What Is a Bull Terrier?

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Some dogs are considered aggressive and dangerous. They are not considered as good house dogs. However, there are dogs that you can train to lessen or remove aggression, just like a Bull Terrier.

What is a Bull Terrier, and how can you train it to be a good house dog?

What Is a Bull Terrier?

A Bull Terrier was originally bred in the 19th century in England as a fighter. Years later, when dog fighting was considered inhumane, Bull Terrier was improved and bred as a companion for gentlemen where they became known as “white cavalier.”  Nowadays, some of them can be found at home as family pets and companions.

Bull Terrier running in the lawn

In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the first Bull Terrier named Nellie II. After 12 years, a club for Bull Terriers was formed and was called the Bull Terrier Club of America. Although Bull Terriers are now considered home pets, there are still restrictions that you should follow.

Personality and Temperament of a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are unique dog breeds. They have both good and not-so-good personalities and temperaments. If you want to take home a Bull Terrier, here are the things that you should know and you have to deal with later on. 

Playful and Energetic

Bull Terriers are known to be friendly and always ready for fun. They are always up for entertainment. It’s not normal for them to just sit in the corner and wait for their owner. They can be mischievous and tough players sometimes, so they need to know their limits through your signals.

If they start playing rough, you may stop for a while for him to know that it is not good. Allow him to behave, then you may continue playing with him.

Strong and Courageous

Bull Terriers are still a fighter in spirit. They are not known to give up easily. This characteristic may be good if honed properly. A persistent Bull Terrier in the wrong things will be a big problem.

Though they are gentler and calmer than their ancestors, they still have most of their genes that can be expressed.

Gentle Yet Super Active

Bull Terriers love to play with their owners and even with children. Playing is one way of how they show that they like you. However, since Bull Terriers get excited sometimes, little kids should be out of their way.

Bull Terriers

Avoid letting him play with anything that he can get, or he’ll destroy everything in the house. Instead, maybe you should have time to go outside and let him bite some clean tennis balls to play.

Supervision is a must if your Bull Terrier is playing with your kid, especially if the dog is bigger than the child. This is to avoid any untoward incidents during playtime.


Bull Terriers can be possessive and jealous. If you do not give him enough attention or you’re giving more attention to someone else, they will act up and display unusual behavior. They may start pacing, chase something or their tail, and even bark. 

If your dog is acting like this, don’t just pet him or even give him a treat. You can either say a signal word from your training or throw a ball to let him know that you can see him. This attitude can be altered to a positive one by making them a good watchdog.


Bull Terriers are, by nature, aggressive and assertive. However, this attitude can be corrected by proper and consistent training for Bull terrier puppies and early socialization, either with his mom and littermates or with other animals and people. Discipline him in a nice way and make rules for him to follow.

Other Things to Consider Before Owning a Bull Terrier

In addition to the personalities and temperaments of a Bull Terrier, there are other things that you should know before taking one home. Most of it, however, is not that alarming.

  • Some states, cities, and neighborhoods do not allow a Bull Terrier to live within a community. Make sure to check the restrictions and laws with regards to owning a Bull Terrier.
  • You should have time to play with him and train him as necessary. A Bull Terrier that receives little to no attention at all can become more aggressive and disobedient.
Adult Bull Terrier
  • Bull Terriers can get bored easily. If this happens, he can either chew on everything that is on his way or display other negative behavior. To keep him busy, you may give him some puzzle toys with treats or do regular walking to use up his energy.
  • Bull Terriers can be bossy and possessive. Because of this, they can develop separation anxiety. Make sure to give a positive association between leaving the house and going back home. If there’s no one to be with him, you can use a crate to keep him in one area.
  • They have a strong prey drive. They might chase some squirrels, cats, and other small animals around them. You can avoid it by socializing them with smaller animals like Chihuahuas.
  • Trancing is one of the weirdest things that they do. They will walk around a plant or curtain very slowly and rub their back on the edge of it. That is just normal behavior and nothing to be alarmed about.

Related Questions

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Bull Terriers are dangerous in the past. They can cause serious bites and wounds even to bigger dogs than them. However, there are things that you can do to make your dog as friendly as possible. You can enroll him in obedience classes and socialize him with different people and animals early on.

Will My Bull Terrier Turn On Me?

Your Bull Terrier will not turn on you unless of course overly triggered. Bull Terriers are known to be protective and possessive of their owner, the people that they know, and even with their toys. If positive behavior is instilled in them, you have nothing to worry about.


Bull Terriers are once fighting dogs. Now, they are one of the most expensive companion dogs to own because of their unique looks and rarity. Bull Terriers can be good friends and playmates if proper care and attention are given to them.

Training them right can solve their aggression problems.