What Is the Gestation Period of a Boston Terrier?

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Are you excited to see those little puppies coming out of your Boston Terrier? Of course, you have to prepare for it, from the beginning of pregnancy up to the time that your Boston Terrier is about to give birth. So what is the gestation period of a Boston Terrier?

How will you know if she’s about to give birth?

What Is the Gestation Period of a Boston Terrier?

The gestation period of a Boston Terrier is approximately 63 to 65 days from the day of conception. In other words, Boston Terriers are typically pregnant for around 9 weeks.

The gestation period may differ from one Boston Terrier to another. Gestation does not immediately start right after the mating process, and so does conception. 

The tricky part is, the sperm cells can stay for a couple of days inside the female dog’s body. While the fertile egg of a Boston Terrier can wait up to 48 hours. After the mating, there can be two to three days before the gestation period actually begins.

Boston Terrier sitting on the grass

The easiest, yet not the most accurate way to monitor the days of your Boston Terrier’s pregnancy is using a calendar.

The more exact way to predict the length of the gestation period is through hormone measurements with the help of your veterinarian. The hormone measurement helps in identifying the appropriate time to breed, the period of gestation, and the estimated time of delivery.

Stages of Boston Terrier’s Pregnancy

The stages of Boston Terrier’s pregnancy seem to be divided into trimesters just like in humans. However, their length of pregnancy is comparably short which is just about 9 weeks.

It is important to monitor your Boston Terrier during the gestation period to ensure that the puppies will grow normally and healthy.

Likewise, monitoring during the whole pregnancy, together with your vet, will keep your mother Boston Terrier safe and healthy. A healthy mother has a higher chance of giving birth to healthy puppies.

Let’s talk about the things to expect during the pregnancy period of your dog.

Week 1 to 4

As long as your Boston Terrier is healthy even before the start of pregnancy, the first few weeks wouldn’t raise any concerns at all.

You can continue with your Boston Terrier’s regular diet and do not give any medicine or vitamins unless advised by your vet. Taking any form of medication may have an adverse effect on your Boston Terrier’s puppies and herself.

During the first month of pregnancy, here are the signs that your Boston Terrier may show. The time of appearance of these signs may differ from one Boston Terrier to another.

Most of these changes are mainly caused by changing hormones. 

  • May gain or lose appetite 
  • The nipples will slightly get enlarged
  • Lack of enthusiasm for physical activities
  • Retching or vomiting
  • Gets more clingy
  • Clear genital discharge at around week four
Boston Terrier puppy

Expect the following fetal development during the first month:

  • Around week 1, the embryo will travel through the fallopian tube
  • In the 2nd week, the embryo will be implanted in the uterine lining
  • By the 3rd week, the fetus starts to form a shape
  • In the 4th week, the heartbeat may be detected by the vet using ultrasound

Week 5 to 7

During the second month of pregnancy, feed your Boston Terrier with high-quality puppy food to give her extra calories and nutrients.

They will need these extra nutrients because they are also feeding the puppies inside their body. Maintaining the health of the mother dog will help the puppies grow normally inside.

Here are some signs that are more observable during the second month of pregnancy. 

  • Fluctuating appetite
  • 20 to 50% weight gain
  • Frequent urination
  • Clear, odorless discharge in the genital area
  • Behavioral changes might be very protective over her abdomen
  • Obvious enlargement of the abdomen (around week 6)
  • Puppy movements inside the abdomen can be visible (week 7)

Here are the changes that happen in the puppy:

Week 8 to 9

We are down to the last two weeks and the most nerve-wracking moment for you and your Boston Terrier. At this moment, she is ready to whelp, so the whelping area should be prepared.

The whelping area is where your Boston’s going to give birth unless you’re planning to bring her to the vet for assistance or for a C-section.

Pregnant Boston Terrier sitting in a sandy beach

Make sure that the area is quiet, not too cold nor too hot, and soft to protect the puppies in case they fall or slip. During the last week of pregnancy, you should get your Boston Terrier’s temperature to know whether she’s about to give birth already.

Your Boston Terrier’s rectal temperature will slightly drop within 24 hours when it’s almost time to give birth.

Here are some other signs to look out for:

  • Your Boston Terrier seems restless and may keep on digging and nesting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Panting or shivering
  • Her waist may seem smaller since the puppies are moving towards the birth canal

How Many Puppies Can a Boston Terrier Have in the First Litter?

Boston Terriers’ litter size is about 3 to 5 puppies. It may be fewer if that is their first time, just about 2 to 3 puppies. The main reason why they can’t usually have as many puppies as other dog breeds have is their size. In very rare cases, they can have as many as 7 puppies.

Can a Boston Terrier Give Birth on Their Own?

Boston Terriers can give birth on their own, with the assistance of the vet if you are not equipped for it. In some cases, Boston Terriers may have trouble giving birth because of the head size and shoulders of the puppies. A C-section might be needed if that’s the case.

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The gestation period in Boston Terriers usually lasts up to 63 to 65 days. In rare cases, it may last up to 72 days and it is also normal. To make sure that your Boston Terrier is pregnant and to guide her during the whole journey, take her to the vet regularly.