What Kind of Dog Food Bowl Is Best For Boston Terrier? [2021 Review]

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Boston Terriers are known to have a smooshed and flat faces. For this reason, they may have difficulty eating if their food bowl isn’t the right one. A wrong food bowl may also lead to several health problems as well.

So the question is, what kind of dog food bowl is best for Boston Terrier? 

Our Top Dog Food Bowl Reviews for Boston Terriers

We conducted research for different dog food bowls for Boston Terriers and come up with the best three. These dog food bowls were selected based on their ability to support Boston’s face shape, durability, safety, and utmost quality. Let’s find the kind of dog food bowl that is best for Boston Terriers.

Best Overall Dog Food Bowl for Boston Terriers:  Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Bowl for Flat-Faced Dogs

Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Food Bowl is specially crafted for flat-faced dogs like your Boston Terrier. This dog bowl is angled at 45 degrees allowing them to breathe easily while eating. It has an elevated ridge to assist your Boston while eating.

Enhanced Pet Bowl - Stainless Steel - Small

The elevated ridge results in minimized kibble mess, fewer flatulence problems, and good digestion of the food. It also has a wide opening so your Boston doesn’t have to squeeze his snout inside, just like the WZ Pet Elevated and Adjustable Ceramic Dog Feeding Bowl. It has a rubber ring at the base which prevents it from skidding and flipping while your Boston is eating.

We can say that the downside of this food bowl is when your Boston eats from the rear part. When it happens, most of the food will be pushed out of the bowl, creating a great mess. However, it can be solved easily by pushing the bowl against the wall.

Compared to WZ Pet Elevated and Adjustable Ceramic Dog Feeding Bowl, it is considered more durable.


  • Its titled design prevents the food from getting smeared all over your Boston’s face
  • They also offer a stand to make this bowl more elevated, sold separately


  • The rubber at the base can’t be removed so it should only be hand-washed, or the dishwasher may ruin it after some time

Best Dog Food Bowl for the Money for Boston Terriers: WZ PET Elevated, Adjustable Ceramic Dog Feeding Bowl

WZ Pet Elevated and Adjustable Ceramic Dog Feeding Bowl have a tilted design same with Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Dog Bowl to minimize strain on the neck and joints. This design also helps avoid pressure on the spine which may lead to future problems.

WZ PET Raised Tilted Dog Feeding Bowl,Elevated Ceramic Dog Bowls Set Anti-Slip,Standing Pet Feeding Dish for Small Medium Dogs and Cats,Black

This elevated dog food bowl makes it easier for your Boston to eat and swallow their food which helps improve their digestion. Similar to Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Dog Bowl, it has a wide opening to accommodate your Boston’s small snout and prevent spillage. 

It has an adjustable bracket made of waterproof and durable plastic which is also environmentally friendly. Under the dining table and the ceramic bowl is a non-slip mat that helps the dog food bowl to stay in place.

On the downside, the ceramic bowl has no lock-in feature on the table. Chances are the bowl may fall and get broken.


  • The adjustable, elevated design is best for senior dogs
  • This bowl is made of ceramic which is strong and rust-proof making it harmless for dogs and cats
  • It is easy to clean using a damp piece of cloth or with water


  • Ceramic can be broken easily unlike stainless steel or plastic feeder

Best Cheap Dog Food Bowl for Boston Terriers: Outward Hound Fun Feeder, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Outward Hound Fun and Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is specifically designed for Boston Terriers who eat really fast. Eating so fast can cause them to have digestive problems like bloating, indigestion, and flatulence. It is perfect for kibbles and canned food similar to the first two on the list. 

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Large/Regular, Purple

Their mealtime will be so fun with this challenging dog feeder. Similar to Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Dog Bowl, it has a non-slip base to hold it in place while your dog is eating. You need not worry about the materials used in this one because it is made from high-grade melamine. 

It is lead and phthalate-free and has no BPA and PVC content that can harm your Boston. On the downside, it is not microwavable.


  • It teaches patience and slows down your Boston while eating up to ten times
  • Helps avoid vomiting, regurgitation, and obesity due to fast and over-eating


  • It can be too deep for other dogs

Features to Consider for the Best Kind of Dog Food Bowl for Boston Terriers

Now that you have the choices, let’s take a closer look at the features that your dog food bowl should have and have not. Below is a table that contains the summary of some of the features in each reviewed feeder above.

Product Material Elevated Food Capacity
Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Food BowlStainless SteelCan be elevated with a stand (sold separately)Small – 1 cupMedium – 2.5 cupsLarge – 5 cups
WZ Pet Elevated and Adjustable CeramicCeramicYes, with a dining table2 cups
Outward Hound Fun and Slow Feeder Dog BowlMelamine PlasticNoSmall – ¾ cupMedium – 2 cupsLarge – 4 cups

Material Used

Dog food bowls are made with different kinds of materials such as plastic, metal, and ceramic. Each material has different levels of durability and suitability. Opt for a dog food bowl that meets the need of your Boston Terrier without disregarding quality and safety. 

One example of a safe and durable feeder is the Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Food Bowl.

Form and Design

Depending on what your Boston’s primary need is, should be the form or design of their feeder. For example, your Boston is a speedy eater, then you should pick the third on the list which is designed to slow them down. Outward Hound Fun and Slow Feeder Dog Bowl allows your dog to eat at a slower pace to prevent other problems from arising.

Dog bowls for Boston Terrier puppy

Size and Capacity

The dog food bowls on the list can only function well if they are in the right size. Make sure to carefully choose the right feeder size for your Boston and know its food capacity. If it is too small, you have to refill it repeatedly.

If it is too big, especially the Enhanced Pet Bowl’s Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Food Bowl, it will not be at its best performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Material is the Best Kind of Food Bowl for My Boston Terrier? Ceramic, Stainless Steel, or Plastic?

Ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic materials both have their advantages and disadvantages. The best kind of food bowl for Boston Terriers is the one that is quality and safe. We recommend that you opt for stainless steel if you are looking for both.

Since it is unbreakable compared to ceramic and poor-quality plastic. It doesn’t allow much bacteria to grow in it and it’s easy to clean.

Should Dog Food Bowls of Boston Terriers Be Elevated?

Yes. It is highly suggested that Boston Terriers feeders be elevated to reduce the chance of gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, regurgitation, vomiting, and even indigestion. An elevated feeder reduces the pressure on the neck of your dog and allows him to swallow easily.


To wrap up, the best kind of dog food bowl will always depend on the needs of your Boston Terrier. Since they have brachycephalic head features, remember that they need space to breathe easily while eating. Elevating their food bowl will also help to minimize neck and back tension.