815 animal abandonments were reported to the RSPCA cruelty hotline in the UK. This figure of abandonments was in between the March-May months in 2020. In fact, 15% of all abandonments were related to this breed. Out of which 125 were Staffordshire bull terriers! To know about other abandonments of animals in that period, you can check out this survey page

Related Questions

Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers Easy to Train?

Yes, Staffordshire bull terriers are easy to train. They are powerful, have muscular bodies, and are pretty much attentive to their master’s commands. Therefore, training them is convenient for owners or professionals. This page describes three crucial training tips for people to implement over Staffordshire bull terriers.

Can I Leave My Staffordshire Bull Terriers Alone During the Daytime?

You can consider leaving them alone at the house for a couple of hours. But you should train them for that as well. Also, it would help if you created a den for them, with their toys and essentials, to keep them busy for the next two hours. But if you are out for a long time, it is better to leave someone at your home to pet your dog. Make sure the dog recognizes that person as a family member; else, it will create trouble for the said person.


Now that you are well aware of the nature and temperament of this breed, you need to consider them all and decide on whether to buy one or not. It is because there should not be a sense of regret and abandonment after you bring a new member home. And once you get one, then give them proper training to socialize and be your best pet!