What You Need to Know About Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

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The topic of what to know about Yorkshire Terrier puppies is a hot issue that generates confusion. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are not the type of pets you can leave alone with a bowl of food in front of them. These dogs demand a great deal of attention and training.

What to Know About Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

The Yorkshire Terrier puppy is well-proportioned for such a small dog and moves with a confident demeanor. The coat is a deep bluish-grey and tan color that hangs straight from the head and equally off the body. They have hypersensitive skin.

Close-up photo of Yorkshire puppy

Yorkie puppies, despite their tiny size, sometimes have a big personality. They are popular among city inhabitants since they thrive in apartments and big-city living as long as they have a tranquil and lovely home. They can even act as a watchdog if necessary.

Basic Facts About Yorkie Puppies

Even though they do not take up much space, these puppy pet owners require some basic information about the dog to ensure a long and healthy life.

Require Attention

Yorkie puppies have long, lovely coats that demand a lot of upkeep. Every day, brush their coats thoroughly to keep them from becoming matted. Starting this exercise at a young age assures that your dog will grow to accept daily grooming.

Feed a Unique Diet

Yorkie puppies do not consume a lot of food; however, they require a low-fat, high-nutrient diet. To keep your dog’s teeth healthy, mix soft food with dog food. Keep a watch out for dietary sensitivities and make appropriate adjustments to the puppy’s diet.

Prone to Hypoglycemia

Keep watch on them to ensure your puppy is getting enough water, especially if they are energetic puppies that play a lot. Due to their high activity levels, these puppies are prone to low blood sugar.

If you suspect your puppy’s sugar levels are low, give them a tiny bit of sweet water or syrup to ensure that they remain normal. The puppy grows typically out of this risk after 12 weeks of age.

Regular Medical Attention

Yorkie puppies are prone to various medical issues, so take your puppy to the doctor frequently. Keep all of your appointments and return if you detect any significant changes in your puppy’s behavior.

Difficult to Housetrain

Because Yorkshire terriers do not have complete control over their bladder and bowel muscles, they can be incontinent. These usually appear as the dog matures. So, their needs can only be held for so long.

In general, puppies that are two months old can last up to 2 hours, whereas a 3-month old can endure for 3 hours.

Yorkshire puppy lying down on the floor

Despise the Cold

Yorkie puppies dislike being outside in the cold and rain. After a snowstorm, these dogs may often refuse to put their pampered paws on moist pavement or the porch. House training may become even more difficult as a result.

Very Possessive

Yorkie puppies are fast to claim items such as food and toys. Make them know that you will not tolerate their actions by expressing your displeasure in a firm tone. This type of punishment is likely to curb possessive behavior because Yorkies like to please their owners.

Love to Cuddle

Because they are loveable lap dogs, these puppies make excellent companions. Yorkies prefer to be as comfortable as possible, so they’d be delighted to snuggle in between soft pillows or on your chest as you watch TV.

Need a Lot of Patience

Yorkie puppies demand a lot of patience because they require so much attention daily. With your new pet, be firm and fair. The first year is the toughest; however, its temperament will improve as your puppy grows more extensive.

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Getting a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Adopting or purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a breeder is a personal decision that demands study. There are several sources to assist you in locating a rescue or breeder that provides healthy, ethically sourced Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

Keep these tips in mind when getting a Yorkie puppy;

  • Deciding to get a Yorkie – Consider whether you’re prepared to devote time to a new dog, make a financial assessment to see if you can afford a dog, make a decision about whether a Yorkie is the right breed for you, and be careful of the breed’s shortcomings.
  • Deciding where to get a puppy – Decide the source to use to get your puppy, research local breed rescues and shelters, call local breeders and ask questions over the phone, visit every breeder who seems like a good fit, and don’t support puppy mills.
  • Choosing your Yorkie puppy – Visit with all of the puppies in a litter to see how they interact with their siblings, evaluate each puppy’s health, inquire about the litter’s medical history up to this point, and pick your puppy.
Cute Yorkshire Terrier puppy sitting on a bed

Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

It may surprise you to learn that you can adopt a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Most breed rescues state that most of their rescue dogs originate from individual owner surrenders. The most prevalent reasons are a change in lifestyle or the breed not being suited for the owner.

This surrendering implies there could be a lot of dogs and pups out there looking for a permanent home. The most significant distinction between a breeder and a rescue center is that a rescue center may not always have young puppies to pick. The advantage is that; 

  • Most shelters are required only to adopt dogs who have been microchipped and spayed or neutered. As a result, you might have a puppy already house trained and doesn’t need these common medical interventions. 
  • You might also encounter a Yorkshire Terrier hybrid, which has all of the breed’s attractive traits plus a few additions.


It’s essential to have the patience to devote to a Yorkshire Terrier puppy because they’re a bright, affectionate breed that enjoys being around people. Take the time to get to know your Yorkie puppy’s vibrant nature, and don’t be afraid to train them in basic obedience and enjoyable tricks.