What Is a Large Breed of Yorkshire Terrier?

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Many Yorkie owners worry that their Yorkie is too big or small. As a result, they begin to wonder, “What is a large breed of Yorkshire terrier?” Yorkie size varies considerably, and this sometimes makes their owners question if their Yorkie is purebred.

Large breeds are different from standard Yorkies.

What Is a Large Breed of Yorkshire Terrier?

Large breed Yorkies, popularly known as Giant Yorkies, are over 9 inches tall and weigh more than 7 pounds (if not obese). These dogs often weigh between 8 and 10 pounds (3.62 to 4.53 kilograms). Some owners have 14-pound dogs that are physically slim and in good health.

Graphic image of a brown Yorkshire Terrier stating that a large breed of Yorkies are called Giant Yorkies

Although this is not the breed standard, these dogs are generally healthy and may even be more nutritious than their smaller relatives.

There’s nothing amiss with a Giant Yorkie; in fact, they’re more resilient in general. The bone structure of these larger Yorkies is often more extensive.

Black and brown colored Yorkshire Terrier

Giant Yorkshire Terrier Overview

Like Wire Haired Yorkshire Terriers,

  • Yorkshire Terriers can grow quite large, weighing up to 10 or even 15 pounds in some situations.
  • Standard Yorkies, however, weigh between four to seven pounds (1.8 – 3.2kgs) with a height of eight to nine inches (20 – 23cm).

This growth is most likely owing to the presence of another large breed in the lineage. I can trace back up genes to five generations. Is this an indication that they aren’t purebred?

When a purebred is registered with the appropriate kennel club, they usually only go back three generations.

More than one dog may have bred the female. In that instance, the Yorkie male’s fertilized eggs are purebred. The mixed-breed puppies will be the other eggs.

A purebred Yorkshire Terrier may appear larger than expected. Those who weigh more than 9 pounds should be assessed for obesity.

Comparing Other Terrier Breeds by Their Size

Other Terrier BreedsSize
Kerry Blue Medium
Lakeland Small
Manchester Small
Miniature Bull Small
Miniature Schnauzer Small
Airedale Large
American Hairless Small
American Staffordshire Medium
Australian Small
Bedlington Small

What Can Make a Yorkshire Terrier a Large Breed?

In many circumstances, the lineage will contain a combination of breeds. If a Yorkie is a registered purebred, this may seem impossible. However, according to the American Kennel Club, a dog must have a three-generation pedigree to be classified as purebred.

This statement suggests that there could have been mixing with another breed anywhere in the past 5, 10, or more generations.

The following are other reasons a Yorkshire Terrier can be a large breed instead of the standard size and weight.

Yorkshire Terrier standing near the gate

‘Throwback’ Hopping of Genes

There may be a ‘throwback’ hopping of genes in certain circumstances. This hopping means that the Yorkie will inherit size characteristics from a distant cousin of a different breed.

Unintentional Pairing

Another option is an unintentional pairing, which may be ruled out by DNA testing. In many circumstances, DNA testing is optional. In some cases, though, it is required. This testing is used for commonly utilized sires, imported dogs, and random inspection visits to breeding kennels.

Breeders are on the honor system when filling out sire and dam information in this circumstance because there is no DNA testing. The sire indicated on the registration may not be the true sire, whether due to dishonesty or an honest mistake.

Breeding by Multiple Dogs

Remember that a female dog might be impregnated by two different dogs simultaneously. There have been cases where the female ties with a Yorkshire Terrier and another breed dog, with only the Yorkshire Terrier recognized as a sire.

However, some of the pups are genuinely mixed breed dogs. You might be perplexed about how a Yorkie could have another breed mixed while still appearing to be a purebred.

Large Species Similar to the Yorkie

Other larger species appear very similar to the Yorkshire Terrier, making them seen as giant breed Yorkies. The Australian Terrier, which weighs 12 to 14 pounds on average, is one of them.

You should inspect the ear set; while some purebred Yorkies have floppy ears, such Yorkies are not commonly found. If the dog’s ears are drop ears with no stand and the dog is significantly larger than expected, another breed may be present in the bloodline.

Long haired Yorkshire Terrier

Related Questions

What Sizes Do Yorkies Come In?

The majority of Yorkshire Terriers weigh between 4 and 7 pounds (1.81 kg to 3.17 kg). A fully grown dog smaller than this would be regarded as too little and may have health difficulties relating to its size.

Are There Different Types of Yorkshire Terriers?

Officially, just one type of Yorkie exists, which is the Yorkshire terrier. However, dogs with different colors and patterns than the tan coat with the blue saddle claim to be Yorkies.

What Is a Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkies are Yorkshire terriers that are purely bred. They are not combined with other breeds; instead, they have a single gene that gives them their distinctive tri-colored coat of brown, tan, and white.


The fact that you think your Yorkie is too big or too small isn’t the most crucial factor. There are several Yorkshire Terriers that weigh between 8 and 9 pounds and are healthy purebreds. It doesn’t matter in the end as long as your Yorkie is healthy, happy, and well-loved.