What Should I Breed to a Bull Terrier to Get a Calmer Dog?

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The bull terrier is often thought of as a vicious and aggressive breed. However, it actually has the opposite personality. This amiable dog was originally bred for blood sports like fighting in England. The dogs have so much activity that some people wonder, what should I breed to a Bull Terrier to get a calmer dog?

What Should I Breed to a Bull Terrier to Get a Calmer Dog?

You don’t have to breed a Bull Terrier to have a calmer dog; instead, you may train it to be calmer. Exercise is the most vital approach to calm a Bull Terrier down.

Your Bull Terrier requires exercise, but not unrestricted burning of the crazy kind; rather, it must be a structured type of exercise performed in the proper mindset.

Bull terrier drinking water on the water fountain

Bull Terriers are the result of years of crossbreeding, so they have a mixed bag of genes, making them rather unpredictable at times and challenging to interbreed.

Interbreeding is primarily done a limited number of times to aid in the prevention of primary lens luxation. This guarantees that the miniature litter is not subjected to the same problems.

What Routines Do You Need to Follow to Calm a Bull Terrier?

You need to introduce activities that enhance mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is a vital part of keeping your Bull Terrier calm and happy throughout the day. Engaging a Bull Terrier in mental activities, which may also be good training practice, can deplete a lot of energy.

Activities That Can Lead to Mental Stipulation

  • Chewing for stipulation- chewing is a natural way for the dog to calm themselves. Giving your Bull Terrier different toys with different textures allows them to connect with the item and satisfy the sensor perceptions they seek.
  • Sniff and search games-  actively engaging your dog in the seek-out dog’s games engages some of the dog instincts through prey-driven instinct and nose activation.
  • Food kongs- this reward distributing puzzle toy solves chewing, teething,   separation anxiety, boredom, digging, and barking by promoting healthy play and meeting innate needs.
  • Playing tug of war – this game builds the dog’s strength and dedication, as well as provides you with a fantastic resistance training workout.

How Do You Train a Bull Terrier?

The first thing you should do is make sure it has been properly socialized. Socialization is a lengthy process that should begin when the young Bull Terrier puppy is still with its mother. When dogs are 6 to 8 weeks old, Bull terrier puppies are much easier to train.

Your Bull Terrier must become accustomed to regular feeding times as well as their sleeping space. Feed them part of their food by hand during mealtimes. Remove any toys from the dining area and include the entire family in the feeding process.

To avoid issues connected with separation anxiety and destructive actions, the Bull Terrier should also become accustomed to being alone.

A bull Terrier wearing a big red bow tie

How Much Exercise Does a Bull Terrier Need?

It is recommended that you give a bull terrier exercise for at least one hour a day. A puppy should be taken for twice as many walks as an adult. Adult Bull Terriers should go for three walks each day, two of which should be brief (15-minute walks) and one of which should be at least an hour.

This daily walk will help your Bull Terrier burn off some excess energy and also lead to cross-training and practice inconsistent leadership qualities from you.

This brings me to my other approach for calming a Bull Terrier, which is mental stimulation. You can assist in maintaining a well-balanced and happy dog by including challenges and games into their everyday routines.

Control from your Bull Terrier, as well as control from you as the game’s captain. They might be basic training games that include food or affection as incentives. Giving your Bull Terrier adequate cerebral stimulation in 20 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute stroll.

Exercises That Can Help Calm Your Dog

  • Playing fetch with your dog- Playing fetch is an excellent method for your Bull Terrier to get some exercise. Working in some cerebral stimulation and Terrier’s physical activity in this game is the best of both worlds.
  • Walk your bull terrier-Simple activities like going for a pleasant stroll while practising proper leash etiquette are beneficial for your dog’s energy depiction and health and also your health.
  • Take the dog for a run-This is a fantastic method to burn off a little more energy in a shorter time. Be cautious about easing your dog into a running program to determine its limitations.
  • Flirt pole and Fling poles-These are additional fitness games that you may integrate into their regimen.
Bull Terrier lying the grass field

How Do You Manage a Bull Terrier’s Temperament?

The Bull Terrier was bred to fight, and some of them would relish the opportunity to spar with other animals. Because of their nature, your Bull Terrier may need to be the only dog in the house. Socialization can impact how effectively your Bull Terrier interacts with people.

When outsiders approach, the Bull Terrier may become highly territorial and protective of his family. They may bite out of self-defense if they are not exposed to a diverse range of individuals and environments as they grow.

To avoid the above, you are recommended to you ask the breeder or shelter many questions regarding temperament before bringing a new dog home.

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What Do You MIX to Get a Bull Terrier?

A Bull Terrier is obtained by breeding a Bulldog with the now-extinct white English Terrier. The “bull and terrier” dogs are then bred with Spanish Pointers to make them larger.

Do Bull Terriers Have a Good Temperament?

Yes, Bull Terriers have a good temperament. When it comes to family members, Bull Terriers are kind, friendly, and playful. They are also devoted pets who will protect the family.


The Bull terriers are sweet, affectionate, and fascinating dogs that virtually many would like to own. If you follow any of the exercise and training suggestions above, your Bull Terrier will be able to train your dog to settle down. Burning off some of their energy might also help.