When Do Bull Terrier Puppies Open Their Eyes?

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If you’ve seen newly born Bull Terrier puppies, you’ll notice that their eyes are closed. It’s mainly to protect their eyes because puppies’ eyes are still sensitive. But once their eyes open, it’s one of the most irresistible things about them that could happen. However, when do Bull Terrier puppies open their eyes?

When Do Bull Terrier Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Bull Terrier puppies open their eyes after two weeks upon birth. Their eyes are completely sealed prior to the second week. Within the two-week period, Bull Terrier puppies are unresponsive to human contact as their ears are also close.

How Well Can Bull Terrier Puppies See?

Although Bull Terrier puppies can open their eyes after two weeks, their sight is not well-developed yet. Once puppies see well, they can see color. Dogs aren’t entirely color blind contrary to popular belief.

They just can’t see the way humans do, but they’re not color-blind. In fact, they can see the colors blue and yellow well.

Bull Terrier puppy with both of its eyes open

Puppies see better in the dark. They can see better than me in the dark because they have more rods in their eyes than me. Rods refer to light-sensitive cells found in retinas that help organisms see better in low lights. Rods also help puppies to see things better in motion.

This makes them good hunters, their ability to sense motion makes them notable.

How Do You Know Your Bull Terrier Puppies Have Healthy Eyes?

Your Bull Terrier puppies’ eyes are one of the most irresistible things, right? Keeping their eyes healthy should always be maintained. How do you know that these eyes are healthy?

  • Your Bull Terrier puppies don’t squint. Their eyes should always be wide open, except when they’re dozing off or sleeping.
  • Nothing is irritating the eyes such as hairs.
  • The eyes should be glistening without any mucous obstruction nor redness in the eyes.
  • There is no swelling around the eyes and inside the eyes.
  • The membranes surrounding your Bull Terrier puppies eyes, also known as conjunctivae, are pink and should look healthy.
  • No mucus accumulates in the corner of the eyes.

However, signs of damaged or irritated eyes include squinting, blinking or tearing excessively. You’ll also notice your puppies whimpering, uneasiness or rubbing their muzzle on the floor.

What Other Senses Follow After They Open Their Eyes?

When puppies are born, they already have their first sense before their sense of sight. From the moment the Bull Terrier puppies are born, they can already smell. The second sense they unfold is their sight.

After they open their eyes, their ears open, and that’s when their sense of hearing follows.

Bull Terrier Puppies Sense of Hearing

After the Bull Terrier puppies open their eyes, their sense of hearing follows. Their ears open when they reach three weeks old. That’s the only time they can start hearing.

Not only are puppies born with eyes closed, but they’re also born deaf. Nonetheless, once the puppies start hearing, they can hear four times better than humans do.

Puppies can hear what humans can’t. This is because puppies have a wide range of hearing frequencies. For example, your puppies cock their heads before you see a person or object appear in your sight.

Bull Terrier biting a container

According to the AKC chief veterinary officer Dr. Jerry Klein, this makes them more sensitive to loud noises than what I can hear.

Bull Terrier Puppies Sense of Smell

While humans have six million olfactory receptors, puppies have 300 million. This makes them far more superior to humans. Their sense of smell ranges from 10,000 to 100, 000 more sensitive than humans. It makes them very effective in detecting explosives and drugs.

The day Bull Terrier puppies were born, they were able to locate their mother’s milk. It can be explained by a special organ called the Jacobson’s organ found in the nasal cavity to the roof of their mouths. This also shows how adult male dogs were able to detect a hormone from a female dog in heat or their urine.

Related Questions

What Happens if a Puppy Doesn’t Open Its Eyes After 2 Weeks?

Some puppies open their eyes for three weeks. It also depends on the dog’s breed. However, if you notice that it doesn’t open after three weeks, it could mean something serious such as developmental issues. Consult the vet right away.

Why Are Puppies Eyes Closed?

Newly born puppies have closed eyes because their eyes are not yet fully developed. As their eyes undergo development, it closes to stay protected against external factors that can cause damage. Remember not to force your puppy’s eyes to open.


Expect your Bull Terrier puppies to open their eyes after the two weeks mark. Puppies’ eyes are still sensitive and prone to irritation and damage, so you need to take care of them. Although their eyes can’t see the way humans do during the day, their eyes are superior at low lights.

Ensure your Bull Terrier puppies’ eyes are well cared for.