What Is a Jack Russell and Westie Mix?

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If you want the independence, intelligence, and friendly nature of a West Highland and the energetic and playful nature of a JRT, you can consider getting their mix. Knowing what a Jack Russell and a Westie mix is can help you understand their temperament, diet, and exercise requirements.

What Is a Jack Russell and Westie Mix?

The Jack Russell and Westie mix, also known as Westie Jack or Jack Highland Terrier, is a mix of purebred Jack Russell Terrier and the West Highland. Male Westie Jacks have a standing height of 11 to 14 inches and weigh 13 to 21 pounds, while female Westie Jacks weigh 13 to 21 pounds and have a standing height of 10 to 13 inches.

A Westie Jack with white and brown coatings lying on a bed

These dogs have a coat color of white with black markings, white with tan markings, or a tricolor coat that comprises white, tan, and black. Depending on the inherited genes, you can expect the following physical and behavioral attributes in a Jack Highland terrier.

Physical Appearance

A male Jack Highland terrier has a standing height of 11 to 14 inches and a weight of 13 to 21 pounds, while a female weighs 13 to 21 pounds and a height of 10 to 13 inches. The dog resembles the JRT parent, with a sturdy and muscular body, thickly padded paws, and strong hindquarters.

Although most Westie Jacks have medium to long-haired coats, some may have short coats depending on the dominant genes. Westie Jacks have a dense double coat which can either be broken or smooth. The coat can have varying colors, such as white, white with tan markings, white with black markings, or a tricolor of white, tan, and black.

These dogs also have large and dark brown eyes, black noses, and wide V-shaped ears that tend to stand erect, fold or curl over. The teeth align in a scissor-like bite and look larger compared to the size of the head.


The Westie Jacks consumes one cup of dry dog food daily. However, you might need to give your dog more food depending on its activity level. For instance, you add the portion if the dog spends many hours in the dog park or hiking.

If you opt to feed your dog wet food, it’s advisable to mix a third of wet food with two-thirds of dry kibble and ensure it is specifically made for small dog breeds. Avoid commercially prepared foods with high fructose, syrup, corn, soy, and artificial ingredients.

You can also feed your homemade dog foods that include fish, real beef, veggies, fruits, and supplements like flaxseed. You can also consult the vet to help you determine the right ingredients to include in your dog’s homemade food.


The Jack Highland terrier is an energetic dog that requires about 60 to 80 minutes of vigorous exercise to expend pent-up energy. You can take your dog on a brisk walk on a leash or engage it in high-intensity fetch games in your backyard.

Keeping in mind that both parent dogs were initially bred as hunting dogs, the mix tends to engage in destructive behaviors such as digging and gnawing due to strong hunting instincts. The dog is also intelligent and might try to escape if under-exercised or left alone for extended periods.


The Jack Highland terrier can take its behaviors from either parent depending on the dominant genes. Generally, the dog possesses high energy levels and can be a good companion during workouts.

Although the dog is friendly and gets along well with kids and strangers, their high hunting drive makes them unsuitable for cats and other small family pets.

It is, therefore, advisable to socialize your dog early to prevent aggression. The dog is naturally curious and loves exploring the environment using its nose, trying to pick up new scents or follow any new creature in its sight.

Jack Highland terrier with white and brown coatings sticking its tongue out


Generally, this dog has a long lifespan of about 11-13 years. Although this designer dog has minimal health risks, it’s advisable to pay attention to the following health conditions.

  • Addison’s disease
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal dysplasia
  • Craniomandibular osteopathy
  • Malassezia dermatitis
  • Follicular dysplasia
  • Seborrhea
  • Selective IG A deficiency

Related Questions

How Often Should I Brush My Jack Highland Terrier?

You might need to brush your Jack Highland terriers daily or after several days, depending on the dominant genes. If your dog takes the hypoallergenic coat of a West Highland, it tends to shed less and requires minimal brushing. If the coat resembles that of the JRT parent, the dog sheds frequently and requires daily brushing.

Are Jack Highland Terriers Easy to Train?

Westie Jacks are easy to train as they are intelligent and eager to please their owners. However, you should initiate training at an early age to prevent bad habits from their hunting background.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what a Jack Russell and Westie mix is can help you understand how to feed and groom the dog and the health conditions to look out for. Although it has a strong prey drive and may not get along with small animals, it is a great family companion dog.