When Are Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Weaned

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Although the instincts in Yorkshire Terrier mothers make them naturally nurse and take care of their young ones, you will want to lessen this burden when the puppies reach a certain age. So, when are Yorkshire Terrier puppies weaned?

When Are Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Weaned?

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are weaned when they are 8-9 weeks old. The weaning process is gradual and takes place over 3-4 weeks, so Yorkies typically begin weaning at 4-5 weeks old. However, this period might be longer for orphan Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

Black and brown Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Since weaning is transitioning the puppies’ food from nursing milk to puppy food, there is no exact time to start the weaning. In most cases, you will want to wean the Yorkshire Terrier puppies when you notice their mother is getting thin or the milk supply is reducing.

You can also start weaning your Yorkshire Terrier puppies when you notice the first signs of teething, mostly occurring around four weeks of age. The weaning process should be gradual, and you should consider doing it over several weeks using the tips below.

  • Since you want to reduce the dependence of the Yorkshire Terrier puppies on the mother, start by separating them from the mother several hours a day
  • Try to introduce some puppy food
  • Considering that the puppies have no prior solid food eating experience, there are higher chances that they will get messy or not eat to satisfaction. Bring their mother back so she can nurse, lick and clean them
  • In case they are orphans, take a soft washcloth, dip it in warm water and clean them

What to Feed Weaning Yorkshire Terrier Puppies During Weaning

The milk from the puppies’ mother contains essential immune properties, enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutritional components that are easy to absorb. That means the mother’s milk is a complete diet that can keep the puppies healthy.

To avoid compromising their nutritional health, you need to understand the amount and type of food you are giving your weaning Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Usually, the puppy food should include the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Water
  • Minerals
A black and brown colored Yorkshire Terrier

Since the Yorkshire Terrier puppies will be unfamiliar with the new diet, it is advisable to mix the puppy gruel with some probiotic supplements to help prevent diarrhea or digestive problems during the transitional period. You can also consult your vet on the best nutritional supplements and vitamins.

How to Feed Weaning Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Once you have decided on the best puppy food for your weaning Yorkshire Terrier puppies, feed them using these tips:

  • Place the milk replacer in a flat pan. Dip the nose of the puppy into the formula or use your finger to wet the puppy’s mouth and nose with the formula
  • Repeat this procedure around three times a day until the puppies start drinking the formula independently. In most cases, this will be after four days
  • Once the puppies have started drinking the formula on their own, start offering them canned puppy food or puppy biscuits crumbled and mixed with the formula. Usually, the puppy will ingest some solid food as it tries to lap the formula
  • Once you notice the puppies are comfortably lapping the mixture, start decreasing the formula until the puppy food has little or no fluid added. At this time, the Yorkshire Terrier puppies will be around six weeks old
  • It is advisable to keep dry puppy food around so that the puppies can try eating it throughout the day
  • If the puppies are eating to satisfaction on their own, start increasing the separation time
  • After some time, take away the mother for several days. This separation will help the Yorkshire Terrier puppies develop independence and self-confidence.

How to Care for the Yorkshire Terrier Mother During the Weaning Period

Since the mother will have been nursing, you will need to monitor the mother during the separation to ensure the glands are drying up and shrinking. Usually, full breasts are painful and can lead to health complications such as mastitis.

For heavy milking Yorkshire Terrier mothers, it is advisable to deny them food for at least 24 hours before separation. If you notice the mammary glands are not shrinking after several days of separation, it’s advisable to start giving the mother low-calorie food.

A happy Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Typically, this helps to reduce milk production. The milk production should stop after some time. However, if you notice the mother is not drying up well and the glands are not shrinking, it is advisable to consult the vet for a checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Happen if I Wean My Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Too Early?

Yorkshire Terrier puppies weaned too early might develop behavioral issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, and over sensitivity. Premature separation can also make the puppies prone to diseases and infections.

How Much Water Should I Give a Weaning Yorkshire Terrier Puppy?

A weaning Yorkshire Terrier puppy requires one to one and a half cups of water every couple of hours. However, keep an eye to ensure it doesn’t drink too much.

Final Thoughts

You can start weaning your Yorkshire Terrier puppies when they start teething or when you notice their mother is losing weight. Ensure the weaning process is gradual enough to prevent the Yorkshire Terrier puppies developing behavioral issues such as aggression and separation anxiety.