When Do Boston Terrier Ears Stand up?

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Every dog breed has a specific time when their ears stand up. If you just got a Boston Terrier, you might be interested in knowing when their ears stand up. That is why I prepared this guide to specifically answer the question: When do Boston Terrier ears stand up?

When Do Boston Terrier Ears Stand Up?

Naturally, Boston Terrier ears should stand up by the time they get four months old. However, this is not cast on a stone, sometimes the ears may stand up as soon as the puppy is six weeks old. Or, they may remain floppy for an even longer period. 

Graphic image of a gray and white Boston Terrier with a text explaining when their ears naturally stand up

At birth, the ears of your Boston terrier will be floppy. With time, you will notice them gradually erect. It will happen when the puppy is as young as six weeks old or as old as four months old. 

The chances for your Boston Terrier’s ears to stand up after four months are very slim. However, it might still happen to some Boston Terriers. The ears should perfectly align with the shape of the head. 

What Makes the Boston Terrier’s Ears Stand Up?

The pinna or cartilage helps your canine’s ears to stand up. They act as a pair of pillars that connect the earlobe to the dog’s head. Just like any other dog, a Boston Terrier needs to develop a healthy pinna.  

While a Boston Terrier’s ears might vary in size, they should always be of the same shape unless they were physically deformed after birth. Every breed of dog has floppy ears at birth. The ears can either stand as they come of age or remain floppy.

The Boston Terrier is one breed that has fully erected ears when they come of age. However, just like other animals and even human beings, dogs can also have some deformity. Some ears will not erect while some will erect halfway.

Boston Terrier looking outside the window, with his ears standing up

What Circumstances Make Your Boston Terriers’ Ears to Remain Floppy?

Some dogs have large ears and heavy ear leathers that flop even after the natural ear “break” period. Heavy ear and oversized ear leathers may be challenging to rectify even with the artificial means. 

Injuries to the cartilage or muscles holding the ears of a dog can also cause the ears to remain floppy.  Ear trauma is a significant problem, especially with dogs that like to chew like the Boston Terrier!   

Your Boston Terrier’s ears that were once erect can become floppy again when the puppy is teething. The ears, however, return to their natural vertical position after the teething period. So, you do not need to worry next time you see the ears of your puppy fall.

What Should You Do if Your Boston Terrier’s Ears Fail to Stand Up?

As a rule of thumb, every Boston Terrier should have its ears naturally stand up when they hit four months. When you see the ears becoming too heavy or too large before the dogs reach five weeks old, it is a sign that they will not stand up.  

If you can prove beyond doubt that they will not stand, you can proceed and tape the ears. You should only tape your dog’s ears if you have the right skills. Otherwise, it would be best if you let your veterinarian do it.

Boston Terrier with floppy ears

Other means that people use to correct flopped ears for Boston Terriers include the use of calcium supplements and, to some extent, cropping, as discussed in this article.

Can I Use Supplements to Strengthen the Cartilage of My Dog’s Ears?

There is no solid proof that supplements can help your dog’s ears stand. So I do not recommend this as a solution for floppy ears. You should consult with your vet before giving your dog calcium or any supplement to strengthen their ear cartilages. 

This idea basically revolves around the fact that since calcium is good for bones and joints, it could repair or strengthen ear cartilages. Small amounts of calcium are not harmful to dogs, and trying it on your pet is not either. However, I cannot guarantee that will help your dog’s ears stand up.

It is also important to note that when used excessively, calcium could cause kidney stones. Try to limit your dog’s calcium intake only as a part of a nutritionally balanced meal

Can Taping Correct Flopped Ears for Boston Terriers?

Yes, taping can correct your Boston Terriers’ ears when they flop. It is appropriate to begin taping immediately when you realize they won’t be upright. If you do it that soon, it may only take the ears 3 to 4 weeks to stand on their own. 

However, if you wait to begin taping when the dog reaches four months old, the ears might take longer to erect. In some cases, they may never stand up at all. After four to five years, it might be too late to improve the strength of the cartilage. 

You can perform them on your dog if you have some little knowledge of the procedure.

Taping should be safe and harmless to your dog. For that matter, you should use the correct equipment. However, if you have any doubts, you should let a certified vet do it. 

Will Cropping Make the Ears of my Boston Terrier Stand?

From the definition, cropping is chopping off or trimming the dog’s ears to make them erect. When cropping your dog’s ears, you cut away the outer portions. 

After cropping the ears, the remaining parts will stay erect. However, I strongly discourage cropping as a solution for this case. Cropping has drawn a lot of debates as some people view it as animal cruelty.

Cropping has, for a very long time, be a cosmetic procedure. However, the procedure needs special medical equipment, and you should never carry it at home unless you have the proper certifications. 

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of My Boston Terrier Having Erect Ears? 

There are some benefits of having your dog’s ears stand up. Even with the best precaution and endless trials, few Boston Terrier ears will not just stand up. 

Dog out for a walk on a snow day

Kindly note that there is nothing discriminative with your dog if the ears “forcefully” remain floppy. You need to love your dog and accept them the way they are.

That being said, the advantages of upright ears are:

Erect Ears Help Avoid Infection

With ears looking up, fresh and dry air will circulate around and inside the ear. Erect ears leave no room for moist air and bacteria to hide. Floppy ears harbor moisture and act as a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. 

With floppy ears, airflow is limited; hence the ear canal traps a lot of moisture and then swells. The humidity makes floppy ears an ideal breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, causing ear infections. 

Your dog will show some behavioral signals when their ears are infected. When they do, seek advice from your veterinarian. The following ear infections signs can happen whether your Boston Terrier has floppy ears or not:

  • When your Boston Terrier keeps tilting his head on one side: take them to a vet for an ear check-up. It could signal a lousy eardrum or severe ear pain; both need urgent medical care. 
  •  If your dog is scratching or tearing at his ears: he could be having a foreign object stuck in the dog’s ear. The vet could examine the ear with an otoscope to determine the primary cause.

Erect Ears Are Easy to Clean

Erect ears on dogs are easier to clean than floppy ones. You do not need to turn them inside out to get the hidden dirt. Most of the surface is exposed, making the whole lobe accessible. Erect Boston Terrier ears do not need regular cleaning as much as floppy ones do. 

It is, however, important to note that the ears of your Boston Terrier need a lot of care to prevent them from harboring infections, mites, and other medical complications. Proper ear maintenance should be done whether they flop or stand up. 

You should check your dog’s ears daily. Also, attempt to clean your Boston Terriers’ ears regularly. While many factors determine how often you clean your dog’s ear, there are no rules for how regular you should do it. The timing can range from days, weeks, or even months. 

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When your Boston Terrier’s ears are floppy, you can try the steps mentioned above and rectify it. However, the process requires special knowledge. So, if you are unsure how to make your dog’s ears erect, kindly seek professional help from a vet.

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