What Size Collar for American Pit Bull Terrier?

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American Pit Bull Terrier is an excellent breed that needs the right kind of care. Since I have this dog, I was looking for a proper collar size that I can purchase for it.

A right-sized collar not just feels good but also does not make the dog feel choked or slide in between. Thus, I did quick research, and the answer surprised me.

What Size Collar for an American Pit Bull Terrier?

An American Pit Bull with an average weight of 35 to 65 LBS has an average neck size of 14 to 18 inches. So, it’s better to get a 1.5-inch wide collar to offer better support to the strong animal.

Graphic image of a gray American Pit Bull Terrier that explains that 1.5 inches wide is the best size to get for their collars

Besides the size of the collar, it’s also important to know about the material that makes the best and worst collars for American Pit Bull Terrier.

Why Do American Pit Bull Terriers Wear Thick Collars?

As compared to others, this dog breed needs a thick collar that is around 1.5 inches wide. That’s because a thick collar evenly distributes the pressure on the dog’s neck.

Not to mention, this kind of collar is designed for dogs that strain against the leash. Wide collars are durable, and they make a great addition to everyday use.

Also, collars are considered as the first training tool for American Pit Bull Terrier. For the training purpose, you can attach a leash to the collar. This way, you can keep your pet under control whenever moving in a particular direction.

What’s the Best Material for Pit Bull Collar?

Pit Bull are strong dogs, and they need well-crafted collars that do not wear off quickly. So, it’s essential to look for the materials because a cheaply designed collar cannot hold these beasts for a long time.

American Pit Bull Terrier on top of a hill
  • Most collars are designed using cloth and sturdy canvas. But the issue is these materials do not provide the kind of support that is required.
  • Similarly, the plastic-made collar looks great, but it’s not strong enough to hold a pit bull. Also, collars made of the chain is not the best choice as it might hurt your Pit Bull.
  • You can, however, choose a collar made of nylon because it is stronger than other kinds of fabric. Moreover, it is inexpensive. You can easily find this collar, but it doesn’t last very long.
  • If durability is your concern, you should choose nothing other than leather because this high-quality material lasts long. Another interesting thing about leather collars is that they are available in different colors and styles.
Pit Bull Terrier resting

Worse Collars for American Pit Bull Terrier

If you don’t want your pet to feel uncomfortable, it’s better not to get a too-tight collar. Here are some more things that you must remember while purchasing a collar.

  • Although a choker collar is common, you must not get it as your pet might strangle itself in this kind of collar. Generally, pet parents think that a tight collar is great, but it’s not because choke-collar accidents are not uncommon.
  • Besides the choker collar, another kind of collar that you must avoid is the prong collar. This kind of collar not only makes the dog look threatening but can also cause possible harm. Prone collars have been liked to fainting and whiplash, which is the last thing you would want for your pet.
  • Another kind of collar that you should avoid getting is the martingale collar. That’s because this variant feels tight around the neck. This thing can make your pet irritated, and then your pet might behave aggressively.

Overall, you should measure the size and then choose a collar that does not feel too tight.

What to Look For in a Collar?

While American Pit Bull Terrier is friendly and loves being around people, they have a negative reputation due to their appearance. Thus, you should get a collar that’s strong enough to hold them.

Here are a few things you should look for:


Pit Bull Terrier not just have strong upper built but they also have powerful claws. So, it’s absolutely necessary to choose a collar that offers unbeatable strength. If needed, you can choose a buckle-style collar that does not let Pit Bull Terrier easily break out.

Does Not Slip

While it’s necessary to choose a collar that does not feel uncomfortable, it’s also important to choose one that does not slip. You can get a martingale collar to stay on the safe side, but then this collar has certain drawbacks.

No Rub

When purchasing a collar, you should remember that Pit Bull Terrier is prone to skin allergies. So, try not purchasing a collar that can rub against the skin.

Pit Bull Terrier with companion

Collar Size Comparison with Other Breeds

BreedNeck SizeWeightCollar Size
American Pit Bull Terrier 14 to 18 inches35 to 65 poundsLarge
Beagle 12 to 18 inches18 to 30 poundsMedium or Large
Boston Terrier 12 to 18 inches10 to 25 poundsMedium or Large
American Bulldog 18 to 24 inches60 to 120 poundsExtra Large
Bull Terrier 12 to 18 inches50 to 60 poundsMedium or Large
Fox Terrier 10 to 16 inches14 to 18 poundsMedium or Large
Jack Russell Terrier 10 to 14 inches9 to 15 poundsSmall or Medium
Staffordshire Terrier 14 to 20 inches50 to 65 poundsLarge
Scottish Terrier 14 to 20 inches19 to 23 poundsLarge
Yorkshire Terrier 6 to 12 inches6 to 9 poundsSmall

Related Questions

Which Is Better- Collar or Harness?

If you are not sure about the entire idea of buying a collar, you can go for the harness. Also, a harness will make your American Pit Bull Terrier feel more comfortable.

Should You Remove the Dog Collar at Night?

Removing a dog collar at night is a great idea because it can let your dog’s fur breathe for a while and decrease the possibility of neck scratches.

What Type of Collar Is Best for a Pitbull?

The type of collar that is best for a Pitbull is one that is made with either nylon, leather, or neoprene. Heavy nylon is the best in terms of durability and rarely gets stretched.


If your American Pit Bull Terrier is still a puppy, you should not make it wear a collar. But as it starts growing, you should get a collar because growing Pit Bull Terrier tends to get aggressive quickly.