What Kind of Puppy Diapers Are Best For a Boston Terrier in Heat? [2024 Review]

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Heat cycle will happen to your Boston Terrier if they are not spayed or neutered. Sometimes, if your female Boston Terrier is in heat, you will see spots of blood on your carpet or couch. That’s where diapers are coming to your rescue.

So, what kind of puppy diapers are best for a Boston Terrier in heat? Let’s find out!

My Top Puppy Diaper Reviews for Boston Terriers in Heat

Puppy diapers are not just used when traveling, if your dog is not yet trained to potty, or they are experiencing incontinence (unable to control urination). Diapers can also be used if your Boston Terrier is in heat. Here are the best puppy diapers for a Boston Terrier in heat.

CuteBone’s Reusable Female Dog Diapers

The CuteBone’s Reusable Female Dog Diapers are made of high-quality materials for dogs in heat. It is composed of breathable and absorbent mesh fabric and sewn-in padding inside, and a waterproof cover outside to prevent leaks. It uses velcro closures for a more secure fit and quick wearing and removing.

Similar to Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers, it has an elastic tail hole that can snug properly to your Boston’s small tail. On the downside, it has a limited absorbency. However, if your Boston will not pee or poo in it, it is still best if they are just in heat. 

If you want more absorbency, you may want to choose the Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers with extra padding.


  • It has an elastic strap that allows you to adjust the diaper according to your Boston’s waist
  • Its secure fit makes sure that it won’t be removed by your pet through shaking
  • It is machine washable.


  • Sizes can be inconsistent. Make sure to measure your Boston’s body correctly

Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers

The Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers has sewn-in padding inside and a leak-proof cover outside just like the CuteBone’s Reusable Female Dog Diapers. With its velcro closure and snap buttons, it is easy to wear and take off, and it offers a secure and comfortable fit for your Boston Terrier that is in heat.

It provides a more comfortable texture than a disposable diaper, like the Bodhi Dog’s Disposable Female Dog Diapers. Just a quick tip for proper measurement, consider the weight of your Boston Terrier if he’s in between sizes. If he is a bit heavier, go up one size. If your Boston is a little skinny, choose a smaller size.

A very elastic tail hole can be considered as a disadvantage for some because it can grip too tight on your Boston’s tail. 


  • It comes with a thick padding and an additional one
  • The double closure allows you to get an even more secure fit than the first on the list


  • The sizes can be small, proper measurement of your dog is required

Bodhi Dog’s Disposable Female Dog Diapers

The Bodhi Dog’s Disposable Female Dog Diapers is made of a breathable outer cover, stretchable waistband, and a secure fit tail hole. The edges of this diaper are elastic, keeping your Boston feeling free and comfortable. It has an adjustable velcro lock, similar to the first two on the list, to ensure that it fits snugly.

Your Boston will feel dry and comfy because of its quick-dry technology done by turning the pee, blood, or any liquid into a gel, the only one on the list. In the long run, since this is disposable, needing to buy more diapers can be a disadvantage.


  • It has a moisture indicator which is best to know if the diaper is wet or full already to avoid leaks
  • This diaper is very absorbent, saving you from changing it over and over


  • Some sizes are big and can slide off the butt of your dog

Features to Consider for the Best Kind of Puppy Diapers for a Boston Terrier in Heat

There are two main types of diapers discussed in this review – reusable and disposable. Reusable diapers are considered more eco-friendly and cost-saving in the long run. It may be expensive the first time you buy it, but if it’s of good quality, it can last for a long time and can be reused every time your Boston Terrier is in heat. 

Graphic image of a Boston Terrier wearing a red diaper with a text explaining that the best diaper for Boston Terriers in heat should be absorbent and secured fit

Comparing Diapers for Boston Terriers in Heat

Diaper Type Elastic Strap? With Padding?
CuteBone’s Reusable/WashableYesNo
Wegreeco’s Reusable/WashableYesYes
Bodhi Dog’s DisposableYesNo

Type of Diaper

Just like the CuteBone’s Reusable Female Dog Diapers and Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers.

Disposable diapers, like Bodhi Dog’s Disposable Female Dog Diapers, have their own advantages. For one, it is better than reusable if you are going to travel or you don’t have a place to wash. 

Boston Terrier

Form of Attachment

A tight and secured attachment will ensure that your Boston Terrier is safe from leaks and your carpet and couch are safe from blood. Most of the time, Velcro closures are used in diapers to ensure easy wearing and taking off. It is also considered more secure than other types of diaper closures. 

The three items on my list use velcro closure as an attachment.

3 Common Boston Terrier Health Issues

Sizes of Diaper

The size of the diaper really matters especially when it comes to Boston Terriers. Too small can be irritating to them, especially they are in the heat cycle. Likewise, too large can be a problem due to leaks and slipping off.

Usually, Boston Terriers are in the medium range. However, it is still best to make a measurement of your own.

All three on this list provide a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Boston Terrier lying in the rug

Related Questions

Why Should Boston Terriers in Heat Wear Diapers?

Boston Terriers must wear diapers during their heat cycle can prevent blood stains and accidental mating. During their heat cycle, their smell due to their hormones will attract other dogs, which can be stressful, especially if you’re not planning to mate with them.

How to Prevent the Puppy Diapers From Sliding off the Butt?

Make sure that the waistband is the right fit to prevent the puppy diaper from sliding off the butt of your Boston Terrier. You can choose a stretchable one with an excellent fitting and Velcro closure for a secured fit, much like the CuteBone’s Reusable Diaper.

How Often Should You Change Your Boston Terrier’s Diaper When in Heat?

When in heat, it’s best to change your Boston Terrier’s diaper about every four hours. Put on a new diaper before sleeping, then change it in the morning.

Boston Terrier Heat Cycles 101 - What You Need To Know


Heat cycles are inevitable unless your Boston Terrier is spayed or neutered. Diapers can be reusable or disposable and come in different designs and sizes. Make sure to properly measure your Boston’s waist and back to ensure a snug fit and avoid leaks and accidents.

Make sure the tail hole is fit as well since this can be a spot for leakage.