What to Ask Boston Terrier Breeder

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Boston Terrier is an adorable American dog breed, and if you have made up your mind to spend resources, time, and patience on this cute dog, it is time to get one. Hold on!

But I am sure that the breeder I know isn’t scamming me. Therefore, it’s my duty to check whether the Boston Terrier breeder is keeping the puppies in good condition or not.

What to Ask Boston Terrier Breeder?

Some of the breeders sell the sick puppies online to earn few extra bucks. But, the worst thing is that some of them also sacrifice various puppies’ lives just because they cannot sell them. It is indeed saddening.

Therefore, I will help you know what to ask Boston Terrier breeder to get an idea of whether they follow the animal welfare laws and are trustworthy or not.

Get an Idea About the Breed Standards

I recommend you to know the breed standards first before you head to any breeder. It is because, even before you can ask questions, you should have the knowledge to differentiate between a purebred and mix-breed Boston Terrier.

A Boston Terrier puppy lying on the floor

The general appearance, size, substance, coat, and other standards for Boston Terrier are:

  1. Boston Terriers are highly active.
  2. They should fall under one of the three weight categories, which include <15 pounds, 15-20 pounds, and 20-25 pounds.
  3. The length of the body and legs should be in balance.
  4. A Boston Terrier has a flat skull on the top and a square-shaped face.
  5. It has large and round eyes, wide apart from one another, and dark in color.
  6. Also, it has an arched neck, deep chest, and a straight or screw tail.
  7. Strong, bent, and muscular thighs are evident signs of a Boston Terrier.

Questions to Ask Boston Terrier Breeders

Now that you can recognize a purebred Boston Terrier, you are ready to go ahead and inquire the breeders and flood them with questions that they are bound to answer.

If you don’t know exactly what to ask, then I am putting up few questions to help you out with it:

1. How Long Have You Been Breeding Boston Terriers?

It is the first and most important question that you must ask Boston Terrier breeders. You need to know regarding their experience along with legit pieces of evidence about breeding Boston Terriers. The experience is what will enlighten you about their genuineness for the business.

2. Do You Screen the Health Problems in the Boston Terrier Puppies?

It is yet another important question that is quite crucial to ask. The breeder should be responsible for screening the health aspects of the Boston Terrier puppies. In addition to that, you should ask them about the remedies they opt for to decrease the adverse health effects in those puppies.

A Boston Terrier sitting near the snow

3. Do You Offer Any Kind of Health Guarantee With Your Boston Terrier Puppies?

Though it is a tricky question, you will get to know about the personality and nature of the breeder’s business. For example, if your breeder sells you a purebred Boston Terrier, they should be pretty confident about its health. But, they would hesitate to assure you, in case they are making things up.

4. Can I Meet the Parents of This Boston Terrier Puppy?

It would be best if you insisted on meeting the puppy’s parents that you are about to buy. It is because this will give you a clarity of truth, whether your puppy is purebred or not.

But, apart from that, meeting the parents will provide you with an idea about its temperament. And, this is one of the crucial observations that will help you decide whether to go home with the puppy or not.

5. Do You Socialize Your Boston Terrier Puppies?

The puppies must socialize to become friendly dogs. So, the breeder needs to let the puppies be around people to prevent them from being scared or shy. Hence, this is yet another obvious question that you need to ask your Boston Terrier breeder to know how the puppies are cared for and groomed

6. Can I Expect Service Even After the Puppy Is Delivered?

I can tell you from my experience that if the breeder is unwilling to help after delivery, they might not be the right person to approach. So for you, it is important to get this aspect clear before you decide on buying the Boston Terrier puppy.

Get an idea of 7 key items that you should keep in mind when looking for a reputable Boston Terrier breeder over this YouTube video.

Related Questions

What Should I Look For When Buying a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Apart from just reviewing the breeder, you need to have your checklist as well. As you have understood the breed standards, it would be easy for you to mark your considerations.

For example, it is better to go for a Boston Terrier puppy at least nine weeks old. The puppy must have grown the standards by that time. To know more, you can refer to this article.

A close up shot of a Boston Terrier puppy

What Problems Do Boston Terriers Face Due to Poor Breeders?

Many breeders deliberately seek out Boston Terrier breeding to deform them. For example, they intend to give them short faces and dome-shaped heads.

Due to these practices, Boston Terriers suffer severe health problems such as:

  • Breathing problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Joint problems
  • Cancer, etc.
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I have tried to put up all my knowledge and expertise into this guide. And, you can prefer to use it to get a new & healthy Boston Terrier or a family member to your home.

In case you find breeders scamming you with fake beliefs, sue them. Don’t let them get away with what they do to the puppies and the customers.