What Does a Bull Terrier Look Like?

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Different breeds of dogs look different from each other in one way or another. Some have very unique facial features, just like Bull Terriers. They can also have different coat colors and markings. What does a Bull Terrier look like?

How do they differ from other dogs and the Terrier clan?

What Does a Bull Terrier Look Like? 

Bull Terriers have a very distinct and unique look. Some Terriers have short snouts and smooshed faces. Bull Terriers, however, have elongated, egg-shaped heads. Their skull looks flat when viewed from the top.

Their snout is slightly curved downward with unconstricted nor narrow nostrils.

Bull Terrier wearing a green hat

Even with their eyes fully opened, it still appears to be small, not protruding, and dark in color. They are the only kind of dog with eyes shaped almost like a triangle. Their ears are naturally long and upright.

Their strong lower jaw has a bite force of 269 pounds per square inch. They have a sturdy build, round, muscular body, and legs. Their tail is long, straight, and looks so stiff.

Coat Color and Markings of a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are classified and recognized as purebred based on their coat color and markings. Their coat length is short. It is shiny and lays flat on their skin. They do not have a double coating, unlike other big dog breeds. The reason why grooming won’t be a problem at all.

Here are the coat colors and markings of a Bull Terrier.


Before, white-colored Bull Terriers should be spotless, without any marks or rings on any part of the body. If they have any, they will be banned or disqualified from a dog show. Nowadays, they consider other Bull Terriers with some markings around an eye or ear. Their neck, however, should still be spotless white.

White is considered one of the standard colors of a Bull Terrier.


The second most popular Bull Terrier coat color and marking is red. Having red markings on their body, tail, muzzle stripe, and chest can make your Bull Terrier somewhat more attractive. Red is still divided into different categories:

Red Bull Terrier
  • Red. Red is the dominant coat color on the body of the Bull Terrier. There may be some white on the paws, chin, and chest.
  • Red and White. This category includes those Bull Terriers that have more white markings on their body compared to red.
  • Red Smut. If your Bull Terrier has well-defined red color than white, he is classified in this category. The dark-colored muzzle is also fine.
  • Red Smut and White. If your Bull Terrier has more white than red on his body then it falls to this category. Their body can have equal white and red coat colors and markings, as well.


The third color variation in a Bull Terrier is the fawn. Before, it wasn’t recognized as a separate color since it almost looks like it belongs to the red-colored group. Fawn can be recognized as lighter, has little to no white markings,  and has more texture.

Fawn-colored Bull Terriers can be subdivided into groups again.

  • Fawn and White. If the Bull Terrier has white on its face, neck, chest, and legs.
  • Fawn Smut. If they have very limited white markings, usually found on the muzzle.
  • Fawn Smut and White. If your Bull Terrier has more white markings than the light-colored coat.


Brindle Bull Terriers have a pattern on their body produced by the combination of colors. They can also be classified into four categories.

  • Brindle. Bull Terriers with a dark brown coat combined with an even darker shade, with some spots of white is called brindle.
  • Brindle and White. You can find more white spots on the face, chest area, and legs of your Bull Terrier if he is in the brindle and white category.
  • Black Brindle. These are the Bull Terriers with a black coat with a pattern of lighter shades of black or brown.
  • Black Brindle and White. It has more white markings than a black brindle.

Black and Tan

The last coat pattern and markings of a Bull Terrier are black and tan or red. The tan or red markings are usually found on the face, chest, and lower leg. A Bull Terrier with little to no white marks is considered a solid black and tan. 

Bull terrier running outdoors

If there are more white markings on the face, chest, belly, legs, and tail, it is called tricolor or black, tan, and white.

Weight and Height Difference of a Male and Female Bull Terrier

A Bull Terriers height and weight differ from a male and a female. A male Bull Terrier can weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. While a female Bull Terrier can weigh from 45 to 55 pounds. Their weight difference is due to their body composition, genes, and nutrition.

Their height can vary as well based on their lifestyle, nutrition, or whether they are pure or mixed. A male Bull Terrier has an average height of 22 inches from the shoulders. A female Bull Terrier’s average height is 21 inches, only an inch lower than a male.

Related Questions

Do Bull Terriers Like to Cuddle?

Yes, Bull Terriers love to cuddle. They are known to be affectionate to their owners. They can be invaders and sharers of space as well. If you don’t want him climbing up your bed at night, you should train a Bull Terrier not to. Provide limits and the proper time for petting and cuddle. 

Why Do Bull Terriers Stink?

Bull Terriers stink because of skin inflammation due to allergies. If their skin is inflamed, it will secrete more oil, making the skin smell bad. Allergies can be triggered by the food they eat or by the weather or surroundings. A poor diet can also cause some infections that can result in a stinky smell.


Bull Terriers can have a variety of coat colors and markings. They can be pure white, red, fawn, brindle, or black. However, whatever their coat color and markings are, they still have distinct facial features.

They have an elongated face, triangular eyes, long and upright ears, and a muscular body.