Where Can I Go to Buy a Crate for a Bull Terrier?

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Are you planning to give your Bull Terrier a space of its own? Perhaps, you are already planning to buy a crate and searching where to find the right one. So, where can you buy a crate for your Bull Terrier? What is the proper size of the crate to fit them?

Where to Buy a Crate for a Bull Terrier? 

Before buying a crate for your Bull Terrier, you should know what size is the best for it. The crate should not be too small nor too big for your dog. Since Bull Terrier can grow up to 22 inches tall, the proper size of the crate should be at least 36 inches big.

One of the best crates that you can buy is the Folding Metal Dog Crate which is available in different sizes and in single or double doors. This crate is enough for your Bull Terrier to sit, stand, lie down, and even turn around. Since this crate is foldable, you can easily keep it when not in use.

This metal crate is highly durable. You can also see your Bull Terrier easily as well. This folding metal dog crate allows air to circulate easily giving your Bull Terrier a comfortable feel. It has a plastic pan at the bottom to prevent water or your dog’s pee from spreading easily.

What Types of Crate is Good for My Bull Terrier?

There are several types of crates for your Bull Terrier that you can choose from. Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the crates that you can buy for your Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier sitting on the chair

High-Grade Metal Dog Crates

Bull Terriers are known to be highly energetic, strong, and active dogs. If your Bull Terrier is a very strong one, a high-grade metal crate should be your choice. It will be hard for your Bull Terrier to chew on, and even destroy this type of crate.

Since high-grade metal crates are a little heavier compared to wire crates or plastic crates, your Bull Terrier will not be able to move them easily. Though high-grade metal crates are pricey and not fashion-forward, it is known to be durable and can also be used for long travels.

Metal Wire Dog Crates

One of the most famous types and widely used dog crates is the metal wire. It can have a single or double door for you and your dog’s convenience. It is very well-ventilated and your Bull Terrier can be seen easily because it has no other covers.

This type of crate is highly suitable for your Bull Terrier, especially during hot weather. If you want to make it suitable for cold weather, too, you can put some blankets or beddings to make your Bull Terrier comfortable. This type of crate is also foldable, easy to bring, and can be used as a divider.

You can increase or decrease the dog space inside the crate by adjusting the hinges. It can pose some danger to your Bull Terrier if it’s not locked properly. Make sure to secure the locks of this crate.

Plastic Dog Crates

If you are looking for a crate that you can bring when you’re traveling, one of the best choices is the plastic dog crate. Because it is secured and lightweight, you can easily carry it in your car or in air transport. Most parts of this crate are covered so there will be less distraction for your Bull Terrier.

It offers a more cozy environment when the weather is cold. Plastic dog crates for Bull Terriers are also known to have more secure locks. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Plastic crates are also durable and waterproof.

Soft Dog Crates

If you are just planning to have a crate for an outing or camping together with your Bull Terrier, a soft crate can be your option. Aside from being easy to bring, it is also easy to assemble and your Bull Terrier will feel relaxed just like you in your tent.

Bull Terrier

How Can I Select the Best Crate for My Bull Terrier?

Now that you have an idea about the different kinds of dog crates and where to use them, you also need to know how to choose the best crate for your Bull Terrier. It should not feel like a jail to him. Your Bull Terrier’s crate should be its safe haven and should make it feel relaxed.

Here are some important things to remember when selecting a crate for your Bull Terrier:

  • A Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog. You shouldn’t let him fit in a small cage.
  • Your Bull Terrier should be able to stand up, sit, lie down, and turn around in the crate to make sure that he’s comfortable.
  • The crate should provide room to grow, especially if your Bull Terrier is still a puppy. They can grow really fast so it is suggested that you start with a bigger size so that you don’t need to buy a new one immediately.
  • Avoid crates that are too big for your Bull Terrier. Though it may seem nice because they have an area to play, larger crates can cause accidents and unnecessary behavior. 
  • If you are beginning to crate-train your Bull Terrier, it is important that you choose the most comfortable crate.
  • Make sure that you can add some blankets or beddings inside your Bull Terrier’s crate if he’s going to use it for sleeping.
  • A crate should not be associated with punishment. If you want to create a positive reinforcement between the crate and your Bull Terrier, make sure that you also treat the crate as their home.


Buying a crate for a Bull Terrier can be fun and challenging. You can see lots of different choices but you have to make sure that the crate that you’re going to buy will give comfort and safety for your Bull Terrier. Once you have the crate, make sure that it feels like home to your Bull Terrier.