What Does a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell Terrier Look Like?

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There are a lot of dog crossbreeds around the world, and each one of them has different looks and personalities. If you are curious about this subject, you might wonder what the crossbreed of a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell Terrier looks like.

What Does a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell Terrier Mix Look Like?

The mix between a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell Terrier looks like a much hairier version of the Jack Russell. On top of that, they tend to inherit the underbite and short nose that Shih Tzu have. They also tend to be 5 to 4 inches smaller than Jacks.

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The average height of Jack Russells is 15 inches. Therefore, the mix between Shih Tzus and Jacks (also called Jack-Tzu) is often 10 inches high. When it comes to their colors, they tend to inherit Jack’s white coat with black or brown spots.

The Jack-Tzu hair is the biggest difference between both breeds. This is because Jacks have short and wired hair, while Shih Tzus have long, soft, and silky hair. Therefore, this combination creates a dog with a medium or long fur coat.

Jack-Tzu Characteristics

The Jack-Tzu is a small dog that can inherit a lot of colors and patterns in its hair. For example, they can have white, brown, cream, golden, and even a combination. Because of that, it is hard to know how a Shih Tzu and a Jack Russell Terrier mix will look in terms of color.

Their healthy weight should be around 14 and 22 pounds. This makes them heavier dogs than Shih Tzus, so they may not be as easy to carry around. When it comes to their relationship with food, they can eat a lot, so be careful not to overfeed them.

Lastly, these dogs might love to hunt small prey due to their instincts. Since Jacks were bred to be hunting dogs, this crossbreed might inherit their instincts to hunt rabbits, mice, and other small animals.


This crossbreed comes from two dogs that can be considered opposites. This is because Shih Tzus are much calmer and laid-back dogs than Jacks. They do not need to be exercised as often, nor do they require as much attention.

Jacks, on the other hand, is an energetic dog that requires a lot of attention and time. This breed of dog needs to be exercised often, receive lots of quality time from their owners, and play with them constantly. If they don’t get this, they could get depressed.

This creates a crossbreed with the best characteristics of both breeds: the dedication and attention of the Jack and the peace of the Shih Tzu. Therefore, while the Jack and Shih Tzu mix look like energetic dogs, they will not have the same drive for extreme activities.


Jack Russell Terriers are ranked as the 84th intelligent dog in the world, while Shih Tzus is ranked 128th. This makes Jack-Tzu a fairly smart dog who can respond to commands and understand you a bit better. This also allows them to learn tricks faster.

Here is what Jack-Tzus can do with their intelligence.

  • They can learn tricks at an average speed.
  • They can understand the sounds, gestures, and movements you make when training them.
  • They learn to play catch, frisbee, and other games.

General Care and Grooming

Although their hair can grow long, Jack-Tzu’s do not require constant grooming. You will only need to cut his hair once a month or whenever you notice that they have an excess. However, they may need to be brushed daily.

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It is important to emphasize that you should not cut his coat too short, as this will affect his natural temperature regulation. Whether the weather is hot or cold, their hair will protect them from the natural conditions and keep them in the status quo.

Lastly, you need to remember to always trim their nails. If you let their nails grow too long, it could become uncomfortable for them to walk and run. On top of that, they could break and develop an infection.

Related Questions

Here are related questions about Shih Tzu and Jack Russells.

Do Jack-Tzus Shed?

Yes, the crossbreed between Jack and Shih Tzus shed. Regardless of that, they do not shed as much as other medium-haired dogs, which makes them better for allergic people.

Are Shih Tzu and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Good Around Children?

Yes, the Jack Russell-Shih Tzu mix is considered to be good around children. They are loving dogs who want to play and spend time with kids. They are also loyal, so they won’t be aggressive against them either.


When it comes to crossbreeds, there are a lot of elements and characteristics that these dogs can combine. In this case, the Jack-Tzu is a very good combination of an energetic dog and a calm one.