What Is the Average Weight of a Male Yorkshire Terrier?

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Both male and female Yorkshire terrier puppies are fairly small and weigh almost the same. However, male Yorkshire terriers tend to be heavier than their female counterparts when they reach maturity. So, what is the average weight of a male Yorkshire terrier?

What Is the Average Weight of a Male Yorkshire Terrier?

The average weight of an adult male Yorkie is four to seven pounds. However, a healthy male Yorkie can grow up to eight or nine pounds depending on the diet. A male Yorkie that is more than nine pounds is considered overweight, and one under three pounds is considered underweight.

A male Yorkshire terrier sniffing the grass

Therefore, it is advisable to keep the weight of a male Yorkie around four to seven pounds unless otherwise advised by your veterinarian. In most cases, underweight male Yorkies are prone to health conditions such as joint disorders, collapsed trachea, hypoglycemia, and trauma-related injuries.

On the other hand, overweight Yorkies are prone to health issues such as respiratory and heart diseases, orthopedic problems, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and Type 2 Diabetes. Note that there is a close relationship between the size of a Yorkie and its weight.

Can a Male Yorkshire Terrier Be Overweight or Underweight?

In most cases, adult Yorkies that weigh more than nine pounds are considered overweight. You should, however, keep in mind that male Yorkies can weigh up to 10 or 15 pounds if larger dog breeds were introduced somewhere in the ancestry.

The weight can also fluctuate depending on the exercise levels, nutrition, and overall lifestyle. In most cases, Yorkies cannot be considered overweight or underweight as long as they have good exercise, have a reasonable diet, and are in good shape.

Before concluding that a Yorkie is overweight or underweight, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian to help you evaluate the weight depending on the dog’s breed, size, age, and diet. You can also use the following tips to inspect the body mass of your male Yorkie.

A male Yorkshire terrier
  • Check the abdomen: Observe the abdomen of your Yorkie and check whether there is a noticeable accumulation of body fat. Typically, the abdomen should slope slightly upwards from the rib cage if your Yorkie has a healthy weight.
  • Feel the ribs: The best way to check whether your Yorkie is overweight or underweight is to try and feel its ribs by running your hands around the abdomen and the flanks. For a healthy weight, you should feel the ribs without seeing them.
  • Check the shape of the waist: When you look at the waist of your Yorkie from above, it should have an hourglass shape. If the waist looks thicker or straight, the Yorkie is overweight.
  • Observe the behavioral changes: In most cases, Yorkies will love to play outdoors rather than sleep on the couch. If your Yorkie starts to love sleeping more than playing, it might be underweight and feeling less energetic or overweight and feeling exhausted.

How Can I Control the Weight of My Male Yorkie?

Most male Yorkies don’t have a feeling of full stomachs and will continue eating as long as there is food. As a result, Yorkies can get overweight if you don’t control the amount of food you give them. The following tips can help you control the weight of Yorkies.

  • Increase the number of vegetables such as carrots in the dog’s diet
  • Reduce the number of treats you give your Yorkie
  • Instead of giving your Yorkie a large meal once per day, give it smaller meals several times. Typically, this enhances digestion and prevents excessive accumulation of acid

What Is the Average Size of a Male Yorkshire Terrier?

The average distance of an adult male Yorkie between the ridge of its shoulder blades and the ground should be around seven to eight inches. The length from the base of the tail to the base of the neck should be of equal proportion to the standing height. 

However, the size of Yorkies can vary significantly depending on the genetic deposition, nutrition, and overall birth weight. Usually, the weight of a Yorkie will be proportionate to its size, and larger Yorkies will be heavier than smaller ones.

An image of a male Yorkshire terrier

Related Questions

At What Age Do Male Yorkies Attain Their Maximum Weight?

In most cases, male Yorkies attain their maximum weight and size in adulthood, around four years of age. However, this can vary depending on the genetic deposition, health conditions, and diet.

What Should I Feed My Underweight Male Yorkie?

Consider feeding your underweight male Yorkie foods rich in fat and protein. Typically, there should be a noticeable improvement in weight and body mass after several weeks.

Final Thoughts

The average weight of male Yorkies varies with size, with the larger Yorkies tending to be heavier than their smaller counterparts. If your male Yorkie is under three pounds or over nine pounds, it’s advisable to contact a vet to help you determine whether it is underweight or overweight.