What Does a Jack Russell Terrier and Lab Mix Look Like?

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There are many crossbreeds worldwide, and learning about one can be difficult at times. If you’re interested in this topic, you might wonder, “what does a Jack Russell Terrier and Lab mix look like?” and what their characteristics are.

What Does a Jack Russell Terrier and Lab Mix Look Like?

The crossbreed between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Labrador looks like a smaller labrador with longer and thicker hair. On top of that, it might also have some white or brown spots around its body. However, this is highly dependent on genetics.

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The color and size of the Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador mix (also known as Jackador) can vary greatly. This is due to the mixed genetics of these two breeds. Labradors are often unicolor, while Jack Russells are mostly bicolor. Therefore, this mix can lead to several options.

The same remains true for their height. Labradors can reach a height of 25 inches, whereas Jack Russells are only 15 inches tall. Although most Jackadors are taller than Jack Russells, genetics play a large role in this. A Jackador can grow to be between 16 and 20 inches tall.

Jackador’s Characteristics

This crossbreed has many things in common, such as their boundless energy and their constant yearning for human affection. Despite being different breeds, their behavior around other dogs and people is quite similar as well, they are both laid-back and non-aggressive dogs.

One thing these two breeds share is a strong hunting instinct. Since both breeds were bred to be hunting companions, they will always want to hunt small or medium-sized animals. Labradors were bred to retrieve water prey such as ducks and fish, which is why they can enjoy swimming.

Jack Russells, on the other hand, were bred to hunt rabbits, rats, and other small animals. Therefore, the Jackador can inherit both hunting instincts and try to catch one of these prey. This is also why it is not recommended to have small pets such as hamsters around this breed.


All dogs have different personalities, just like humans. Therefore, it is difficult to generalize the type of personality a breed has. However, there are certain elements that these breeds have in common. For example, their playfulness, stamina, and intelligence.

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All Labradors and Jacks are energetic, so they will always want to play, go for walks, or learn tricks. In addition, they are dogs that love physical affection, so their owners should always give them tons of love. If they are neglected, they could become depressed.

In fact, it is common for Labradors to become jealous of other dogs too. For example, if you bring another dog to your house and start giving it affection, a Labrador could get jealous of him. The same can happen with a Jackador.


Labradors are the seventh most intelligent breed in the world, while Jack Russells are ranked in position 84. Despite this, the Jackador can inherit well above average intelligence, which makes it a very easy dog to train.

Here is what Jackadors can do with their intelligence.

  • They will learn commands much faster than normal. 
  • They will be able to understand your body language more clearly.
  • Their high energy, combined with their intelligence, allows for longer training sessions. Other breeds can get exhausted quickly, yet this is not the case with the Jackador.

General Care and Grooming

Jackadors could inherit either the short coat of Jacks or the thick coat of Labradors. Therefore, you should brush him at least three times a week. On top of that, you should bathe them at least once a month (or whenever they urgently need to be bathed).

For example, if you just bathed him a couple of days ago, and he just ran into a mud pool, you need to bathe him again. Also, always remember to trim their nails. If they are too long, it could be inconvenient and even harmful for them to walk.

Lastly, you need to consider that Jackador could inherit fluffy hair. This is inconvenient for people who have allergies as it could trigger them.

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Related Questions

Here are some related questions about Jackadors.

Is a Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador Mix a Good Family Dog?

Yes, as I mentioned before, the Jackador is a very active, relaxed, and playful dog. This makes him quite suitable for large families looking for an active and loving companion. They are also well-behaved with children and other dogs.

Are Jack Russell Terrier and Lab Mixes Aggressive?

No, this cross-breed does not tend to be aggressive towards other people or dogs. In fact, it is very friendly and will always try to make as many friends as possible. Though, as all dogs have different personalities, some may be a little more introverted.


Many characteristics make Labradors and Jack Russells excellent family dogs. As a result, their crossbreed combines all of their attributes to create a very intelligent and loving dog.