What Is It Like to Have a Boston Terrier

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Are you thinking about owning a Boston Terrier dog breed? Wondering what is it like to have a Boston Terrier at home? According to the AKC, the Boston Terrier breed originated in the Boston, Massachusetts, area, and it was originally a cross between an English Bulldog and the now-extinct White Terrier. 

Although Boston terriers were initially bred for fighting dogs, they were nicknamed the American gentleman because of their appealing appearance. This article will talk about boston terrier temperament,  taking care of a Boston Terrier, and why not to get one. Let’s begin with the long list of good traits.

What Is It Like to Have a Boston Terrier?

The Boston Terrier is a lovable kind of dog breed. They are known to be clingy and loyal to their owner since they were bred as companion dogs. Having this dog breed is like having a sweet little furry child at home. They can be needy sometimes, yet they are also known to be independent dogs.

Before owning a Boston Terrier it’s crucial to know that they have different traits that you have to deal with. Some of them are calm and modest, like a real gentleman, while some can be very playful. So, let’s talk about Boston Terrier personality to let you know if you can manage to have one and to know what it is like to have a Boston Terrier. 

Reasons of Getting a Boston Terrier

Before owning a Boston Terrier it’s advisable to know its traits so that you find out whether you will love it. Here are some Boston Terrier personality that you will like about them.

A Boston Terrier staring up at the camera

A Good Family Companion

Since Boston Terriers are good companion dogs, they are known to be a good family pet with people of all ages. Boston Terriers love to be with their owner, whether just to sit down, take a nap, or play with some toys.Like the bull terrier, they are really good at socialization once they are trained to. 

With a good introduction, Boston Terriers are also welcoming to other pets such as cats. Considering that they have strong jaws Boston Terriers may seem to want to bite, but they won’t, just don’t trigger them.

Smart and Fast-Learner 

Aside from looking smart with its built-in tuxedo, a Boston Terrier puppy from reputable breeders is intelligent and quick to learn. With patience and the right reinforcement, you can enjoy owning a Boston terrier as you can do many tricks especially when you train it at a young age. 

Keeping in mind that they were bred for fighting dogs, training them with a raised voice and bad temper is not recommended as it makes them anxious. If you train them properly Boston Terriers enjoy dog sports, puzzle games, agility tests, and doing some tricks.

Boston terrier owners should also know that treats are a good motivation when it comes to training. As much as they love what they are doing, they also love to eat.

Playful and Active

If you want some playmate or a dog breed that is always on the go, Boston terrier owners will love the energy that this dog breed possesses. Just make sure to find quality toys for your Boston Terriers that cannot be easily destroyed. It can be very dangerous if they eat some parts of the toy when playing.

These companion dogs enjoy physical activities like dog sports, walking, a little running, and even swimming. Once in a while, Boston owners should take it to the beach and have fun playing fetch or just running on the sand.

Likes to Burrow

Boston Terriers are like worms in disguise. They like to burrow themselves under the blanket or a pillow, choosing a perfect position to sleep. This is part of their instinct to protect themselves from cold or from other threats. 

During a cold season, Boston owners should make sure to keep the Boston terrier puppy safe and warm inside the house. If you can, give him his own sweater or a blanket will do. Boston Terriers have little tolerance to cold since they have a thin, single-layer short coat.

Highly Sensitive

These companion dogs are sensitive to your feelings especially if they’ve known you for a long time. They know when to play with you, they know when to just sit and cuddle with you, and they know how to take training with you seriously. 

Likewise, you should be sensitive to your Boston Terrier personality as well. You need to know when they are anxious or uncomfortable with the place, situation or animals. You wouldn’t want a Boston terrier with any kind of anxiety. 

A Boston Terrier with mouth open

Make your Boston terrier puppy feel loved and cared for. You can keep all the designated items for your Boston Terrier in the corner of a room, so she has personal space. If she needs time alone, let her retreat to this area to calm down and have some time to herself until she is ready to play again.

Easy to Care For

If you are planning on getting a Boston terrier, grooming is easy as they have a thin and short coat. You only need to groom Boston Terriers once or twice a week, as Bostons have little to no shedding at all.

They don’t have many wrinkles on their face, so grooming it can be easier. They have a small and sturdy body which can save you lots of time in bathing sessions.

Grooming their nails isn’t a problem as well. You can trim once or twice a month depending on the rate of growth. If they are potty trained properly, you won’t have any problems with accidents. 

Disadvantages of Owning a Boston Terrier

Some people are hesitant in owning a Boston Terrier mainly because of their health issues. Since they have a brachycephalic face, there are lots of health issues that may arise, either hereditary or developmental.

Here are some of the things to take note of before owning a Boston Terrier.

  • Some of them snore while sleeping.
  • They are prone to environmental allergies because of their thin coat. 
  • Boston Terriers tend to overheat after a strenuous activity because of their short snout.
  • They are prone to other breathing issues, such as brachycephalic syndrome, and joint issues, like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Why are Boston Terriers Gassy?

Boston terrier being gassy is popularly known as flatulence or farting a lot. Flatulence occurs when gas accumulates in your Boston’s colon and intestinal tract. Although this is a normal reaction that occurs when bacteria break down some types of foods, Boston terriers are more prone to this problem than other dogs.

The following are some reasons why Boston terriers are so gassy.

A Boston Terrier sitting outdoors with a bright background

Brachycephalic Condition

Boston terriers are Brachycephalic dog breeds, which means they have a shorter muzzle, a small face, and their nose is pushed a little bit inward. 

Keeping in mind that Bostons are speed eaters and might breathe through the mouth because of their small noses, they might be swallowing extra air along with every bite. This means the excess gas has to be released out through farting. 

Although you might pay a visit to the vet on some occasions, excessive farting does not necessarily mean that the dog is sick.


A food allergen can cause extreme gas and irritation of the dog’s digestive tract, which might lead to excessive farting. Knowing that your Boston terrier is allergic can help you take preventive measures, eliminate farting and even improve its short coat and skin condition that might be affected by allergic reactions. 

The following are foods that contain excess gas and might increase the chances of farting in Boston Terriers:

  • Yeast which can cause stomach and intestinal upset
  • Processed treats
  • Dairy products such as milk and cheese
  • Kibbles that are rich in carbohydrates and fewer nutrients
  • Legumes such as peanuts and peas
  • Grains such as corn, wheat, and rice
  • Fibers available in beans and fruits

Human Food

Human foods and table scraps may cause digestive problems in Boston terriers. Usually, it’s because they contain sugar and fat, which are difficult to digest, creating gas. If you opt to offer homemade foods to your Boston, it’s advisable to provide foods that are rich in essential nutrients and fatty acids.

Your dog can also eat some types of vegetables, such as celery, carrots, and cucumber, either cooked or raw. However, it’s important to avoid feeding Boston terriers spicy foods as it might lead to stomach issues, including diarrhea, pain, or gas.

Not Pooping Enough

If your Boston terrier lives in an environment lacking a good place to poop, it might hold its bowel movements for a prolonged period, causing pressure in the gastrointestinal tract.

These dogs relieve the pressure in the GI system through farting, so it’s important to keep watch of your Boston’s pooping frequency. Considering that the pooping frequency should be almost equal to the amount of food you feed your dog, the more your Boston eats, the higher the frequency.

How to Reduce Boston’s Flatulence

Considering Boston’s more prone to flatulence, it is advisable to consult your vet regularly for medications or tests for allergies. However, as a dog owner, you can also try out the following remedies to reduce farting:

  • Feed your Boston terrier protein-based foods and in fewer amounts of carbohydrates. 
  • Feed your Boston Terrier raw foods like dry kibble, boiled turkey, vegetables, and bone broth rather than processed ones.
  • Avoid feeding your dog table scraps or beef, as it can irritate the gastrointestinal system, creating more gas. 
  • You should avoid feeding your pet rice as it is a complex carbohydrate that can ferment in your dog’s GI tract, worsening the situation. 
  • Create a conducive environment for your Boston, so it can have the freedom and a place to poop whenever it feels like it.

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Are Boston Terriers Good for First-Time Dog Owners?

If you are a first-time dog owner it’s crucial to note that the Boston Terrier breed has good traits generally. Make sure to get a Boston Terrier from a reputable breeder and trusted breeder to ensure its health and traits. Typically, Boston Terrier personality is amazing and was bred to be family dogs. 

Are Boston Terriers Good Pets?

The Boston Terrier is a good pet. These dogs are very affectionate toward their owner and they just love to snuggle. Boston Terriers are also good with children and other people in the family. They are not aggressive to other animals as well.

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Boston Terriers have different traits and adorable faces. Yet, there are still other things to consider before owning a Boston terrier. Though most of the issues mentioned above can be resolved, others just won’t risk it. However, if you really are convinced of getting a Boston Terrier, then go for it.