What Size Bed To Get A Pit Bull Terrier?

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Pit Bull Terriers are big dogs, and they need a sleeping place to mark their territory. If you don’t provide them with their own bed, they will capture yours. So, it is very much important for you to get a bed for your Pit Bull Terrier.

But what’s more important is to consider what size of the bed is suitable for the dog. You can get a bed of exact size as that of the dog or a little bigger one to allow them to move around in sleep.  

What Size Bed To Get A Pit Bull Terrier?

There are three sizes available for your Pit Bull Terrier, based upon its age & growth. For example, the small bed size is 30″*20″, the medium is at 35″*23,” and the large is at 40″*25″. You can go for any one of them, considering the growth rate of your dog.

There is an extra-large option as well that is of dimensions 44″*27″, which is super big to accommodate two medium bull terriers. 

Pit Bull Terrier sharing his bed with another dog

Pit Bull Terriers are energetic and active! But when they get tired, they look out for their cozy space to relax. And you should not deprive them of that. Make it a habit for them to sleep in their own bed.

If you don’t, you will eventually find them sleeping on the couch, on your bed, or on your dining chairs. So, buckle up and explore the deciding factors to conclude your options on what size bed to get a Pit Bull Terrier?

Things To Consider While Buying A Bed For A Pit Bull Terrier

Your Pit Bull Terrier also demands rest, just like you do! In fact, your canine buddy will sleep for around 12 hours throughout the day. This duration can increase or decrease, depending upon the age of your Pit Bull Terrier.

There are some aspects that you must observe and count on while picking a bed for your dog. The factors are as follows:

Check Your Pet’s Length 

If your Pit Bull Terrier is a puppy, then you can be sure of getting a small bed to accommodate them. People mostly plan out for bigger beds right from the beginning. It is because they do not want to invest in beds for their dogs frequently as they grow really fast.

But, this is a wrong thought! You won’t sleep on the same bed throughout your life! Therefore, you cannot expect your dog to do the same! 

So, consider the age, weight, and even length of the Pit Bull Terrier. Do it when the dog is a puppy, and do it again when you see them growing up. Take your pet to the store, and make it sit over the bed options that you find. If the dog accommodates well over it, then it is perfect. If not, then look for other options. 

And if you are buying online, then you should note the dimension of the bed available over the description page. And then, you should tally it with the length and width of your pit bull in their sleeping position. It will give you an idea of whether the size of your dog will fit the bed or not. 

Consider Durability

Irrespective of the age factor of Pit Bull Terriers, they are aggressive and playful by nature. It is evident that they don’t damage their own bed, but no one is aware of accidents. Pit Bull Terriers might scratch out the fur over their bed in sleep due to their sharp nails.

They can, at times, bite off the fabric while picking their toys off the bed. Therefore, it is essential to consider the durability of the bed as a high priority. 

Pit Bull Terrier puppy

There are dog beds available with aluminum coverings or PVC pipe inclusions and good bite-proof or scratch-proof fabric. Hence, it is better if you can find such types of beds for your Pit Bull Terrier to ensure durability. 

Consider The Sleeping Habits Of Your Pit Bull Terrier

Dogs do have particular preferences when it comes to rest! If you wish a restful sleep for the Pit Bull Terriers, then you must take note of their habits. Getting any type of bed just for the sake of their comfort is not the right approach. The dog’s habits do matter a lot, and you need to consider them while selecting the bed.

If your dog stretches their legs often while sleeping, then you need an oval or rectangular bed. It is because such beds have an ample amount of stretch room. If your Pit Bull Terrier likes to curl up or nest while sleeping, then go for a lounge or a bumper bed. 

In case you are unable to judge the sleeping habit of your dog, it is always good to go for a bigger one. In fact, the bigger the bed, the better the room to stretch and sleep restfully. 

Pick The Color That Your Pit Bull Loves

Pit Bull Terriers and many other dog breeds are sensitive towards some colors. Some of the colors irritate them, and there might be biological reasons for it. They see the colors differently than that of humans. And to get a clear idea of how it happens, go through this article that unfolds the problem of dogs with red color. 

Now, coming back to the point. Dogs are not happy with some colors and tend to be destructive towards them. Therefore, you need to find out the color they love.

And for that, a simple drill is to match the bed’s color with the color of their favorite toy. They will accept it for sure! To understand the color visibility for your Pit Bull Terrier or any dog in general here is a very informative article on color therapy for dogs. 

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance Is Important

The bed on which your Pit Bull Terrier will mark their territory should be clean, spotless, and aromatic. You can count on the fact that your dog will unravel the bed’s cleanliness. And you might have to clean it frequently! So, it is better to go for options that are easy to clean and maintain over time.

Apart from dust, dirt, and stains, a dirty dog bed will also attract mites and fleas that can harm the coat of your Pit Bull Terrier. Hence, cleaning is a priority, and it is upon you to look for a bed that is easy to clean. 

What Is Best – Online Purchase Or Offline Purchase Of Beds?

Now that you are well aware of the size options and the critical factors, it is time for you to decide upon the mode of purchase. Yes, it does matter! Online purchase is a blind approach.

The bed color you see and opt for is not exactly how it will look when you get it delivered to your home. And, it might be a disappointment not just for you but for your Pit Bull Terrier as well.

On the other hand, offline purchases allow you to try the bed with your dog to ensure comfort. Hence, it is satisfactory shopping. But, both online and offline purchases of dog beds have their pros and cons. 

Pit Bull Terrier sharing his bed with another dog

Online Shopping Of Dog Bed


  1. You get discounts.
  2. There are many options across various sellers for you to choose from. 
  3. You can compare many products to find the best and proceed to checkout.
  4. There are diverse payment options for you to opt for.


You need to believe whatever is mentioned in the description. You cannot check it in person to validate the company’s claims with the actual bed. 

Offline Shopping Of Dog Bed


  1. You get to see the bed in real to let your Pit Bull Terrier try it out. 
  2. You can compare the size of the bed with the figures mentioned over the packaging. 


  1. The options are limited.
  2. You get limited payment options. 
  3. There is less scope for bargaining and discounts. 

Related Questions

Do Pit Bulls Have A Bad Chewing Habit?

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Terriers are near about the same breed with similar characteristics. They are ferocious chewers! And the only thing that you can do about it is to train them and guide them not to do that.

Be patient while you do that, without scolding or punishing them. If you find them chewing their own bed, you need to stop them and then explain to them not to do it. Also, use treats to convince them.

Do Pit Bull Terriers Take Sudden And Instant Naps?

Pit Bull Terriers are very active and energetic. They are not like the lazy breeds and don’t prefer to be couch potatoes. They will never sleep or nap without reason. Only when they drain out their energy for the day or time being, they prefer to sleep.

In other cases, if your Pit Bull Terrier is sleeping at uneven routines, then you should consult the vet immediately. 


It is time for you to put an end to your aimless search for a bed and narrow down your search filters. Consider all the factors mentioned in this article, and most importantly, the size of the bed to give your Pit Bull Terrier a cozy sleeping space.