What Is a Mini Bull Terrier?

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Mini Bull Terrier or miniature Bull Terrier is the smaller version of the standard-sized Bull Terrier. There was no specific breeding process for developing mini Bull Terriers. It was all by chance that the Bull Terriers grew with different sizes when initially bred for the first time in the 19th century.

A Mini Bull Terrier is also a mix of terrier and bulldog, just like the standard ones. But as of now, when the small-sized Bull Terriers gained more popularity, target-breeding for this miniature breed has increased drastically.

What Is a Mini Bull Terrier?

A miniature Bull Terrier is a sedate, predictable, dignifying, and easily trainable dog. These dogs are the pocket versions of the Standard Bull Terriers. The height of mini Bull Terriers can range between 10 to 14 inches, and they weigh a maximum of 35 pounds.

This range varies significantly from that of the standard Bull Terrier. The big brother breed of Bull Terrier grows to over 22 inches and looks huge. But, mini Bull Terrier looks like a kid is hiding underneath a dog suit.

Mini Bull Terrier

Are you planning on getting a miniature Bull Terrier for your family? Are you in a dilemma of whether to go with the mini version or the standard one? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

This guide will give you all the details about what is a mini Bull Terrier. Not just that, but this article will explain to you the reasons for which you should get the miniature Bull Terrier over the standard ones.

Everything About Mini Bull Terrier!

It all depends upon the definition of attractiveness. If you consider a tall stature as attractive, then mini Bull Terriers are not for you. But if you are fine with any sized dog, then confusion arises.

This confusion is very much expected, especially with Bull Terriers, as there is a miniature breed available other than just the standard breed; it becomes difficult to decide upon one.

Mini Bull Terriers are miniature in their appearance but are in no way lagging behind the standard breed. In fact, small Bull Terriers are muscular, powerful, and have large heads, just like the standard Bull Terrier.

The differences are the weight and height, which are noticeable only when you make them stand side-to-side with the standard Bull Terriers.

In fact, in some cases, you won’t even realize the difference. It is because of their muscular appeal. Mini terriers are also like mischievous toddlers.

Also, they live their life playfully and happily. Furthermore, they are very much popular for their clownish antics. They can please you with short self-game sessions.

Mini Bull Terriers are independent thinkers and will follow your commands when you train them to. You cannot force them to do anything without a good approach! Therefore, owners put in a lot of effort to teach the basic commands to the mini or standard Bull Terriers.

If you intend to learn how to train your Bull Terrier puppy, whether standard or mini, then don’t forget to go through this article!

There are a few more things about mini Bull Terriers that you must know before you decide to buy one. They include:

Mini Bull Terrier with large breed dogs
  • Mini Bull Terriers are moderate diggers and will dig holes in your backyard every time you turn your back on them. You need to train them not to do it so frequently. Take them to the place where they can dig freely and tire their energy, but not in your backyard or anyone else’s.
  • In fact, mini Bull Terriers are clever dogs and are aware of finding their way out to reach for their master or food. You can try it out by locking them in a room with an unlocked windowpane. Also, you can head out to the gates and call for your dog.
    They will try the door first, and when they find it locked, they will head to the windows. Their paws work just like humans. They will open the door or window just like any human would do and reach for you.  
  • Mini Bull Terriers intend to respond to calm and patient leaders. If you try to force things upon them, they will resist. And there is nothing that you can do about their resistive nature. So, be calm and composed while you are training your mini Bull Terrier.

Here is a video that will give you a better glimpse at everything you wish to know about mini Bull Terriers. Check it out right away!

Reasons To Go For A Mini Bull Terrier

As of now, you are well aware of what is a mini Bull Terrier. So, now is the time to enlighten you about why you should consider buying the mini Bull Terrier over the standard option.

The Size Matters

The standard Bull Terriers are big in size and will need more space to move around the house. If they stand at a door and resist moving, you might have to bench yourself out. Families do manage big dogs, but adjusting the lifestyle becomes difficult initially.

And dogs do grow fast! So, it won’t be a matter of time when you will find your Bull Terrier puppy grown to be an adult. 

The mini Bull Terriers do possess the same characteristics and behavior traits. But they are short and demand less space around the house. You do not have to change the setting of your home for the dog. It is because mini Bull Terrier is just like a toddler wandering around the house.

The maximum size of your mini Bull Terrier will be that of a 3-year old kid. Therefore, if you don’t want to take the hassle of changing the house setting due to the dog’s size, then go for a mini Bull Terrier.

The Energy Matters

Both mini, as well as standard Bull Terriers, have quite a lot of energy in them. But on records, a standard Bull Terrier replicates a more energetic approach than that of a mini Bull Terrier. The difference is very subtle, but still, it counts.

Draining out the energy for miniature Bull Terriers is easy in comparison to the usual-sized ones. So, it is upon you to decide whether you wish to go with the breed that demands you to put more effort and patience or with the one that requires the same, but substantially less!

Mini Bull Terriers have that playful nature, and you can keep them occupied with their toys. But when it comes to the big-sized Bull Terriers, they compare themselves with you. They want you to be their coach for the game.

Mini Bull Terrier

Also, mini Bull Terriers look up to you as a parent and think of themselves as little kids. So, they indulge themselves in their own activities to drain out the energy. In terms of energetic characteristics, the mini Bull Terrier is more controllable than its standard breed.

They are Adorable

Mini Bull Terriers are much more adorable in their appeal in comparison to their standard breed. It doesn’t mean that the bigger version of this breed is not cute at all! They both are adorable, but a small stature and pretty little face with short legs deserve an extra mark for cuteness.

So, if you want a super-cute pet at home, then go for the miniature Bull Terrier as your final option.

Related Questions

Do Mini Bull Terriers Shed?

Yes, mini Bull Terriers do shed, but at a moderate level! This dog has a glossy and short coat that sheds more only during the seasons and less on usual days. Regular brushing is adequate to keep the shedding in control.

Are Mini Bull Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic, and you need to take proper care of that. It is a form of genetic abnormality that was reported after target breeding commenced for mini Bull Terriers.

The dander count in mini Bull Terriers is low, which is the sole reason for being hypoallergenic. To know more about the hypoallergenic condition of this breed, give this informative article a read!

Can I Leave My Mini Bull Terrier Alone At Home For A Long Time?

Even though with loads of socialization training, these dogs should not be left alone at home for more than a few hours. They can play along with the toys for quite some time, but not for long. Also, they love their masters a lot and will look for them every time they get bored.

In fact, when they don’t find you, they will be destructive. So, if you have to head out for something, consider leaving someone behind whom your dog knows.


So, if you have plans to get a mini Bull Terrier, the above information is sufficient for you to decide. You can head out to your breeder and see full-sized Bull Terriers, both mini and standard, to better understand what to pick.

Keep in mind the essential factors and their breed attributes before you bring the dog home!