When to Neuter a Jack Russell Terrier?

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While a lot of information is available on the benefits and risks associated with neutering your dog, that is not the case with when to do it. There is a lot of conflicting information on when to get the procedure done. So, how do you know when to neuter a Jack Russell terrier?

When to Neuter a Jack Russell Terrier?

The appropriate time to neuter a Jack Russell terrier is when he reaches six months. The procedure should be done before it experiences its first heat. If your dog shows signs of heat earlier than six months, your vet may advise you to get the procedure done earlier.

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JRTs are small dogs which is why they should get neutered early. Large dogs tend to get neutered when they are a little older. Neutering your Jack at the correct time will have a positive impact on its health and its behavior. Doing it early or later puts your dog at the risk of developing behavioral issues

What You Should Know About Neutering

You may be a first-time dog owner with little to no knowledge of neutering. All you know is that your vet is recommending it, or you know a few owners who have neutered their dogs. The following is information that will come in handy during the neutering process.


Neutering is a surgical procedure involving the removal of testicles leading to sterilization. Although it may seem like a common procedure the owner makes regarding their dog, it is important to make the decision with your vet.

Your JRT will be examined to know whether its testicles have descended or not, as they require different procedures. If they have descended, the incision is made in front of the scrotum, below its penis. If they haven’t, the vet locates them and makes the incision.

The vet will also draw your Jack’s blood and test it to see if he can be anesthetized. If he is cleared for surgery, the vet will instruct you not to give him any food from approximately eight hours before the procedure.


After the surgery, you will need to take care of your dog so it can recover properly. Some of the things you have to put into practice include:

  • Restricting its activities for the next 10 days after surgery, however, ensures it gets some exercise, such as walking.
  • Monitor the surgical site for any signs of swelling, discharge, or redness. Call your vet as soon as possible if you notice any of them.
  • Ensuring your Jack does not lick its incision by using an E-collar.
  • Administering the pain medication prescribed by the vet.
  • Monitor its bathroom habits, especially if it does not pee in the next 24 hours after surgery. If this is the case, inform your vet as it may be a sign of surgical complications.
  • Look out for signs of surgical complications. Your vet will provide a detailed list that includes vomiting, breathing problems, discharge, and pale gums.


Some dog owners feel neutering goes against nature and that Jacks should be left to breed whenever they want. However, before you take such a stance, it is vital you understand the benefits that come with neutering. They include:

  • Health: Neutering drastically reduces the chances of your Jack getting testicular cancer. It also decreases the chances of developing hernias.
  • Overpopulation: One of the major contributors to attacks and bites by stray dogs is the irresponsible breeding that comes with overpopulation. A neutered dog cannot mate, therefore leaving breeding to those planned for.
  • Reduced aggression: Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testes and responsible for psychological and physical changes in your dog. The hormone makes it exhibit territorial behavior and increases its sex drive and aggression. With the removal of the testes, your Jack will become calm and behave less aggressively.
An image of a Jack Russell terrier with black and white fur

Related Questions

Other questions you may have on neutering your Jack Russell are answered below.

Is It Better to Neuter a Jack Russell Early?

It is not appropriate to neuter your JRT early. Neutering your Jack early will prevent it from getting the hormones necessary for its maturation. Some studies have indicated that early neutering increases your dog’s chances of developing certain diseases.

How Much Does it Cost to Neuter a JRT?

It costs between $200-$600 to neuter a Jack. The amount you will pay depends on where you will get the procedure done, the age of your dog, its weight, and how healthy it is.

What Are the Risks Associated With Neutering My JRT?

Some of the risks associated with neutering your dog include it may affect the maturing process, it could change its appearance, and it does not guarantee that your Jack will begin to exhibit its calm behavior. 


The pros of neutering your dog outweigh the cons. However, it remains a decision that you have to make for your dog. This is why it is important that you research before you decide on the way forward.