What to Know Before Buying a Boston Terrier

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Buying a new pet is an exciting experience, but the process might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have kids at home. Some points need to be considered before buying a Boston terrier to ensure a healthy and warm experience.

If you are not informed about knowing before purchasing a Boston Terrier, we are here to the rescue.

What to Know Before Buying a Boston Terrier?

Puppies can be adorable, but you need to make sure that you think from your brain and not your heart. Avoid buying the first one, as adopting a Boston Terrier is a bit similar to adopting a baby. They will be your companions for life; thus, make sure that you take your time while making a decision.

The Right Breed 

Ensure you pick the right breed, keeping in mind that the Boston Terrier will adjust with your lifestyle. Here are some points you need to know regarding their behavior:

A Boston Terrier looking at the side
  • A Boston Terrier is prone to certain medical issues. Thus it will demand a regular visit to the vet.
  • They are fun and friendly. Therefore they are good companion dogs but not that great as guard dogs.
  • This breed is mentally stimulated, so they sit well with the training sessions.
  • However, they might feel abandoned if left alone for long hours.
  • They love regular exercise and hikes.

The Health History

A good breeder will always keep you updated with the health history of the puppy and the parents. Here are some health tests that you should look out for before buying it:

  • BAER Exam: The Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER exam) can be performed when the puppy is earlier than eight weeks. It is only done once in a lifetime by a veterinary neurologist.

Do not forget to ask the health reports of the parents from the breeder; it will help you determine if the puppy may develop any hereditary health issues.

Also, make sure you read about different medical issues before buying the puppy; it will help you understand the puppy better.

The Best Place to Buy

It is essential to research well before buying a Boston Terrier, as each place has its merits and demerits.

Thus here are some pointers that will help you in deciding the best place to buy your new puppy:

A Boston Terrier looking up while out for a walk
  • Puppy mills and online breeders: The only advantage of buying from puppy mills and online breeders that is you can buy the puppy the same day it is listed. Do not expect health certificates and AKC registration of the puppy
  • Hobby breeders: They do not compromise on health, education, tradition, responsibilities, and accountability. They will provide you with all the certifications needed.
  • Show Breeders: Each breed has its history and shows breeders honor that history by producing the best specimen. They go for continuous improvisation and create a perfect example.

Researching Breeding Standards

If you are not familiar with the look of a Boston Terrier, start researching breeding standards, one of which includes is the age. Here are some pointers that you must look out for:

  • Long nails as to indicate that the breeder is neglecting the grooming standards.
  • Longtails
  • Longnose
  • Blue eyes
  • Ears similar to those of jackrabbits
  • Easy Westy Eyes
  • Bloated bellies, as it may indicate worm infection

Here is the link about breeding standards for a Boston Terrier.

Understanding the Expense

A Boston Terrier can be an expensive breed, as its expenses can go between 1000 dollars to 20,000 dollars in a year. The expenses will depend on the choice of food, vet, training, travel, and accessories for your new Boston terrier.

Here is a video guide for calculating the annual expense of parenting a Boston terrier.

Avoid the Fad Breeders

Fad breeders are famous for providing dogs with unique patterns and coats, also known as designer dogs. These are created by mutating the genes and can cause health issues in the future; thus, it is suggested to avoid the fad breeders, as it might threaten your health.

Get On the Waiting List

After following such a hardcore research process, it is high time to get on the waiting list. If the breeder has a waiting list, trust me, they are a reputed one. In most cases, a down payment is not required, but it varies from breeder to breeder.

An adult Boston Terrier resting on a floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Boston Terriers Comfortable With Staying Alone at Home?

Yes, they are comfortable staying alone at home but not for long hours; they are a fun and friendly breed and love to be around their owners. However, if you have long working hours, it might not be good to buy a Boston terrier.

Is It Normal if My New Boston Terrier Makes Strange Noises?

Mostly Boston Terriers snore and make grunting noises; it is not an alarm as they happen to make these noises because of their small skull. They might breathe heavily after long exercise sessions, but that phenomenon is known as reverse sneezing. It is pretty normal for most dogs.

Owning a Boston Terrier?? | What you need to know!


After reading, you might feel that the process is quite long and overwhelming, but it is exciting because a new member will be added to your family. Thus it is essential to follow a process as you will be responsible for a living being for at least 13 to 16 years.

Therefore, you need to make sure that all the required criteria are met, it will make you a responsible buyer, and you will take a step closer to becoming a responsible pet parent.