What Do a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Hound Look Like?

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When two breeds are crossed, there are many characteristics that can be inherited by the puppy. If you are curious about this subject, you might be asking, “what do a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Hound mix look like?’’.

What Does a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Hound Mix Look Like?

The crossbreed of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Hound can look very similar to their parents. This means that, physically, both breeds share similar colors, which is why they can look alike. However, the height and the hair length can change in this mix.

When it comes to the hair length, Jack Russells have longer hair than Fox Hounds who have a very short coat of fur. This combination can grow short strands of hair around their bodies. On top of that, their height can also vary, as Fox Hounds are 10 inches taller than Jack Russells.

A close-up image of a Jack Russell terrier dog

Jack Russell Terrier Personality

Jack Russell Terriers are lively, vivacious canines who enjoy being petted. This breed likes walking, playing with its owners, and receiving physical attention. If they are ignored, they will dedicate all of their energies to other activities in an attempt to gain your attention.

Boredom might cause them to start running, barking, and whining. This is why spending time with them is essential. They can, however, manage their chaotic instincts with appropriate training. though, this does not imply you should stop spending time with them.

This breed can become depressed if they don’t get enough attention. Therefore, you would need to schedule some daily quality time with them.

Behavior Around Other Animals

Jack Russells get along well with other dogs. They won’t be hostile or attempt to hurt anyone. However, these dogs are born hunters, which means they have an innate desire to hunt small creatures like mice and rats.

If you have a hamster, for example, this might be an issue since they may identify them as prey. Though, they are highly intelligent, so you may carefully educate them not to attack them. A well-trained dog will not hurt your little pet.

Fox Hound Personality

There are a lot of similarities between this breed and Jack Russell, for example, the Fox Hound is also very energetic and active. This makes it convenient for owners who like to run and play games on their patio. This is the perfect breed to play fetch with.

However, they also share the same needs; if they cannot play and be active throughout the day, they can unleash chaos in your house. As they are very energetic, they will decrease their stamina by running and jumping around everywhere.

On top of that, they could get depressed if their owners don’t show them affection. Therefore, you will also need to spend a lot of quality time with them. This is why it is convenient for large households.

Behavior and Howling

This breed is considered very good for children as they can develop a deep relationship with them. Fox Hounds can play for hours without getting tired, which is fun for children. On top of that, they are very docile and easygoing, so they would not get easily aggressive.

When it comes to howling, though, they love doing it, especially if there are other hounds around. This is natural for them, and it is their way of connecting with others. Therefore, if you live very close to your neighbors, they might not like this very much.

An image of a group of fox hound

Jack Russell and Fox Hound Mix

When it comes to the mixture of these two breeds, the dog doesn’t change much. This is because they are both energetic hunters who need affection. However, Fox Hounds are taller than Jack Russells, so this mix can grow up to 24 inches tall.

Finally, their colors are fairly similar: black, white, and brown; the only difference is the pattern of these colors.

Here you can see the mixtures this breed can potentially develop.

  • Dense black hair on the back, long hair on the face and legs.
  • White hair on the back, spots of brown hair.
  • Dense brown hair on the back, spots of black hair on the legs.
  • Fully covered with dense white short hair and large spots of brown hair.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about Jack Russells and Fox Hounds.

How Big Can a Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Hound Mix Get?

The Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Hound mix can grow up to 24 inches tall. However, this highly depends on the genetics of each dog as Jack Russells are often 15 inches tall, and Found Hounds can grow up to 26 inches. 

Is a Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Hound Mix an Intelligent Dog?

Yes, since both breeds are particularly smart, this mixture is also very intelligent. It is very convenient for people who want a dog who can learn tricks and commands.


When it comes to crossbreeds, there are a lot of elements to consider when analyzing a dog. However, in this case, both breeds are very similar: energetic, playful, and protective. This is also why it is a good option for big families with large houses.