What Is the Minimum Temperature for Walking My Boston Terrier?

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Boston Terriers love to walk outside – it could be an adventure to them, not just an exercise. What if the season is already changing? What is the minimum temperature for walking your Boston Terrier?

Let’s look at some tips on how to keep your Boston Terrier safe from the sweater weather and still have fun.

What Is the Minimum Temperature for Walking My Boston Terrier?

The minimum temperature for walking your Boston Terrier is at least 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. This temperature is considered safe and shows no potential risks for your Boston Terrier. Lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit can cause some danger for small dogs at different levels depending on how low the temperature is. 

Graphic image of a woman walking her dog with a leash while the text describes that the minimum temperature for walking Boston Terriers should be 45-50 F

Boston Terriers are not really into cold weather since their skin and thin, single-layered coat cannot protect them that much. A temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit is considered risky, especially for smaller dogs like Boston Terriers. A temperature lower than 30 degrees can be considered life-threatening and can cause fever, frostbite, or hypothermia.

There are some signs that you can notice once your Boston Terrier is feeling cold. To keep your Boston Terriers from getting into danger, here are some tips so that may still enjoy themselves in the cold weather.

Signs Your Boston Terrier Is Feeling Cold

To keep your Boston Terrier safe and warm, here are some signs that you should pay attention to when the weather is cold.

  • Whining
  • Lameness
  • Uneasiness and anxiety
  • Sudden shaking or shivering
  • Holding and shaking up a paw
  • Not following the lead or slowing down
  • Avoiding going outside, for example, peeing or pooing somewhere in the house
Man walking his Boston Terrier during cold weather

How to Keep Your Boston Safe and Warm During the Cold Weather

You cannot stop the cold weather from coming, yet you can keep your Boston Terrier from getting sick because of it. Here some ways to protect your Boston Terrier from getting sick due to changing temperature.

Winter Exercise

Even before the winter, it is advised that you keep your Boston Terrier fit and healthy to prepare them for a lowering temperature. Keep them active whatever the weather. Every day, they must have at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise.

During the cold weather, physical activities can be more challenging, yet still necessary.

Keep Him on the Leash

Boston Terriers’ sense of smell can be weak due to snow-covered ground. Since most roofs and other parts of the houses are covered with snow, your Boston Terrier might get lost. It is better to keep them on a leash to avoid those incidents.

They may not be able to use their sense of smell during winter to find their way home.

Boston Terrier wearing a white jacket

Do not leave your Boston Terrier inside the car, whether the weather is hot or cold. Unless you have a setting in your car that can maintain its normal temperature. One more thing, a microchip can be of great use when your pet gets lost. Remember to keep it updated.

Watch Their Paws

Your Boston Terrier’s paws will be your first basis if they are feeling uncomfortable or cold. Their paws and fur may accumulate ice as they walk and may cause them to shiver or feel uncomfortable walking. In addition to that, antifreeze chemicals and salt can injure their paws.

Always check on their paws once you notice some changes in the way they walk.

Reducing and clipping the fur on your Boston Terrier’s paws may avoid the deposition of ice and may prevent injury. Another possible solution is wearing well-fitted socks and/or boots. Putting them on my Boston’s little paws may be challenging, but they will thank you for it.

Wash or Wipe Their Paws

After the walk or the game outside, do not allow your Boston to lick their paws and legs. Wash them with warm water and soap or wipe them with pet wipes to free them from poisonous chemicals that they may have stepped on. By doing this, you are protecting your Boston from harmful substances that may get inside of his body and cause sickness.

Comfortable Space to Rest

Even if your Bostons love or are used to stay outside to sleep, do not allow them there if the temperature is very low. Give them an insulated space to rest, like a warm spot in your house. You can put some newspaper or cloth to help keep your Boston warm.

Also, a blanket to scoot over is a warm delight for them.

A raised bed will also help if the floor is too cold. If it is extremely cold, a sweater would be a great option as well. You can also allow your Boston Terrier to wear it during a walk. 

Boston Terrier with a red leash

Know Your Boston Terrier’s Limit

Your Boston Terriers will be in their best condition if you don’t push them to their limits. If they are terrified of the cold and you know that it can make them anxious, then don’t force them to go outside and play in the snow. You can do it gradually until they are comfortable with it.

Likewise, if they have illnesses that can get worse in cold weather, then it’s best to stay inside and do some indoor activities. You can still make cold-weather fun and still protect your dog from harm.

Related Questions

Can You Keep a Boston Terrier Outside During Cold Weather?

Boston Terriers shouldn’t be kept outside during winter or cold weather. They are not equipped for cold weather since they don’t have much covering and insulation in the body. They can be outside for a short period of time for some activities, such as walking, running, or playing fetch. Just make sure to have some precautions.

What Do I Need to Do When My Boston Terrier Catches a Cold?

The first thing that you need to do when your Boston Terrier catches a cold, is to make sure that he has a clean and warm place to stay. You may use a humidifier or purifier to help loosen up your Boston Terrier’s stuffy nose. Make sure to give him lots of rest, nutritious dog food, and plenty of fresh water. A bowl of chicken soup may also help.

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Boston Terriers may love the snow, and they may still do their regular walking and other activities. However, you should take extra care because they are not made for winter. You should protect your Boston Terrier from catching a cold, frostbite, hypothermia, poisoning, and other dangers or illnesses.

If it is too cold for you, your Boston Terrier might feel more extreme.