What Is a Japanese Yorkshire Terrier?

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The Japanese Yorkshire terrier, commonly known as Jarkie, is a designer dog, a deliberate crossbreed between the Japanese Chin, a small dog revered by ancient Asian nobility, and the Yorkshire Terrier. Many people struggle with what is a Japanese Yorkshire Terrier since it is most prevalent in Asia.

What Is a Japanese Yorkshire Terrier?

The Jarkie is an energetic, sweet, and cheeky dog. These canines will fascinate you with their mischievousness and personality, and they’ll make you forget they’re only pint-sized dogs. Jarkie will want to be by your side at all times and will not get along with owners who work long hours.

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Similar to Yorkie Poos which are also designer dogs, they are highly attached and behave similarly to velcro dogs. Jarkie’s parents are purebred dogs, even though Jarkies are not.

They appeal to apartment dwellers and anyone with moderate allergies to dog fur because of their low-shedding, velvety coat, and small height.

History of The Japanese Yorkshire Terrier

The following points will give you a deeper insight into the history of Jarkies.

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  • The Japanese Chin, one of the parent breeds of the Jarkie, is an ancient species whose origins are shrouded in mythology and mystery. 
  • Monarchs in both China and Japan cherished the small dogs. In the mid-1850s, they favored expeditionary armies, achieving fame outside of Asia in England and the United States.
  • The American Kennel Club recognized the breed as the Japanese Spaniel in 1888, before they formally changed the name to the Japanese Chin in 1977. 
  • In comparison, the Yorkshire Terrier is a newer breed, a mix between numerous varieties of terriers that were once widely utilized for pest management in the countryside, including Dandie-Dinmont, Waterford, Paisley, and Clydesdale Terriers, among others. 
  • This dog was created in the mid-nineteenth century as an urban pest control dog, used to find and kill mice and rats that had taken up residence in factories and mines. 
  • They were bred for even smaller size and greater portability, and they were recognized as the toy group of the American Kennel Club in 1885. 
  • Their handsome appearance and bright and lively disposition quickly became a favorite companion animal for the fashionable elite. They were bred for even smaller size and greater portability. 
  • The Jarkie hybrid is less loud than the Yorkshire Terrier and has a lower risk of respiratory problems than the Japanese Chin.
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Japanese Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

The Jarkie is a petite, well-balanced dog with straight, fine-boned legs and a luscious, silky single-layer coat that can be medium-length to long. Although tiny and large white patches are standard, the coloring is often more like the Yorkshire Terrier.

The head can be small, like the Yorkshire Terrier’s, or it can be short and broad, or it can be a mix of both. This mix has short V-shaped ears that can stand erect or fold forward and dark, wide eyes that indicate their alert and inquisitive demeanor.

Japanese Yorkshire Terrier’s Food/Diet

The Jarkie may be tiny; however, they must feed well to live a long and healthy life. Dogs are omnivores, which allows them to eat a wider variety of foods and requires a greater diversity of nutrients to flourish. 

  • Jarkie will require a well-balanced diet that contains fiber from plants, healthy fats, meat-based protein, and various vitamins and minerals. Most pet owners opt for high-quality dry food, and Jarkie will thrive on this diet to suit their dog’s complex nutritional needs. 
  • If you choose the proper kibble, it might be the perfect food for your tiny buddy. He’ll be more prone to obesity and tooth plaque buildup as a small breed dog. Feeding kibble promotes dental health and makes portion control and caloric control easier. 
  • If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and divide their daily kibble into two meals, you won’t be overfeeding them. Just make sure to get high-quality dry food packed with natural components. 
  • Jarkie usually needs a toy or small breed formula because of their size and activity level. It’s also a good idea to think about your pet’s age while selecting food. It’s vital to remember that puppies have different demands than adults or older canines.

In addition to food and diet, Jarkies also require enough exercise to keep their bodies active, stay healthy, and execute their mandate fully. Below are some exercise requirements for Jarkies.

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Exercise Requirements for Japanese Yorkshire Terriers

These mixed breed dogs have a lot of energy; however, it’s simple to keep up with them because of their petite stature. The following guidelines will help you meet Jarkie activity needs.

  • Japanese Yorkies can be pleased with just a few rounds of zoomies around the sitting room, and your exhausted canine will rest for the rest of the afternoon. Of all, just because their small stature permits them to exercise indoors doesn’t indicate that staying indoors will be beneficial to them.
  • Jarkies, like all dogs, require fresh air and walks to keep healthy and happy. 30 to 60 minutes of focused activity is usually sufficient for this mix, with at least half of that time spent outside.
  • Mental activity is also an essential part of Jarkie’s exercise routine. These clever cookies aren’t just interested in physical activity! They will become bored and disruptive if they are not challenged, so make sure you provide them with good entertainment. 
  • Positive reinforcement strategies perform best, which comes as no surprise given that goodies and enthusiastic praise inspire even the most stubborn dogs. Jarkies should be trained in numerous shorter sessions rather than one long one, as they lose interest quickly, especially if things become monotonous.
  • You will require patience and perseverance to train the Jarkie dogs. They are self-assured canines who can think for themselves. This intelligence makes teaching them a little more complicated. Patience and persistence can overcome this behavior.
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Jarkie dogs are sweet and loving. They are devoted to their families and like spending time with them. These dogs thrive on attention and spend the majority of their time with their family. Due to their overprotective attitude, they may bark excessively; however, training may stop this.