When Is a Pit Bull Terrier Full Grown?

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Did you know that the largest recorded Pit Bull weighs 174 pounds? Hulk currently holds the record as the largest Pit Bull in the world. He is thrice the size of a regular American Pit Bull Terrier.

With the said size, you might be wondering when is a Pit Bull Terrier full grown?

When Is a Pit Bull Terrier Full Grown?

A Pit Bull Terrier reaches its full size at the age of 18 months old. It becomes fully mature at the age of two to three years old. However, the growth rate varies. It depends on factors such as diet, exercise and the genetic component of your dog.

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What is the Size of a Full-Grown Pit Bull Terrier? 

A full-grown Pit Bull Terrier’s size varies from male to female. A male Pit Bull Terrier grows around 35 to 60 pounds and stands about 18 to 21 inches tall. Meanwhile, a female Pit Bull Terrier weight ranges from 30 to 50 pounds and 17 to 20 inches tall in height.

The mentioned sizes are in the UKC standard for a Pit Bull Terrier. Any size more than the normal is considered a serious fault. The chart below shows the difference in sizes between a male and a female Pit Bull Terrier with three months as the interval.

Age(Months)Female Weight (pounds)Male Weight (pounds)
1 – 32 – 203 – 20
3 – 610 – 3010 – 35
6 – 915 – 4020 – 50
9 – 1220 – 4525 – 55
12 – 2425 – 5030 – 60

A Pit Bull Terrier officially becomes an adult when it turns one year old. Generally, a dog continues to develop in size between six to 24 months. What determines your dog’s height as he turns into an adult is its skeletal growth.

According to Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Vet Officer at AKC, a puppy’s growth plates hardens into a bone and stops producing new tissue at 18 months, the reason why adult dogs stop growing.

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How to Feed a Growing Pit Bull Terrier Puppy? 

It’s important to follow the guidelines on how to feed your Pit Bull Terrier. For a growing puppy, provide him a dog food specific to its age. Puppies require a different amount of nutrients.

Puppy-specific food is formulated to meet these nutrient requirements. Feeding your dog right is necessary as I want to avoid obesity in puppies. It could result in future health problems such as hip dysplasia. 

The Association of American Feed Control Officials or also known as AAFCO set guidelines to provide your puppy the nutrient it needs as it grows.

In choosing the right food for puppies, look for the statement in the packaging that goes, “… is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.”

You can be confident that you are giving your puppy the right food in assisting him to reach its full-size potential.

Aside from watching the nutrient content of your growing Pit Bull Terrier puppy, pay attention to the amount of food you give him. Remember, I want my puppy to grow proportionally, not gain extra weight. Avoid throwing table scraps and giving in to the pleading.

Pit Bull Terrier

Most human foods aren’t recommended for dogs because human foods cause nutritional imbalance. Also, it can upset your dog’s stomach.

How Do I Safely Exercise My Growing Pit Bull Terrier?

It’s important to take caution while you exercise your Pit Bull Terrier puppy. While your Pit Bull Terrier is still growing, the growth plates are fragile. A puppy’s bones are still soft and susceptible to damage.

Prolonged and excessive exercise such as jogging can impair the growth of your dog. Frequent exercises in short periods are recommended. Don’t let your growing Pit Bull Terrier puppy run up and down the stairs, nor do any excessive type of activities to prevent the risk of damaging your dog’s soft bones.

To best know what type of exercise your Pit Bull Terrier needs, it’s best to consult your vet. 

Related Questions

How Big Will a Pitbull Terrier Mix Get?

On average, a Pit Bull Terrier mix weighs between 22 pounds as the smallest and 110 pounds as the largest. It depends on the size of the male or female counterpart. Within the mentioned size range, 35 to 55 pounds is the size range more common in Pit Bull Terrier mixes.

Can Pit Bulls Weigh 100 Pounds?

Normally, Pit Bulls barely reach a hundred pounds because they are medium-sized dog breeds. The UKC stated that the overly-sized Pit Bulls are undesirable, as they fear of being attacked. However, a Pit Bull may weigh 100 pounds. Hulk, the largest Pit Bull weighs 174 pounds, is an example. 


A Pit Bull Terrier achieves its full size starting at the age of 18 months up to two years. Just like any other dog breed, the growth rate varies from one dog to another. To help your Pit Bull Terrier achieve its full size, feed him right and provide appropriate exercises that won’t damage its bones.